Harmonious Park in winter

2020-11-19 20:36:56  作者:Photography

Harmony Park in winter , A clean , It's sunny in the morning , I went to harmony park on my own , Because my friends are busy today . Good , Walking alone , Walk along , Look at it , Take a picture with your mobile phone , Free and carefree .

The scenery in winter is also very intoxicating , In the tile blue sky , There is no white cloud to embellish . On the bare thorn rose , It's red fruit , It gives people the probability of paying attention and looking back .

Walking on the road extending in all directions of the park , Strong vitality grass , It's not dead yet . Walking on the path , Watching the scenery on the road ,

Withered flowers and flowers , Still so tenacious living in the park , They didn't stagger because of the cold . Looking at the flowers holding their heads high , Straight stems , Dark green flowers and leaves , There are red flowers , Yellow flowers , Although not gorgeous , But tenacious vitality , It's enviable .

Green grass , Even though they can't stand up straight , It's lying flat on the ground , But I don't know how much he has gone through . see , There is no melted snow on his body now , He really has “ The snow is pressing on the pines , The green pine is straight and straight ” The spirit of .

Pavilions in the park , Standing tall . The pavilion is surrounded by flowers and plants , In the sunny corner , The grass is still green . Step up the wooden ladder , Sit in the pavilion and have a rest , How pleasant .

Look at the flowers carefully , Some of them have already dried up , Some have just withered , And some are still open to the public , Although there are no green leaves to set off , But it can also show her beauty .

The leaves of the big willow have all fallen out , But her stick , It's hanging obliquely , Blue sky , It's a beautiful landscape .

The dying red leaves in the park , Stand out , Red leaves , Under the white snowflakes , Not only did not die , And it's even more dazzling .

Walking on the wrong stone road in the park , There are pine trees , Cypress , And the short ones , Dying flowers and plants , The mood is infinite .

Through the dead grass and trees in the park , One after another, the buildings stand in neat rows on one side of the park , Residents can enjoy life in the park at any time .

Cold mercilessly put the extremely cold resistant black heart golden chrysanthemum , The destruction has become like this . There's no way , It's not cold in winter , The insect can't be killed by freezing , Cold and snowy winter , That's the sign of a good harvest in the coming year .

The mountains in the distance are bare , There's no trace of green , The green in the park nearby , You can still see .

A shelter in the park , These flowers and plants with unknown names , It's still red and green , It seems that the coming of winter doesn't matter to them .

I face south , The flowers in the East have dried up , And just to the west of a path , The scenery is quite different .

This is the clover in the West , Oil green, oil green , It's impossible , I reached out and touched , glistening , It's not grass that doesn't turn yellow and freeze to death , She's a real flesh and blood clover , It's not seeing with your own eyes , You really shouldn't believe .