Special photos of Qingming treasures

2020-11-19 20:36:49  作者:Photography

My friend took a few pieces of jewelry in the Qingming period , beautiful ! Share it in particular , Thank you for your generous support !

The name of each treasure in the photo is : Gold inlaid pearl queen winter crown 、 The jade carving of Taiping has an elephant like Qing 、 Gold inlaid with pearls, jewels and round flowers 、 Gold inlaid with pearls and jewels 、 The jade immortal scenery with wooden chakra and gourd frame 、 Jade inlaid with pearls and gems, Golden Dragon and Phoenix crown 、 Gold silk inlaid with pearls and gems, five Phoenix ornaments 、 White jade carving of a lady with a tree shade and a picture of Shanzi 、 There is also the potted micro landscape of jadeite bamboo forest without name .

Civilization map , Please indicate the source of the picture , thank you !