Never give up, reverse crossing, enjoy the Huihang ancient road -- the sixty-seven tour of the south of the Yangtze River

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A postman who traveled thousands of miles , Still the postman . A worker who only knows how to work , It's actually a machine .

There are times when machines need maintenance , Besides, it's still human . Tired of the body , It can be restored by sleep , But , Mental fatigue , Can only rely on comfort from the outside , To be improved . After work yesterday evening , Just put on your backpack , To the poem and the far field .

Take a bus from the town to the county , It's completely dark . Take a taxi to the high-speed rail station , Take the last train to Hangzhou . After getting off at Hangzhou east railway station , After several bumps of subway and bus , When you arrive at your hotel , It's almost nine o'clock in the evening .

For over a year , On my wish list , Walking on the ancient Huihang road , Always at the top . This time last year , The schedule has been made , It was replaced by the unexpected Quzhou marathon . A few days ago, when I came back to my old dream , Only then discovered , Last year's strategy , I can't use it anymore .

The green train, which was supposed to be direct, has been cancelled , But the high-speed rail has not replaced . Considering your own return situation , Reverse through the ancient Huihang road , It's the most practical choice .

Huihang ancient road , From Fuling Town, Jixi County, Anhui Province , It ends in Zhejiang Jitian village, Qingliangfeng Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province , Total length of 20 Thousands of meters , Before the Hangzhou Huizhou highway was opened to traffic , It's Huizhou people, especially Jixi people, who lead to Shanghai 、 The shortcut to hang , It's closer to Yuling 50 Thousands of meters . Huihang ancient road was built in Tang Dynasty , It is China's successor “ The Silk Road ”“ Ancient tea horse road ” After that, the third famous ancient road , It was an important channel for Huizhou merchants and Zhejiang merchants to exchange trade in ancient times , There has been great politics in history 、 economic 、 The role of culture , meanwhile , It is also a corridor of natural scenery and mysterious culture .

The above text is from Du Niang encyclopedia . Huihang ancient road is from Jixi, Huizhou , Go to Hangzhou to do business , The most convenient passage . Actually , Huihang ancient road , It's a mountain road more than 20 kilometers long , The narrowest part , Only one person can pass through . Most hikers , Will choose to cross forward , This way of going , It is also quite consistent with the thousands of years , The people who walk along this road , Traditional state of mind striving for ideal . It's harder to be positive , Climb higher , And the difficulty of reverse crossing , relatively speaking , Less .

I don't need to prove anything anymore , And it's the stage of trying to pretend to be forced . Walking on the ancient Huihang road , I just passed by , Just feeling , Just looking at the scenery , It's not about challenging the difficulty . It's a challenge , Learn from Huizhou people of the year , Pick two or three hundred jin of mountain goods on your shoulders , mountain , Through the ancient Huihang road , That's the real cow , Far ahead of the toughest 100 km cross-country race .

Seven in the morning , At Hangzhou West Railway Station , Take the bus to Changhua Town, Lin'an district . After arriving at Changhua bus station at 8:30 , I want to know the staff in the station , All of a sudden, I'm a fool . Bus to Zhejiang Jitian village, Huihang ancient road , Because of road building , Only to buccal bus station . There are more than twenty kilometers to go , Except for walking and chartering , Have no choice but to .

Nine o'clock in the morning , Take the bus from Changhua , More than an hour later , Arrive at the station of cheekou . There are charter drivers at the gate of the station , It's a little more than 20 kilometers , A mouth ,130 element , There is no room for a bargain .

After trying all kinds of car charter , Have no choice but to , I can only accept him . because , Except for him , I can't find a second car either .

It's not long since we started , We entered the construction site section of the road . Start and stop , More than 20 kilometers , More than an hour later , The car stopped . The driver told me , The road ahead is blocked , There is a kilometer and a half way to go , I need to walk there .

Carefully passing through the construction site of the highway , meanwhile , In Zhechuan village , I was harassed by the dog several times . Walk to the ticket office in Yonglai village , I bought the ticket , It's already noon 11 It's half past three .

Walking alone , Without a guide , Worst of all , It's better than over and over again , And three more wrong ways . After entering the scenic spot , Go straight down the road , Went straight into the village of datan . I haven't been waiting for me to find out the way , An old lady , Come out of the house , Shout at me from afar , Wrong way, wrong way .

Thank you for this warm-hearted elder sister , If it can be expressed in money , I really want to pay her . According to elder sister's instruction , I'm back on my way , By the cement road , I saw the humble signboard . Now , I suddenly understood , I'm going to take the ancient Huihang road , Since it's an ancient road , Of course , It should be a mountain road .

It's not the first time I've taken the wrong path . The second time , It's over the blue sky , About 1200 meters , Another fork in the road , One left one right , Walk on the left for a while , It doesn't feel right , There's a moment on the right , It doesn't feel right . luckily , The blue sky is sunken , There is an old sister who is doing farm work . Although language communication is a little difficult , however , Assist with gestures , I've made it clear , The road to my right , That's the route of the ancient road .

The third time I went wrong was the saddest , It's also the most time-consuming . It's not far after the snow hall , There's a fork in the road again . left hand side , It's the dirt steps that go down . Right hand straight side , It's a concrete road for motor vehicles . I hardly hesitated , I chose the left side , The way down . After walking a few hundred meters , Something doesn't feel right . And navigation instructions for the line , The deviation is getting bigger and bigger . Turn around , Back to the concrete road . After walking a few hundred meters , The navigation prompts , It's going in the wrong direction .

It's on this fork in the road , I came over , Walk past , And what the navigation says is , No matter how I go , It's all wrong . over and over , At a loss .

I'll buy tickets from Yonglai village since I hit myself , Set foot on the ancient road and start , Until the tea booth , On the ancient road of more than 20 kilometers , Except for the villagers who sell mountain goods and drinks , There are also three or two people who are building on the side of the road , I didn't see any tourists , I didn't see any of them . in other words , I connected a person who asked the way , Can't find .

To be frank , At that time , It was a little bit of a breakdown . By chance , On the side of the road, I saw a billboard of an inn , There is a phone number on it . As a straw for life , I dialed the phone ,

On the billboard , The contact person of the telephone number is Fang Sao . Thank you , Her advice is the most reliable , It's more reliable than all the navigation . It's on the phone from sister Fang , I just managed to get out of this fork in the road . Actually , The route I first chose by intuition , That's right. . The mountain road down the left , It is the route of Huihang ancient road , And the wide cement road , It's a post repair .

After passing the tea pavilion , Distance from the entrance of Huihang ancient road , That's my outlet , It's about a kilometer at most , I just met the first tourist who came face to face , And then there's the second one , Third , Then , It should be a team of more than ten people . They're supposed to be sleeping in the mountains . Along the way , In the absence of need , I help two mountain people who sell mountain products and drinks , It's opening . because , I also want to find someone to talk to .

The scenery and road condition of Huihang ancient road , Online , It's far better than my telling , I don't have to talk about it . I'm most proud of , today , Almost the whole ancient way of Huihang , It's all mine , It's all my own , It's all mine. .

In less than four and a half hours , Reverse through the ancient Huihang road , I'm done . It's not time to feel , The staff in the scenic area told me , The bus to Jixi , Not much .

Almost at the speed of a cross-country race , Got to the side of the road . Asked several people , Tell me , last bus , It started as early as 3:30 . Twenty kilometers' journey , It's a charter ? Or stay ?

I made a third choice . Walk in Jixi , Stop a free ride on the road . Good luck. , The second time I waved to stop the car , A very high-end SUV stopped . The driver didn't answer my request for payment , Just say hello to me to get on the car .

Chatting for a while , I know I want to go to Longchuan , The driver told me , Longchuan is on the way to Jixi County . Decisive decision , Got off the bus in Longchuan village , Overnight in Longchuan . Thank you for driving me for free , All I can do is , It'll be like you in the future , While driving , Return strangers on the way .

After getting off at Longchuan village , I soon found my favorite hotel , Live in . Before night comes , In Jixi Longchuan , General Secretary Hu's hometown , Take a little turn . Tomorrow , Travel around Longchuan scenic area , Hu's ancestral hall , It's my dream for many years .

To Jixi , There is no reason to eat hairy tofu ? Thank you, boss , Put the hot tofu , To my room . therefore , While drinking , While tasting Huizhou maotofu , On the side of the mobile phone code under these words . After drinking , I've eaten all the tofu , It's time for the text to end .