October tour of Xinlong Lake tsoka (3)

2020-11-19 22:12:58  作者:Life journey

I met some friends of photography yesterday , Listen to them say that they know many little-known shooting sites in Xinduqiao , So temporarily decided to give up other scenic spots in Xinlong county , Return to Xindu bridge again , Follow them to the beautiful scenery .

Everyone is ready to take pictures of the scenery by the lake this morning , Then set off for Xindu bridge .

Last night I watched my own surround , I found that I didn't get it , Just for another night , We can make up for it again this morning .

The scenery this morning is compared with yesterday , Far from the . It's a little less immortal , It's a little bit more earthy . Maybe there were too many beautiful shots yesterday , I don't want to shoot today .

The surface of the lake has been watered this morning , No mirror effect , But it's not windy , It doesn't affect my flying around . New friends , There is no beautiful scenery to photograph , Just leave Lake tsoka , Let's finish shooting , Just catch up , Let's meet at Xindu bridge .

When I got up there , Only then discovered , No, it's just my own idea . It's just beginning to surround , I haven't reflected yet , The drone's on the tree . What a surprise to kill me !!!Wide-5f96d5eb53bfdujgb9fs668389_ Tencent video

When I react , The sun is shining in the branches on the remote control screen , Now I know it's terrible !

Can't , I had to start looking for the drone in the direction I was flying , But all over the trees by the lake , I didn't see . Knowing that the drone is in a nearby tree , But I just can't find .

Call a friend 、 Looking for after sales , Finally, with the introduction of a friend , Dajiang's sales Xiao Chen helped me solve the problem .

Through flight records , Satellite positioning , Found the big tree where the drone is . But the trees are too high , I don't know where it is , At this point, the long burnt hair works , With sister Luo 100--400 Take pictures with a long Jiaotou , Put it to the maximum , Finally, I found it at the top of the tree .

Through the acquaintance of Tibetan guys , Ask him to help find someone to climb up the tree , We found the drone . Unfortunately, the drone is at the end of the tree , I can't take it , It's just a long shot .

Ben followed it under the tree , Someone happened to pass by , Side by side , The drone scraped the edge of his clothes and fell to the ground , And then pop into the water . I went to , I'm so depressed , Don't let this happen , We're going to catch the drone .

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