Asking the sky

2020-11-19 20:36:59  作者:Photography

On November 18th , Jilin area , Got into big trouble !

First, it rained continuously for a day , Suddenly it's sleet , A thin layer of solid ice has formed on the ground . The night was followed by a gale , It's snowing all over the world , It's so dark . Not sure. , The snow fell from the sky , It's still up in the air ? Like a mad lion , East Turkestan and West collision ! Some of the wires were scratched , Some big trees are uprooted , Branches are everywhere , Smashing some vehicles parked on the road , In some cities, towns and villages, water and electricity are cut off , Traffic disruption .

The city's best friend has a feeling to send poems to me :

Uploading , Please wait a moment ... cross , Please wait a moment ...

I have the same feeling, so I should write poems

《 Ask questions 》

Autumn rain, winter snow, hurricane ,

A night of ice in the North .

Roadside cars destroy trees ,

No water, no electricity, no traffic .

The flood disaster in the south of the Yangtze River is still palpitating ,

The northern part of the country is suffering from cold damage .

Dare to persuade the sky to shake up ,

Harmony between heaven and earth and peace !