Set a small goal that can be achieved. For example, I'll take a picture of the Milky way

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Despite the old saying , The stage is as big as the heart , But the heart and the stage are a process of gradual enlargement . A lot of photography lovers meet or chat , I want to be a master …… It's right to be a master , The direction of struggle , But it's better to , Set a small goal that you can achieve first , For example, I'll take a picture of the Milky way first .

Yes , It's the Milky way in the sky .

Summer nights in the northern hemisphere , There's a long milky white glow across the night sky , There are hundreds of billions of dazzling stars , This is the legendary beautiful Milky way ( Part of the Milky way ), And the widest of them 、 The brightest band of light , Between Scorpio and Sagittarius , Be commonly called “ Silver Heart ”, In excellent weather 、 Visible to the naked eye with little light pollution . In ancient times when science and technology was underdeveloped, there was Tianhe 、 Silver Han 、 It's called "star man" , It shows that the ancients have seen it .

Don't think it's hard to shoot the Milky way , In a way, it's actually simpler than most subjects , There are two reasons : First of all , The Milky way is eternal , The probability of seeing it is very high ; second , Skills are quantifiable , According to the standard, anyone can shoot . The following is a small summary of shooting the Milky way .

Shoot something , Nature needs to know where it is first . Although the Milky way is visible to the naked eye , But it's not just looking for a place to look up and see . Due to the existence of air pollution and light pollution , You can't see in the city , It's hard for the ordinary country , At this time, we need to use tools to locate .

Cell phones are great tools ,iOS The system strongly recommends a name called SkyView Application software of , The operation is very simple : Open the app and move up and down the sky , When the Milky Way appears on the screen , The direction of the mobile phone is the direction of the real galaxy .

SkyView Screenshot ( Scorpio is located in the silver heart )

In order to avoid air pollution and light pollution , The best time is in summer ( Because the position of the Milky way is better at this time , And it's not cold , You don't have to stay up late )、 Around the first day of every month ( Because there is no moonlight )、 On a clear, cloudless night at 90 o'clock ; The location should be far away from the city in the wild , It's better not to see any light except the stars .

The most simple 、 The basic judgment is , You can at least look up and see the stars .

Failure example : There is a starry sky , But the light pollution is too serious ( My experience of failure )

The camera : Ordinary SLR is OK ; The lens : Wide Angle , The wider the better , Because the galaxy will be more complete ; The tripod : The stronger the better ; The shutter line : The less vibration on the fuselage, the better ;

Picture from the Internet

Focusing mode : Manual unlimited distance ; The focal length : As wide as you can ; aperture : As much aperture as you can ; Photo format :RAW;ISO:1600-6400; shutter speed :15-30s;

Composition method : utilize SkyView After the software finds the galaxy , According to the shooting time recommended above , If there's no accident, the viewfinder should be dead black , You can bring a flashlight to light up in advance to assist composition , Turn off the flashlight again ; Or with a big aperture 、 High sensitivity 、 Long exposure, try to take a random shot , Adjust slowly according to the test results .

Shooting method : Adjust composition 、ISO And shutter speed , Keep shooting until you're satisfied .

Success stories : But the lack of prospects seems monotonous ( Picture from the Internet )

It's not difficult to photograph the Milky way in the above way , Small goals are so simple and crude , If you can't get it , Look for me —— Treat me to a barbecue . however , It's not easy to shoot a high level of photography , for example , How to make full use of the advantages of ambient light and even moonlight , How to design the foreground, middle view and long view of the picture , How to integrate the character image into it , How to embody your profound thoughts …… Take your time , I can only help .

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