How to take a different creative tourism photos? --The sky of Bolivia

2020-11-19 22:13:20  作者:Photography

PS In this article, there are three super creative videos that I don't know how to post = = It's on the official account )

Take advantage of the spring break to set foot on South America for the first time , Four days of the Inca Trail in Peru Trail, I'm tired and paralyzed = = Also went to Bolivia and made a connecting flight through Ecuador and Colombia .

Actually, I've always been interested in South America , I wrote about Peru before 、 venezuela 、 Brazil 、 Castro 、 The story of Che Guevara , I'm interested in looking back ~ I can only say that after I came to South America in person , It's poorer than you think , Today, I'd like to post a photo of Bolivia to tell you how to make a unique creative tourism photo , Next week, write about the local conditions and customs of Peru .

First , Low level version There are many ways to , Take a picture with the local graffiti wall .

↑↓ Graffiti in the witch market in La Paz, Bolivia

Another example is to find a higher place : Although La Paz is very poor , The government has built several brand-new cable cars as a means of transportation , It's still cheap , So I took several different routes to take pictures ↓

What you see on the cable car are dense slums ↓

secondly , Medium Edition Words , Try changing angles : You're taking pictures , The person who took the picture is taking you

↓「 To the mirror of the Bolivian sky 」– The largest salt marsh in the world : Uyuni salt lake (Salar de Uyuni)

We found a crystal of salt ↓

Or start adding props

↑↓ Cars are vehicles that mirror the sky in Bolivia , It can also be one of the photography props

And I met people who came from Argentina on motorcycles , I also took a group photo ↓

Last , Advanced version coming : Use water to take reflections

Let's have a spin ↓

Add a chair to rest as props ↓

Where there is no water , Can be creative to some near big far small dislocation

Of course , It's a classic jump ↓

Photography is bound to fail , Such as ↓ Take more pictures , One of them is good = =

The last move ,Less is more, Taking silhouettes at sunset is also very special ~