Why can Liu Mingfang, a poet in cloth, be buried with Luo Binwang? ——Reading Suiyuan poetry talks (131)

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【 Volume 13 · 18 】

Liu Nanlu from Fujian , Name Fang , Looks like a monk , Travel in cloth ; Where you go, you will live in the ancient temple in the mountains , Supported by monks . Why not return home , only smiled but did not reply . He died in Tongzhou in his later years Langshan . The monks were buried in Luoyoucheng tomb Side , Set stone tablet Yan . Ding Chou stayed in the garden in September , See the seven laws , Just remember the cloud of two couplets :“ Anren is still in the mood of planting flowers , Meng Bo has no desire to hold a bridle . Water shadow to the window to know the moon , The wind stirs the pillow, and the autumn is deep .”《 Jiaoshan summer resort 》 cloud :“ It's a small ship with a thousand feet of water , To escape the summer heat in danger to sengliao . The clothes are wet, and the green is still dripping , It's cool on the couch, and the clouds don't disappear in the afternoon . There's a water Pavilion in the sky , There is no way to enter the crowd . I'd like to pay a high price for turbid mash , The ghost of the ages can't be summoned .”《 Waguan temple 》 cloud :“ The tile official tile breaks through the waste of Buddha land , Three juekong nostalgic lecture hall . Winding path cloud deep monk Li Zhong , The flowers of leisure door fall off, and the shoes smell . Walking by the river, I hear the flute and drum , Sit close to the stage and think of Phoenix . It's not yet there , Smoke bell, wind chime and setting sun .”《 Night sitting in Junshan 》 cloud :“ Star night shadow window fall , The autumn tide of the river and sea is born on the pillow .”

Langshan , Located in the southern suburb of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province , By Wolf mountain 、 Ma'anshan 、 Huangni mountain 、 Jianshan and Junshan consist of , To the west is the Yangtze River 、 Mountains and rivers depend on each other , It is generally known as Wushan . Langshan is one of them , At an altitude of 109 rice , The most majestic and elegant , There are many cultural relics , The other four mountains are like the stars and the moon , Langshan became the first of the five mountains . Langshan is the first of the eight famous Buddhist mountains in China , Yes “ The first mountain in the river and sea ” A reputation as a .

Liu Mingfang ,(1703 year —1759 year ), Word South Lu , No. 7 mountain foreign history 、 Sixteen cave people . Fu Jianren . Three years of Qianlong (1738 year ) After arriving Nantong , In the military mountain “ Water cloud nest ” Lived for seven years , Textual research on historical facts , Search for historic sites , It was written into 《 Complete records of five mountains in Nantong Prefecture 》. Twenty four years of Qianlong (1759 year ) He died in Yuxiang temple in Rugao , He was fifty-six years old , Buried in Langshan .

lo bingwang ,(626 year ?—687 year ?), Word sightseeing , Yiwu, Wuzhou ( Today, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province ) people . Ministers of the Tang Dynasty 、 Poet 、 Scholars . From a humble background , There is little talent and fame . Yonghui years , Li Yuanqing became the king of Taoism 、 Martial arts master book , Moving to Chang'an . In the third year of Yifeng (678 year ), To serve as the official censor , Go to jail for something , He was pardoned . Two years of diaolu (680 year ), As the county magistrate of Linhai , It is known as luolinhai . The first year of guangzhai (684 year ), With the British Duke Xu Jingye, he set out to attack Wu Zetian , writing 《 I want to talk about it 》. After Xu Jingye's defeat , One's whereabouts is a mystery , Or being killed by the rebels , Or into an empty door . There is a tomb of King Luobin at the foot of Langshan Mountain .

Stone tablet , The sound shí jié. It means a stone tablet with a dome . The tang dynasty · Liu Yuxi is in 《 Yicheng song 》:“ The side trees on the flower bed , Shijieyang engraved forehead .”

Ding Chou , It refers to the 22nd year of Qianlong , A.D. 1757 year .

Anren , Pan an . Pan an ,(247 year —300 year ), His real name is Pan Yue , The word Anren , Zhongmou, Zhengzhou ( Now Zhongmu County, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province ) people . Writers of the Western Jin Dynasty 、 Politician , The first of the four beauties in ancient times 、 The first of the 24 friends of Golden Valley . Xianning four years (278 year ), Moving Taiwei ( Jia Chong ) subordinate , Heyang County Magistrate , Peach blossom is planted all over the county , So “ Heyang County flower ” The allusions of .《 Bai's six posts 》 Volume 21 :“ Pan Yue made the order of Heyang , Grow peach and plum flowers , People call it : Heyang County flower .”

Fan Pang , (137 year -169 year ), Word Meng bo , Runan conquered Qiang ( Today, Zhuanqiao village, Qingnian Town, Zhaoling District, Luohe City, Henan Province ) people . Famous party members in the Eastern Han Dynasty . From a family , To be filial and honest 、 Guanglu Si Xing was appointed Jizhou's imperial envoy , Later transferred to Guang Lu Xun . Later, he was called up by Taiwei Huang Qiong . The prefect zongzi hired him to serve as a meritorious officer in the county government , Leave the politics to him . Nine years of Yanxi (166 year ), Prison repair framed the charges “ Party members ” To form a party , Fan Pang was jailed in the North Temple Prison of Huangmen , Then the trial was over, and he was released back home . In the second year of Jianning (169 year ) Liu Hong, emperor of the Han Dynasty, killed party members in large numbers , Fan Pang then went to prison to commit suicide , Die bravely , He was thirty-three years old .

《 were · Fan pangchuan 》:“ Pang boarded the car and pulled the bridle , He has the ambition to clarify the world .” Idiom : Get on the bus and hold the bridle . Hold the bridle : Hold the reins . It refers to patrolling all over the country and supervising the administration of officials . Source : In the · The song dynasty · Liu Yiqing 《 A New Account of the Tales of the World • Virtue 》:“ Chen Zhongju was a scholar , Conduct the world , Get on the bus and hold the bridle , Have the ambition to clarify the world .”

Jiao Shan , Islands surrounded by water in the middle of the Yangtze River , It was named after Jiao Guang who lived in seclusion in the mountains in the Eastern Han Dynasty . Bibo embraces , The trees are lush , the grass looks like a green carpet , The mountains are green , Just like a jade floating river .“ Wan Chuandong notes , One island is neutral .” be personally on the scene , It does “ play an indispensable role ” Sense of .

Take advantage of danger , Climbing or stepping on a dangerous place , Risk taking .《 The pipe · It's forbidden to hide 》:“ Fishermen's entry into the sea , The sea is deep , Just against the current , Travel a hundred miles in danger , Those who stay up all night , The benefit lies in the water .”

Turbid mash , The definition is cloudy wine . Jin · Zuo si 《 Wei Du Fu 》:“ The Qing Dynasty is just like Ji , The muddy mash is like a river .”

Gao Yin , Hermit Gao Shi , Also refers to seclusion . The tang dynasty · PI Rixiu 《 The story of tongxuanzi living in the guest Pavilion 》:“ In ancient times, there was a high and reclusive style , Not ordered by the Lord , Those who respect them have virtue , We call it , Xuande and Xuanyan are also .” This refers to Jiao Guang, a hermit in the Eastern Han Dynasty .

Waguan temple , Located in the south of Jiqing Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing city , It is also called GuWa temple , It was built in the second year of Xingning in the Eastern Jin Dynasty ( A.D. 364 year ), It has a history of 1700 years , It ranks among the five mountains and ten temples in China , It is an important temple in the history of Chinese Buddhism . The site of Waguan temple was originally the place where the government managed the pottery industry , The name of the temple “ Wa Guan ”. In the Southern Dynasty, Waguan pavilion was built in the temple of Liang Dynasty , It's 240 feet high ( About us 60 rice ), touch the sky , In front of the great river , It was the best place for Jiankang, the capital of the country at that time, to climb high and look out into the distance . During the Six Dynasties , Waguan temple has been expanded several times , It has become a grand temple in the south of the Yangtze River . In the late Eastern Jin Dynasty , Waguan temple has thousands of monks . Waguan temple is the oldest temple in Nanjing besides Jianchu temple . It is famous for Gu Kaizhi's painting of Vimalakirti , The idiom that left the finishing touch ; Because different birds come here , Then there was the Phoenix Terrace ; Because it is the ancestral hall of Tiantai Sect , Master Zhiyi is practicing , Japan 、 South Koreans have traveled across the sea to visit . Wang Shizhen, a famous writer in the early Qing Dynasty, wrote 《 Travel to Waguan temple 》. In the great leap forward , Basically destroyed . At present, it is slightly rebuilt on the original site .

Three points , It refers to the Eastern Jin Dynasty , There was once a collection of “ Three points ”: One is the Lion Kingdom ( Now Sri Lanka ) The four foot two inch high Jade Buddha statue . The other is Dai Kui, a sculptor in the Eastern Jin Dynasty 、 The bronze statue of zhangliu, which was cast by Dai Yong and his son, and the Buddha statue created by him with the dry lacquer clip . Third, it was painted by Gu Kaizhi, a painter in the Eastern Jin Dynasty 《 Vimalakirti shows the disease 》 Mural , The idiom that left the finishing touch .

Junshan , One of the five mountains in Nantong , The easternmost mountain on the North Bank of the Yangtze River . It is said that when it was an island in the sea , The name comes from the fact that the king of Qin stationed troops here . Because it looks like an elephant , Also known as Xiangshan . Before the Ming Dynasty , Junshan is still independent of the river , There are big waves all around , surging . Until the end of Kangxi , Junshan is connected with the North Bank of the Yangtze River . Fakong, a famous monk of Shanxi Province in Ming Dynasty, was stationed in Xijun mountain , The establishment of Putuo temple . At its peak , Temple 、 There are more than 100 banquet halls , It was once a Buddhist resort in Southeast China . After destruction . Now part of the reconstruction .

【 gossip 】

First correct a mistake in this poem . This error is wrong in all versions , It was a technical error when the original book was published , It's not Yuan Mei's problem . This poem begins with “ Liu Nanlu from Fujian , Name Fang ” It's wrong. , The correct record should be “ Liu Nanlu from Fujian , Name Fang .” It's supposed to be stereotyped or calibrated , The officials directly thought it was Yuan Mei's mistake , Strike out one “ name ” word . Why is it not Yuan Mei's fault ? Because Yuan Mei was in his 《 Collection of poems of xiaocang Shanfang 》 Yes 《 Liu Nan, a poet, wrote the following works from the tomb of Lu 》 a , Order before poetry :“ Nanlu is famous for its fragrance , Fujian cloth clothes , The seven rhythms of poetry , Travel around , All the monks provided for it .”

It is recorded in poetry :“( Liu Nanlu ) He died in Langshan, Tongzhou in his later years . The monks were buried at the side of Luo Youcheng's tomb , Set stone tablet Yan .” Why a poet in cloth , Can be buried with the famous Tang Dynasty poet Luo Binwang ? There is an anecdote about Nantong history .

as everyone knows , Luo Binwang was famous in history because he was in the first year of guangzhai in Tang Dynasty ( A.D. 684 year ) Follow Xu Jingye in Guangling ( Now Yangzhou ) She started to fight against the regime of Empress Wu , And wrote the most famous 《 For Xu Jingye to discuss Wu Xi 》. The full text uses antithesis comprehensively 、 Allusion 、 Exaggeration and other means of expression to set off the momentum of the article , Be reasonable to people , Move , Show strong persuasion and appeal . Luo Bin Wang's denunciation , At that time, the influence was huge , It is also a concrete manifestation of the new trend of the times . In especial “ A pile of soil is not dry , He Tuo, a lonely man of six feet ” Two sentences , It can stimulate the memory of the old officials of the Tang Dynasty . It is said that , Wu Zetian read these two sentences , I was moved by it , ask :“ Who did it for ?” Some ministers said it was written by King Luo Bin , After that :“ Prime minister an gains and loses this man !” However , Although Luo Binwang is brilliant , But I can't see the general trend of the world . He thought that as long as Xu Jingye lifted his arm and cried out , People from all over the world will join in the great cause of fighting against Empress Wu . But in fact , However, the response of Xu Jingye to the army is extremely limited , Three months later , Xu Jingye was defeated and died , Luo Binwang, as the author of the military criticism , Naturally, it's doomed . Some people say that he and Li Jingye were killed at the same time ; Some say he threw himself into the river ; Some people say he escaped from life , follow buddhism ; There is also a saying of escaping from the white water of Han Dynasty ( Now Lvsi, Qidong County ). All in all , Luo Binwang evaporated from the world , I don't know . Until the first year of Tianqi in Ming Dynasty (1621 year ), Zhu Guozhen was in 《 Yong building sketch · Volume six · The tomb of King Luobin 》 fact :“ In the ninth year of Zhengde ( A.D. 1514 year ), Cao dug the indigo pool in Haimen ( Now Haimen District of Nantong City ) Huangni in the east of Chengkou , Suddenly the ancient tomb , The inscription says :‘ The tomb of King Luobin ’. Open the coffin , See a man dressed as new , In a short time . Cao was surprised , With the earth , Take the stone and go home . The native place hears all people to have the desire to feel , Cao Wei , It's a broken stone .” At the end of Ming Dynasty, Shao Qianzhi 《 State investment 》 There are similar records , It's just the epitaph “ The tomb of King Luobin of Tang Dynasty ” The difference between . In the 13th year of Qianlong (1748 year ), Liu Mingfang, who lives in Tongzhou , Visiting the tomb of King Luobin in huangnikou , At that time only “ A pile of residual soil , Half submerged , To dig the ground and break the stone , Only Tang Luo ’ Two words ,“ The tang dynasty ” Words are not damaged ,“ Luo ” Words have eroded half of it .” After asking for instructions from the then governor of the surname Dong , Buried in the eastern foot of the wolf , This is the address . Liu Mingfang later lived in Xiangyu nunnery in Rugao for nearly 30 years , After that , He Tingmo, the magistrate of Tongzhou, buried him on the side of Luo's tomb . Liu Mingfang visited the tomb of King Luobin again , And arranged to be buried in Langshan , It can be said that the greatest contribution . After he was born, he had to be buried on the side of Luo's tomb , Well deserved death . Yuan Mei has 《 Liu Nan, a poet, wrote the following works from the tomb of Lu 》 The poem , In memory of friends . Poem : The old rain is unforgettable , In memory of the poet to Zilang . Once upon a time, I had children , Jiuhara is happy with Binwang . It's hard for people to ask , The Diaojie mound in duanjiehe is in short supply . The deep court Bao family's poem sings again , The wind and the sea should be the palace business .

Liu Mingfang wrote 《 Complete records of five mountains in Nantong Prefecture 》, And the editor has 《 Shanzhi Baohua 》、《 Jiao Shanzhi 》, Therefore, he is very familiar with Zhenjiang Jiaoshan . thus , Its 《 Jiaoshan summer resort 》“ There's a water Pavilion in the sky , There is no way to enter the crowd ” A couplet , Jiaoshan temple “ There is a lone height in the water , There is no secular world ” The characteristics of the book are all written in it , It looks like nonsense, but it's real , Although it is a real scene, it also contains the meaning of Buddha . Those who have not been to the scenic spots of Jiaoshan can not appreciate its beauty .

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