Mobile phone photography | hometown under the camera of mobile phone -- Qiancheng

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Every time I go home, I go to the old street , Because in my heart, it is the soul of Qiancheng . Where is Qiancheng ? It is located in Hongjiang City, Huaihua City, Hunan Province , Although not as famous as Fenghuang ancient city , But it is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China , It has a history of more than 2000 years . Besides , It's not over commercialized either , Quiet and quiet like an old man . Stroll through it , You can still feel the traces of historical seal cutting .

I am a native of Qiancheng , I've seen it at its most prosperous time , Not as it is now , Gradually like an empty city . When I was a child , Water transportation in Qiancheng is particularly developed , Because it is surrounded by water on three sides , Yuan and Shu rivers surround it ( It is also an important moat in ancient times ). Every day , It's also called March 8th ( Qiancheng set every day of the lunar calendar with three or eight as the market day , Like the third day of junior high school , Thirteen and so on ), On the wharf of the upper south gate and the lower South Gate , There are always merchant ships , Every market day is especially early, you will see the surrounding residents get off the merchant ship and then board the high shangnanmen wharf , A continuous stream of water flows towards the city of Guizhou .

Market day , The dock is full of ships

The setting sun

The crowd dispersed

The water and the sky are quiet

In the toilet by the river

Through the copper coin leak design of the window

I happened to see a boat passing by

Take a picture of

The cruise ship

The ripples of the water will be long and long

Those ancient city walls

Mottled the years

After a drizzle Clear slate road

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