Nanzhuang, Dingxiang County

2020-11-19 20:36:52  作者:Photography

Autumn October , Enrage bright day high . On the 31st , It's the weekend , It's sunny , The sun shines high . Under the leadership of Tian Yong, chairman of the writers' Association , There are five writers and friends in our Yushe Association , I was invited to drive to Nanzhuang village of Dingxiang County to participate in “ China · The seventh poetry Wanli walk into Taihang Mountain ” Activities .

Affected by the epidemic this year , The number of wind gathering activities of the association has also been reduced . So I have the opportunity to go out and take part in the activities of collecting wind , I'm so happy . Along the way , Literary friends talk and laugh , Very happy , Casual and friendly . To Yuci railway station , Wait a moment , After picking up a beautiful literary friend from Pingyao , We set out again . The well-informed driver Ren Shifu from time to time out of the mouth of a few folk lies , Funny and funny , Make friends laugh . Pingyao beauty literary friends are versatile , Can sing and recite well , It's also an optimist , Occasionally with master Ren, you answer me , sing in chorus with . Along the way , Literary friends are talking happily , Talking and laughing , Hot and noisy , People never feel lonely and tired in the journey .

After driving out of Wutai County Jian'an expressway toll station , We got out of the car , I met Mr. Liu, a literary friend of Dingxiang County, who was waiting to receive us there . When Yuci's literary friends also came , We will come together , Heading for the destination of Nanzhuang in Dingxiang County . It's late autumn , Look out the window , Although the field is a scene of decay and depression , But the scenery along the way still attracted us to watch , It's amazing . Open fields , Steep peaks , In particular, I occasionally saw some red persimmons left on the persimmon trees with no leaves on the roadside , Like a cute little lantern hanging on the tree , Dotted in the mountains , Beautiful and magical , It caused the surprise and cheers of the literary friends , It's a surprise , Added to the comfort and pleasure of the journey .

Before you know it , We arrived at our destination —— Nanzhuang Village, Dingxiang County . The car drove into a farmyard , When we get out of the car , To the north is a row of old tiled houses , To the west is a row of caves . Push open the unlocked kiln door and go in , There is a mattress on the Kang , Fold the quilt , The concrete floor against the wall , There is a short sofa on one side , There are two cane chairs on one side , Dust fell on the tea table in the middle , There is a TV under the wall by the window , it seems , Obviously no one has been here for a long time . Miss Liu said , The owner of the house happened to be absent , We live here tonight .

Out of the gate , Walk south along a flagstone road . After a while , In front of a house on the western slope of the village , On a thick and tall persimmon tree , There is an old man standing , I'm picking persimmons from the trees . Literary friends stop and watch , Some take out their mobile phones and take photos . The old man seems to have picked a basket full of persimmons , He's holding the rope in both hands , Slowly fall down and put the basket . Literary friends lamented the difficulty of picking persimmons , Keep going . To a wide area , I saw a small house in the west, with a plaque on it “ Xinhua Bookstore ”, A courtyard in the south is the school , Through the locked iron gate , See that the classroom is old . When you go east to the next stage of the stone platform , I met an old farmer walking up the road beside the village , It's very simple , Carrying a basket of things .

Walk down the road , A sign on the side of the road says “ Dongyu drifting ”, Pointing to a concrete road to the East . Not far away , A small bridge across the wide Hutuo River , To the other side of the river . In the distance, the steep peaks stand , Bare and gray . A row of old farmhouses on the east side of the road , It's our lunch place . In order to wait for the literary friends of Yuanping City to come and have lunch together , We all walked south along the road . Along the road, there are three or two villagers with golden persimmons , Red and brown pepper and milky walnut , These are the three local specialties .

Nanzhuang village is located in the southeast of Dingxiang County , It was the seat of Nanzhuang township government , Now it belongs to riverside town . Nanzhuang ( Dingxiang local people also called dongyu'er ), In Dingxiang, Shanxi 、 Five 、 Yuxian three county junction . The ancient Hutuo River has scoured the branch of Taihang mountain into a canyon tens of kilometers long , The whole Canyon is called Dongyu , At the bottom of the valley is the mother river of Xinzhou —— Hutuo River . Nanzhuang village is in the center of the canyon , The altitude here is only 600 rice , It's the lowest elevation in Xinzhou . It is surrounded by valleys , There are many mountains , Hutuo River flows through Nanzhuang section , It's slow and it's urgent , Meandering and flowing , To the steep mountains on both sides of the river add a bit of smart gas . The Furong national defense highway leading to Yuxian County circled along the river , On both sides of the road and the river , Green hills confront each other , jagged , Mountains and rivers crisscross to form a river valley ( Hutuo River Valley )、 Two Shanzhai ( Qijiao Village 、 Bajiaozhai )、 Sanyagou ( Shuitou ditch 、 Digonggou 、 Baiyugou ). So the scenery is beautiful 、 The water is clear , Like fairyland , The local people sent it “ Little Guilin ” The laudatory name . Reed land along Hutuo River 、 The waterfall of shuitougou , The sky in beidaogou is a field outing 、 A good place for outdoor sports . The red leaves all over the mountains and fields of baiyugou are very beautiful , It is comparable to the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain in Beijing , Every year, it attracts many tourists from afar to visit here , contribute to one 's peace of mind or inner tranquility .

The houses in Nanzhuang are built on the mountain , Most of them are made of bluestone , Therefore, the appearance of the village here is very rural , Flagstone road , Rammed earth wall . Walking on the uneven Stone Lane , Walk into the stone houses in the village , Away from the hustle and bustle of the city , In the peace and quiet of the country , Let people taste the simplicity and innocence of mountain country , The leisure and leisure of life . The river flows by the village all the year round , The incessant , Raising the people here , Created here people's good tolerance and industrious self-sufficiency character . Persimmon and Zanthoxylum trees grow all over the roadside and in front of and behind houses . Next to the terraces , In the valley , They are all full of persimmon trees , There are prickly ash trees in between . Nanzhuang is the only persimmon producing area in Xinzhou , Up to now 60 Years of cultivation history . Famous for Mopan persimmon , Its fruit is like a millstone , The peel is orange 、 Pulp pine 、 Less fiber 、 It's juicy 、 It tastes sweet 、 Seedless , They call it the local people “ Iron stalk crops ”. Nanzhuang has three treasures : Walnut, persimmon and pepper , It has become an important economic source and an important way for local people to get rid of poverty and become rich .

We came to the drawbridge , This is an iron cable suspension bridge across the Hutuo River . At the end of the bridge, there is a middle-aged peasant woman with prickly ash and honey . Friends of letters talked with her , She said , Suspension bridges are more than 30 years old , The whole bridge is made of planks and chains , It's hundreds of meters long . She lives in a village on the other side of the river , There are 70 or 80 boxes of bees , Honey is all natural , There's no doping . She has been selling honey here for more than ten years . We went to the drawbridge , Looking down at the Hutuo River rolling under the bridge , And the shaking at the foot of the bridge , The timid literary friends have already been frightened , I can't help calling out , I quickly reached out to catch my literary friend , With the support of literary friends , Still moving his feet in fear , stay “ squeak ” Slowly move to the opposite bank in the noise . Walking on the drawbridge , Let's experience a thrilling and exciting feeling .

Back to the drawbridge , Back to the side of the road , The literary friends picked the small fruit as soft as jujube on the tree , Tasting , I thought it was an immature persimmon . Liu, a local literary friend, said , It's a black date , Don't pick them off until they are tanned in winter , And then sun it to a little dry crystal , It's not until February or March of the next year , Or just take it off and eat it , Children eat too much , I'm afraid I'll get stuck in my intestines . After listening to it, my friends suddenly realized .

After lunch , Yuan Ping's literary friends are here , Let's drive to baiyugou . Arrive at the entrance of baiyugou village , We get out of the car , Start walking to baiyugou . Baiyugou ditch is deep and high in mountains , picturesque scenery , Beautiful scenery , Suitable for spring outing , Summer vacation , Enjoy the red leaves in autumn , Love snow in winter , The scenery of the four seasons is different , Different tastes . It is a pity , It's late autumn and early winter , We didn't come at the right time , The red leaves have already fallen , I can't see the red leaves all over the mountains . On a flat plank path or stone path , Walk down the winding gully , A stream of mountain spring water is flowing out of it , I'm on the run . The stream is clear to the bottom , Some of the fallen leaves sink to the bottom of the water , Some are floating on the water , Deep in the water , But the bottom of the water is covered with a layer of bright green moss , It's beautiful and lovely , Some literary friends take out their mobile phones , Take pictures to your heart's content . Walnut trees grow on both sides of the ditch , Pepper tree , Persimmon trees and unknown trees and shrubs , The bare trees stood on both sides quietly , Leaves also quietly do not give up, inseparable in its side . Occasionally, I saw some persimmons hanging on the persimmon trees , It attracted the admiration of literary friends . Baiyugou is about ten miles away , The withered yellow grass color can not hide the tall and beautiful mountains and peaks . Keep going inside , We saw big stones that looked like turtles , It reads “ Auspicious turtle ” A few big words . Move down inside again , There is a big oval stone blocking the road . it seems , This big stone doesn't seem to have rolled down from the peaks on both sides . So how did this big stone come from ? Liu, a local literary friend, introduced that , This is a meteorite that fell from the sky , It's millions of years old . Under the meteorite , There are branches of different lengths around . Miss Liu said , It's all put down by tourists , It is said that , Just put a stick, long or short, under the meteorite , You'll get rid of the pain in your back and legs . On the way back , I think : Although this trip to baiyugou , Miss the beautiful red leaves , But we appreciate the vast and naked face of baiyugou , Don't be a cave , Don't have an interest in it .