What is it like to have a poem with "craggy"? ——Free reading of Suiyuan Poetry (132)

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【 Volume 13 · Two 〇】

Li Xiaocun The longest quatrains , People have their own shortcomings Sharp new person ; Ignorance Wen Zisheng cloud :“ The article is easy to write , It's steep It's hard to do .” If Xiao village people , It is worthy of being steep ! Its 《 Taizhou Zhouci 》 cloud :“ Smoke Ting Moon Halo shadow slightly , Well done Night clothes fly on the grass . My daughter knows how to paddle , Don't forget the wind and dew to send people home .”《 Red Bridge at night 》 cloud :“ The sky is high and the moon is high Jade rope low , Wine green lamp, red clip two levees . A string of songs, throat wind and water , Canoes surround the west of Huaqiao .”《 Abandoned Garden 》 cloud :“ Who has a pavilion and courtyard ? The window has Berry moss There is dust in the case . It's about the neighborhood dogs , The wall still barks, and the flower maker .”《 Qingxi 》 cloud :“ The whitewall is swept away by the dust of flowers , The shadow of the trees on the terrace is dim . The rain is fine and the wind is not rolling , Even if no one is there, I will be lost .”《 But people Portrait 》 cloud :“ There is a shadow, but there is no place to hide , I don't think it's too much .” This is the best poem in Xiaocun ; And to be stupid 《 Anthology 》 Select only 《 I remember the white gate 》 a , cloud :“ Willow night wind deep lane wine , The peach blossom spring water separates the curtain person .” But it's very literal , The worst . He who gives up his soul and speaks of his style , Always give up the other and take this .

Li Peng (miān),(1691 year —1755 year ), Word Xiao Village , Let the spring 、 Panshou , No. 1 tiedisheng , Huaining County, Anhui Province . Working poetry , Good landscape , And fine feather flowers , Especially good at painting lotus .

Sharp new , It means novelty ; novel .《 Dunhuang Quzi ci · I love you 》:“ Good bye to Gong Shang , Can adjust the silk and bamboo , Song makes sharp new .” It also describes the budding of young leaves . The song dynasty · Fan Chengda 《 In the four seasons, the countryside flourished 》 One of :“ Willow deep lane chicken sound at noon , The mulberry leaf tip is not green yet .”

Wen Zisheng ,(495 year —547 year ), The word Pengju , Jiyin county was wronged by Qu county ( Today, Heze City, Shandong Province ) people . From the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Eastern Wei Dynasty, ministers 、 A litterateur “ Beidi Sancai ” One of . In the early years of emperor Xiaoming , He was recruited by Wang yuankuang of Dongping , As the imperial censor , Twenty two years ago . Yongxi years , He served as a minister to the crown prince and gave up his wife 、 Zhennan general 、 Dr. Jin Ziguang Lu , I'm always on duty 、 Chinese general . Wuding five years (547 year ), Being falsely involved in Yuan Jin's rebellion , The prisoner died in Jinyang prison . Good at poetry and prose , At that time, it had a great influence . The author of 《 Writing 》35 volume 、《 Yong'an 》3 volume .

It's steep , The sound bū qiào, It means that this is the zigzag appearance of the house pillars . It means that people have good manners . It is also said that the article is full of twists and turns .《 Wei Shu · Wen Yuan Zhuan · Wen Zisheng 》:“ Taste Xiao Yanke's Library and receive national books , It's not easy to repair , People say :‘ It is easy to write poems , It's hard to be too steep .’” The song dynasty · Xu du 《 But it's all about editing 》 In the volume :“﹝ Wen Lu Gong ﹞ Because ask Wei to have ‘ It's hard to be too steep ’ The language of , I don't know what a lot of people are ? Su Gong said :‘ It is said by Xian Gong of song and Yuan dynasties that : What is the ( see )《 Ben ( wood ) the 》, The name of the small column on the bent cap , Take the meaning ear with the potential .’”

Night clothes , The sound xiāo yī, paraphrase :1、 Get dressed and get up before dawn . In the old days, it was used to praise the emperor for his diligence in politics . In the · Chen · Xu Ling 《 Emperor Chen Wen's lament 》:“ Diligent people listen to government , Jack's night clothes .” The tang dynasty · Xu Hun ·《 Autumn morning 》 The poem :“ Night clothes should be better , Ring Pei Qiang Qiang moon downstairs .”2、 Black silk dress . It was worn by ancient women when they were offering sacrifices . Night , through “ A kind of ”.《 Etiquette · Special animal feed gift 》:“ Housewife's long hairpin night clothes , Standing in the room , south .” Zheng Xuan notes :“ Night , Qi is also . This dress is dyed black , Its name is Xiao …… All women who assist in offering sacrifices also serve .”

Fly on the grass , Originally it means running Kung Fu , Because the body is light , Run fast , So it's called “ Fly on the grass ”.1、 How to run fast .2、 A person who runs fast .3、 It used to refer to a small fast boat that sailed in inland rivers .

Jade rope , paraphrase :1、 Star name . It often refers to the stars .《 an anthology · Zhang Heng < Xijing fu >》:“ Fly up and look up , Seeing the light of Yao and the jade rope .” Li Shan quoted 《 Spring and autumn and Yuan Dynasties 》 yue :“ Two stars in the north of Yuheng are jade rope .” The tang dynasty · Lu guimeng 《 The new autumn moon evening is a gift of Wu style 》 The second poem :“ Talk freely, think quietly , Jade rope, silver and Han light from .”2、 It's a metaphor for raindrops . The tang dynasty · Zhang Xiaoyuan 《 Watch the rain in Xingshan temple 》 A simple sentence :“ In a moment, the sound of the temple springs , A hundred foot cornice hanging jade rope .”

Berry moss , That is, moss . Jin · Sun Chuo 《 You Tiantai Mountain fu 》:“ The talc of practicing berry moss , The green screen standing on the wall .”

But people , It means to avoid people . but , It means to avoid ; avoid .《 Historical records · The book of Zen 》:“ At that time, Li Shaojun also used the ancestral kitchen 、 But the old Fang met with Gu Dao , Respect it .” And so on : But old ( Avoid aging ); And die ( Avoid death ).

Shen Deqian ,(1673 year —1769 year ), The word is (què) Scholar , It's stupid , Changzhou, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province ( Suzhou, Jiangsu Province ) people . Ministers of the Qing Dynasty 、 Poet 、 A famous scholar .

Shangsi (sì), In ancient times “ The main branch ” Jiri , The first day of early March , The supposed “ Shangsi ”. Shangsi festival was held in ancient times “ Take a bath ” The most important festival in the event , People go to the water to bathe in groups , be called “ I'm sorry ”, After that, sacrificial feasts were added 、 drink water from a winding canal with one wine cup floating on it so as to wash away ominousness 、 Spring outing in the countryside . After the Wei and Jin Dynasties , The date of Shangsi Festival is changed to the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar , So it is also called “ Heavy three ” or “ March 3 ”.

【 gossip 】

Li Peng is a calligrapher and painter , At the end of the Qing Dynasty 《 Yangzhou painting garden records 》 Include it in “ Yangzhou Eight monsters ”; Li Peng is versatile , I know swordsmanship 、 Tonality , I have a deep friendship with Wu Jingzi , yes 《 The Scholars 》 in “ The season reed is rustling ” The prototype of life ; Li Mian is a poet , Yes 《 Xiaocun near style poetry anthology 》 Walk in the world ; Li Mian is an old man again , Eager to pass the imperial examination and enter the official career , Although he has talent and fame, he has failed many times , until 56 I'm still struggling in the exam room , All one's life is flowering and fruiting , A scholar lives a lifetime .

Li Mian's poems are sensitive , Clear thinking , The new police force is pulling out , Not willing to pick up the wisdom . Yuan Mei spoke highly of Li Mian's poems , Its 《 Criticism of Poetry from the Garden of Leisure · Volume 10 》 cloud :“ The poets of Anqing used ‘ Two The village ’ For the most . Li Xiaocun , Yilu Xingcun .” He praised it :“ If Xiao village people , It is worthy of being steep !” From the selected poems in this poem, we can see that , Yuan Mei's words are not false praise . A few quatrains , In four sentences , Paint the picture , Arrange the plot , Design ups and downs , Lead to thought . Want to say “ It's steep ”, This is probably a model .

The last part of poetry talks , On the merits and demerits of Li Peng's two couplets , Yuan Mei criticized Shen Deqian . Actually , This is due to the different standards of poetry selection . Just as far as this couplet is concerned ,《 But it's true 》 A couplet “ There is a shadow, but there is no place to hide , I don't think it's too much ”, Do than 《 I remember the white gate 》 A couplet “ Willow night wind deep lane wine , The peach blossom spring water separates the curtain person ” It is better to . Fortunately, it shows the urgency of avoiding people , vivid , It's full of fun , Readers associate themselves with the same mood , When there is a knowing smile , It's better than just setting up the scenery and swimming outside . however , A poem is more than a couplet , If you put this couplet in the whole poem , Its role is also extremely important and appropriate . Yuan Mei and Shen Deqian's poetics are different , He belittles Shen Zhi's poems and anthologies . therefore , We can't just listen to one side of the story . Now put 《 I remember the white gate 》 The whole poem is quoted below , Read it for yourself .

《 I've been remembering white 》: Qingming is just holding lanchen , Remote divination Qinhuai scenery new . Willow night wind deep lane wine , The peach blossom spring water separates the curtain person . The car beside the bridge passed Xiangsheng road , Outside the building, the boat returns to the moon . Haggard, coming to the old museum , Who are you meeting .

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