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Walking along the country road , Actually found a few wild motherwort in the grass : The green leaves at the bottom of the plant are wide , Nearly palmately distinguished 3—5 crack , The upper stems and leaves and bracts on the inflorescence become narrower , There are gaps or three cracks , A long straight line .

The whorls are numerous and densely flowered , Axillary , Most are arranged in spikes ; Bracteoles subulate or spinose ; Calyx oblong or tubular campanulate ,5 Pulse and 5 The teeth are almost the same size , Not obvious, two lips , Lower lip 2 The teeth are longer , Close together , To carry out or not to carry out , upper lip 3 The teeth stand upright .

The color of the Corolla is pink 、 Pink to lavender , The crown tube is longer than the calyx tube , There are oblique or nearly horizontal hair rings inside , To swell or not to swell on the loop ; The crown has two lips , The upper lip is oblong 、 Obovate or ovate round , Straight out , Lower lip straight or open , It's streaked ,3 crack , Middle and lateral lobes oblong ovate or slightly cordate , Marginal membranous , Lateral lobes ovate , Short .

4 A stamen , Front to long , Curl or bend down when flowering , The posterior pair is parallel to the upper lip ; Style apex 2 crack , Lobes subulate . The flower plate has a flat top . The nutlet has a sharp triangular shape , Cut off the top , Base wedge .