Yanshan Pavilion

2020-11-19 22:13:03  作者:Life journey

writing / Half a day

The early spring of gengzi , The Yellow Crane has not returned , The river city is full of sorrow .
The haze is in full swing , Snow covers the door , Look at the empty lane of the ninth street .
In a crisis , A command 、 Divine soldiers come down from heaven .
Heroically tragic . Look at the Chinese heroes , Fight against .

Regardless of personal safety , I love my country , To eliminate miasma with one's heart .
Seventy six days , Day and night reincarnation , How many Jun Xiong draped to .
a state scholar of no equal , Guard me 、 Mountains and rivers are safe .
Look back at . Jianghan Road 、 The cherry blossoms are blooming .

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