Please coax your own efforts - the deepest healing comes from the bottom of your heart's love

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When I don't want to get up , I'll tell myself :“ baby , Count again 30 second , Just get up ”. When I still don't want to get up , I continued to say to myself :“ You are the best , isn't it? ? I'll give you another minute , Do as you see fit .”

result , I'm sorry , Finally rub beautiful eyes to get up .

When I don't want to work hard , I'll tell myself :“ baby , come on. , come on. , Refueling duck ! Victory is ahead , Try again , I know of , You can do it , Be sure to refuel !”

result , I can always overcome all resistance , Climbing one mountain after another .

When you are sad , I'll tell myself :“ baby , I know you're sad , Am I right? ? Life may not be so fair to everyone , however , You know , God loves you , He loves you in his own way , From the time you were born to when you left , You will continue to feel this kind of protection and blessing , You just have to stick to it , insist , Stick to it again !

When I'm really tired , I'll tell myself :“ Dear baby , I know you've worked hard , however , Life is like this , Sometimes we need to relax , Need a reward . Be kind to yourself , Say it. , What do you want ? Want nothing ? Let's forget it , Nothing can't be solved by a good meal and a new dress !”


I don't know when , I learned self motivation and self healing , I remember the movie I saw a long time ago ——《 Kung fu 》. There is a star child played by Zhou Xingchi —— In that old society , He lives at the bottom , No fixed income , I often eat this meal without the next one , Very poor , So I am often bullied and beaten by all kinds of people . But no matter how much aggrieved and beaten , He doesn't need drugs or go to the hospital , He just needs to hide in his humble room , It takes one night to heal miraculously !

therefore , When the whole slum came up against the greatest master ( Fire cloud evil spirit ) To challenge and destroy the door , The Charter lady ( When I was young, I was a little dragon girl ) Find star boy this “ No matter how much you hurt ” Can miraculously heal after amazing talent , Teach him martial arts and internal skills , So an unknown little man turned into a real hero !

The movie is also about life , Maybe Most people are doomed to a lifetime of obscurity , Through the tribulations of life , And then lose all your dreams , Final —— Don't say you love others , I'm afraid I can't even love myself .

A lot of people are like beggars , Pray for all the warmth and affirmation from others . People who want to make positive energy , Want to hear the most gentle and sweet words in the world , Once you hear a little refutation and provocation from others, you will be furious , Once you get a little real pain, you can't wait to die !

There are also constant participation in a variety of big and incentive master courses , Their inner parts are often shivering with cold , They have to keep warm by various external forces , They keep asking for , But you can't ask for it

Little imagine , The biggest warmth and motivation is no money , They're all from the ID , You can also call it soul ,《 Yoga Sutra 》 It's called atman .

It's sacred , It's also naughty , You need to wake it up , And practice the purity and concentration of the mind , It can grow stronger and stronger , One day you will realize that —— My life depend on myself not the fate True meaning .

It's not arrogant , It's a powerful energy of the mind . It's like the diligence and simplicity of Yugong moving mountains , Just like Kua Fu's persistence and toughness !

original —— I'm the root of everything , I'll always be the root of everything

Think of a song of the sixth patriarch , To everyone who is destined to , May you, like me, be enlightened in it :

What self nature , This is quiet ;

What self nature , This is the birth and death of itself ;

What self nature , It's full of its own ;

What self nature , There is no vacillation ;

What self nature , It can produce all kinds of methods .

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