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Time flows gold , Time goes by .

Stumbling through 40 years of age , Years wash the lead , Get rid of impetuousness , The precipitation of grace and easygoing , More and more , The breeze is coming , The lotus leaves are rolling ; At the beginning of the next month , The mountain birds are singing . The golden age of the coexistence of noise and quiet beauty , Opened a beautiful chapter to me .

Precipitation of life , It is inseparable from the description of words , The rendering of painting , The edification of music . The unique charm of words , It's the dissolution of thought , It resonates with emotion ; The unique language of painting , It's a meticulous image , It has laid out the artistic conception ; The unique attraction of music , It's the sublimation of cognition , Stop the memory . I'm on a long journey through the years , Accompany me, set me forever, my , It's a journal about , It's art music . My water sample of love , My golden years , Grace is not luxurious , Lively but exquisite .

An accidental touch , I went into the world of photographers . They have another unique look , From a unique perspective, we can feel the warmth and coldness of life ; With inner temperament , The exposed body records all the states in the world ; Capture the earth atmosphere and temperature of nature and local conditions with the keen mind of the unity of matter and I , Capture light and shadow with the lens in your hand , Silent and persistent telling ordinary stories from life . They are always at the forefront of culture , Work in silence . Always spreading culture , Transmit civilization .

Let's not say that they are green and skilled in photography , Not to mention their humble and noble status . But their unique perception and sensitivity to personnel , Dedication and dedication to work , Enough to be admired .

In every frame of a picture , They all contain their careful observation and agile skills . Dealing with light and shadow , Primary and secondary ; Capture the full expression of the characters , Color matching of clothes . We share the calm relationship between them and photography , We perceive the wonderful and diverse recording process , In these frozen memories , Witness how much joy of life 、 sad . Lu you “ The year of sighing for the current is void again ”, Photographers will live forever .

Marvel at their hard work and dedication , It was originated from the first fan Zhuang dragon card meeting in early February . The big part of the day is to ask for Dragon cards . Pious Fanzhuang people , The wooden brand with the leading is invited to a yellow dragon car with beautiful carving , And then walk out of the Dragon ancestral hall , Go around the street and return . Ten li Yinglong road , jaleo . There's music and drums everywhere , There's a lot of noise everywhere . We all , They're all relaxed spectators , The eager participants . We used up the five senses to get close to the famous Dragon medal event , But only ignore the photographer .

Their expressions , Serious in speech and manner , Because they're thinking , at work ; Their movements , different , Or squat or stand , Or crawling or rickets . Look up and down , commonplace . Standing on a stool , On the walking truck , High on the roof , No wonder . They take two steps and three steps back , Find the best shooting angle ; They greet acquaintances , It's often the easiest wave , The most shy smile . They use the sixth sense —— Tactile sensation , Looking for the node of soul . They travel between the bustling streets and the quiet heart , Record the beauty of life gifts to human beings with the camera .

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