Rain avalanche

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People say : Don't go to heaven , It's going to rain .

This is closer to the sky , I have planted grass in my heart .

It rained heavily for two consecutive nights , Wake up in the middle of the night or can't help but push the window to watch the moon , Looking forward to the stars all over the sky . It's a rare night without rain , There are blue sky and white clouds in the evening , In the middle of the night, I pushed the window to observe , In the dark of the night , The sky is still covered with clouds , The top of the mountain is surrounded by white clouds .

When it rains, the village lights up , Especially when it rains , More than a dozen families , Shaped like a curved spoon , It's like the Big Dipper in the sky , Imagine the beautiful countryside star night , It's hard to meet , We can't see the stars in the sky , Just as if you have seen the stars on the earth !

One , Shenbao , First sight of snow mountain

Early in the morning 6 spot 50 It's still raining , Take turns washing and gargling 7 Go to the restaurant for breakfast at half past six , The hostess cooked vegetable noodles and fried eggs , The eggs she fried are delicious .

Due to the heavy rain last night, I can't confirm the departure time this morning , But we were lucky , Eat breakfast at the appointed time ,8 It didn't rain at 1:00 , We started on time .

From the upper rain avalanche to the rain collapse net red card field, a small area of grass , Probably 1.7 km , And then I wanted to make a “ splash ” On foot , Walk and dress , Because the signal is too bad to install , We have to move on , It's a good signal to reach a rest point a kilometer away , Put it on , It's been on foot two times 、 Three kilometers .

The way to the waterfall , From shangyubeng village to Yubeng Village is a new cement step , After the gorge, we enter the meadow of Yubeng Village , Meeting a group of old people on their way back , The leader said they all started out in the dark , I'm used to walking , It takes a lot of time , It's back at nine in the morning .

Move on , At first, it was a very gentle cement road , It was about half way before climbing , It is said that this road was originally a muddy mountain road , It was built last year to make it easier for a large number of pilgrims .

We use time 4 Hours to reach the waterfall , On the way to see the intermittent hiking friends . Whether it's Aboriginal villagers or tourists , They are kind to all the travelling friends , From the avoidance when walking to the bright smile when meeting , From a simple encouragement to a conversation at leisure , The goodness of human nature glows with bright light on this pilgrimage road .

Every time I meet you , You'll get a smile , There are always Tibetans saying to you “ zha-xi-de-le ”, The Pilgrims who go down the mountain often give a puff of breath to the Pilgrims who go up the mountain .

Along the way , I heard countless voices “ come on. ”“ It's almost there ”“ Twenty minutes to go ”“ The waterfall is just ahead ”…… This is a complete stranger , When passing by, you can say hello naturally like a friend , The same hardship and purpose , The same yearning and expectation are close to the heart without intersection .

Finally in the endless mountain road extension to reach the God waterfall , We took pictures of each other , And then turn around like the locals , Get wet and make a wish , In the cold ice water , Let Shenbao wash away the evil thoughts of illness , Wash away the hardships , Wash your body and soul .

All of you , Both adults and children are wet , Many of the drenched people brought replacement clothes , Truly admire the power of faith .

I saw many young women on the road , Carrying a baby for months or more , I feel tired and moved , We came here empty handed and almost walked down , They are young mothers , It's amazing ! There are also some grandparents carrying their children up the mountain , At that age , It has to be filled with emotion .

Today is the most relaxing day for me to climb the mountain , Along the way, a friend helped me carry my raincoat , Another friend helped me carry my glass , It's too tired to meet them on the way , Take out the cup and walk , After drinking half a bottle, I asked my friends to help me carry on , And raincoats are worn when it rains , It's not raining, it's tied to you , I've been eating snacks all the way , One is to reduce the burden , The second is to replenish energy .

After a journey , To the divine waterfall , I don't feel tired at all . The way back down the mountain is relatively easy , It's just a long way , I didn't feel tired until later , I feel a little uncomfortable with my shoes when I go down the hill , In my usual state , On the whole, it's pretty good .

But on the way back to the rain avalanche , My friends and I went different ways , Friends take the cement steps that start in the morning , I took a fork in the road when I couldn't tell the situation , It is a more primitive old road , That's for Yubeng Village's travelers to Yubeng Village and ice lake .

We used to follow the road , And then we went around to the gravel road , All the way up , Walking to the edge of the Canyon , Climbing up the valley in the rain , The farther you go , More and more remote , Two friends asked if they needed to go back , I'm too lazy to go back , Go ahead and explore the way , After several turns , The more we walk, the more desolate , More and more primitive , Although the gravel and mud road is smooth , It's not like an abandoned road , But the more you go, the less confident you are .

fortunately , Always up , Towards the hotel , The guide is only ten meters away , But there was no sign of the inn , The mountain road is still passable , A few more turns , Finally, I saw several families , It seems that we were exploring the road of Yubeng yesterday , Finally, I can be at ease , It's about three from the inn 、 Four hundred meters .

I was nervous just now , I'm tired and anxious to climb , I'm afraid of betraying my friends' trust , Let them after such a heavy exercise , And then they are taken to take the extra detours , When I saw the house, the whole person relaxed , Suddenly realize that the body is a little bit of a high reflexive rhythm , All wet , The lips are black , My friend said I was pale , It must look terrible .

Walking in the direction of the hotel , At the intersection to Yubeng , Seeing the friend on the right way also happened to arrive , A few minutes ahead of her , I feel very excited , Pride in the success of the expedition .

Now I think the happiest thing is to take a hot bath , Put on clean clothes , Lie in bed and brush your cell phone .

Send a message to your husband after taking a bath , He said : Don't panic next time , Take out your mobile phone and shoot a circle of friends , It's easy for people to get tired , take your time .

Wanting is also , Today's circle of friends is everything . We just got back to the hotel , It's raining cats and dogs outside , How lucky! . My husband said : It's always been so good to go out and play ! ha-ha ……

I read two strategies yesterday , Why is Shenbao so famous ? Mainly because of the power of myth and belief .


I heard the story told by the travelling friends on the way , They all mythologized the waterfall , But I don't know why , I hope the myths and legends are right , There are really amazing stories in this world , People always have to have some spiritual beliefs .

Two ,

Sleep till dawn , This is the best sleep in Yunnan , Maybe the reason why climbing snow mountain is tired during the day .

Come back from the waterfall , It's a little sore in my muscles , The legs are OK , It's mainly hip muscles and waist muscles ache , And the soleplate is also very painful , After dinner , We took a dip in the inn .

The next day I got up and felt no pain , This should be the best after a long climb , It doesn't affect today's trip to the ice lake .

I've lived in Yubeng for two nights , Yesterday may be the reason why I challenged my limit of sports , Very high spirited , I talked with my friends until late and didn't want to sleep .

Today we are going to climb the ice lake , The journey will be harder than yesterday , I heard it's all uphill , And two days ago, the ice in the lake fell from above , Killed two people , It's been a lot of time , Ice is easy to be washed and softened , It's more dangerous .

So man must fear nature , I saw no snow in the waterfall yesterday , The Meili Snow Mountain is covered with snow all the year round , It's hard to , And he yelled out intentionally , If the iceberg is covered with snow today , We must pay attention to safety , You have to speak softly .

Chadouniang :

【 Yubeng ice lake is located in Yunling Township, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province , The altitude is about 3800 rice , It's about an hour away from the famous Xiaonong base camp .

Yubeng ice lake belongs to Meili Snow Mountain “ The sacred lake ”, It is formed by the melting water of snow mountain , The lake is unusually cold , It's dark green , Like emerald , Glaciers spread to the lake , In winter, it's a frozen world .】

Start climbing through small flat grass , All the way up , The mountain is full of virgin forest , A thick mossy tree , Towering ancient trees and fallen and rotting trees complement each other , I can't count .

Those fallen trees , And the thorny wasteland , Donkey friend stepped over , Walking on the road into countless paths .

The road made of branches and leaves is the best way to go , Stepping on it is as soft as stepping on cotton , Clean and comfortable , It's flexible ; The second is the path where the vegetation grows , It's safe to walk on it , Then there is the road made of thorns , It's a little bit harsh to walk on , Occasionally I hook your trouser legs , It felt like a child reluctant to let go , Hold on tight , It has the advantage of not being afraid of slipping .

The stone path is also good , Except for a little bit of foot pain , Even if the current washes, I'm not afraid of slipping , And clean without mud , Besides, wearing climbing shoes is not afraid of getting wet .

A muddy path washed by rain on the hillside , It's the hardest to walk , One foot deep and one foot shallow , The trousers were all covered with wet mud , More and more heavy . All roads lead in all directions , No matter how many, they lead to one direction —— That's the ice lake .

Moss is everywhere in the forest where the sun can't reach , The corner is full of mushrooms . We walk, stop and gather , Singing the childhood song all the way “ Mushroom picking girl ”, Look around and see , A lot was gained in a short time , I'm afraid I'm tired when I go up the mountain , The handsome man of our team put the bag in the corner of the forest , Drop in when you're ready to return .

We picked big bags on the way back , I can't even mention it , Mushroom picking is really addictive . Fortunately, there is only one man on the team , He knew many mushrooms , And awesome things to take pictures of us. , Several flowering Boletus were picked, bigger than a human face , We are too old to pick some flowering mushrooms , A lot of strange mushrooms are just taking pictures .

Mushrooms by the rocks in the shade , Many have never seen , incognizance , Many people we know are hesitant to accept , There are many kinds of tree mushrooms that grow on tall trees , Some of them are big , It's like a baby's face , The teammates said it was tender Ganoderma lucidum .

Found a mushroom growing super good tree , We are excited regardless of running forward to pull , And recorded a video , I tried one too , One hand can't be pulled out , Then put down the stick , Pull out one by all means , As soon as the team-mates were excited, they all rushed to pick it up .

Later I heard that it might not be edible , And we're climbing a mountain. It's too heavy to carry , I had to leave it on the side of the road , It's so nice to see them growing so big one after another , White and delicate , It was so easy to be pulled out and discarded in a corner , I feel really good. I'm sorry !

On the mountain , I feel like I can compare flexibility with monkeys , climb hills and ford streams , mountain , Live in the wild , Picking mushrooms , Drink Tibetan yak milk , In the narrow path that only allows two people to pass by , Give way to the donkey and horse …… I've done something I couldn't have imagined before , Completely beyond yourself , Maybe these are the only experiences in my life .

I've been wearing a raincoat all day , The sweat is wet , Wet and dry , Dry and wet , Eat a biscuit pad when you are hungry , If you feel high, eat sugar , I'm thirsty and have a drink of the ice spring flowing from the snow mountain .

When there's a signal at the top of the mountain , Chatting with a friend , I said, except for the long march , I can't imagine anything more difficult than our trip to the ice lake , Only one more swamp in the long march , We're missing a swamp on this road .

We went over 3 More than a thousand dumb , It's basically up the rapids . Today, it's like climbing the snow mountain and walking through the grassland , And I didn't eat at noon , I'm hungry for biscuits .

A day of tiring climbing , I don't feel hungry in general , In Xiaonong's base camp , I want to buy Tibetan yak milk when I go up and down the snow mountain , I feel very good when I am tired , And replenish energy .

Business on the mountain is really easy to do , A pot of fried rice with yak kernels 300 element ,50 Yuan for a bowl 6 bowl , Yak milk 20 Yuan a small bowl , I see the gold necklace worn by the Tibetan boss. It's crude .

What's it like to go to a breakdown ? My teammates asked me : If you give it to me tomorrow 2 Thousand pieces , Let me revisit today's ice lake , Will you go ? I firmly said not to go . Another friend said , Even if there is a big diamond on the mountain, let her go to pick it up again , She won't go either .

Two mountain roads for us to choose , One is mud , The other is more muddy ! The friends walked like they couldn't laugh or cry , For the first time . I'm wearing a raincoat , Imagine walking on such a slippery mountain road , You may fall down the hill .

Down the hill , In a muddy no way to settle down on the mountain road carefully walking , Be careless , It slipped a little , I fell down , Fortunately, it was supported by a climbing stick , It just slipped on the roots of the roadside slope , It doesn't hurt much , So he quickly stood up , My friend didn't hurt me , Where the flowers tremble with laughter .

I jokingly asked her if she had taken a picture ? She asked in reply : Do you have to take pictures when you fall down ? I said, : That's necessary , Chance is rare. , Haste .

And pretended to fall , Lie down again , It won't get dirty with a raincoat , Let her recapture , She burst into laughter , I got two shots, and I was just about to get up , Very image .

once , She looked as if she had suddenly learned something , Start talking to yourself : Stop laughing. Stop laughing , Smile will be in the present world !( This is a common saying in Wenzhou , It means compassion , otherwise , repay unfailingly , God is fair and just .)

No two steps , The friends fell in turn , And I saw that they weren't hurt , Also take a picture first , After laughing, he went up and helped him up , It's so funny , Fortunately, no one was hurt .

Sent a video of climbing the ice lake on the circle of friends , My friend asked me. : How does the road compare with Daocheng milk sea ?

I can't compare , The highest section of wusehai in Yading, Daocheng 45 The slope is only steep , There are accidents and stories here ~~

Ice lake , If you want to be as beautiful as Yading in Daocheng , It would be wrong , The water in her lake was not what it was supposed to be !

Because it rained heavily in the middle of the night in the rainy season , On the snow peak of kawagbo, I saw several waterfalls flowing down the river , After the glacier is washed and melted, it is injected , Her water is still blue , But it turned into a cloud , Can not be compared with Aden's milk sea and five color sea . Her beauty , You have to walk and lie down on your own .

Another friend said : It seems that it is better than the road of Gua mountain “ Easy to go ”, Like you [ strong ], All the beauty is short-lived , Because it's short, it's beautiful , However, the short-term beauty always needs to be pursued with great pains , It's worth the effort .

Although she didn't understand it exactly , But it's good to say ! Today's trip to the ice lake , It really reminds me of before Shanxi last year , My friends help us with “ Go to the pit ” The first mountain in the world —— Guashan , At that time, I thought I would never experience the wild road of Gua mountain again , But the trip to the ice lake , Let me understand that it can't be compared .

It was later reminded that : Back from the ice lake , I washed my shoes and jeans for an hour , It's still mud . If you go up the mountain , A climbing stick is a must , There are two, not just one , If you have knee pads and foot protectors, be sure to bring them , It's a small matter here , Slowly understand , I know , ha-ha 🤭……

3、 ... and ,

The village was foggy in the morning , The rain in front of the window, the village flickered in the clouds , The long belt of clouds and mists in the middle of the mountain , It's like a fairyland from afar .

The two-day trip to the snow mountain , We've got all our potential , Yesterday, I hiked the waterfall , The whole journey back to ice lake today .

According to the Internet, it's probably necessary to hike from the rain avalanche to the divine waterfall 7 km , back and forth 14 km , We walked sixteen kilometers , Thirty thousand .

Today, take the ice lake , It took ten and a half hours to hike up and down the mountain ,“ splash ” It says more than 18 kilometers , And it's completely a long march , A section of a road that can't even be imagined .

People who can't walk for three kilometers in a residential area , To see the waterfall 、 Ice lake 、 The beauty of the mountain , All the potential has been stimulated !

The two-day itinerary , At the end of the road , Some of our friends who have suffered back injuries , I feel like my body is not my own , My waist is in two , The soles of your feet hurt , I can't stand it when I keep going down the slope , In the end, they all dragged their legs forward slowly .

We picked two big bags of edible mushrooms , It's hard to carry it to the inn , Said the innkeeper , They have written rules here : If it's mushrooms picked by tourists in the mountains , They can't help to process , In case of unsafe accidents .

We don't know all of them, and we don't dare to eat them , So our two bags of mushrooms can only be given to them , However, I heard a word of comfort from the local villagers on the mountain : If the mushrooms on the side of the road can be eaten , It's been lit up !

Wanting is also , These two meals are to replenish the body with energy , We had Tricholoma matsutake for two nights , Every day, there are villagers picking fresh, and the order is available , But now Tricholoma matsutake is coming to an end , They are all flowering , The taste is not as good as in season , The price is not cheap , But it's lucky to have authentic and fresh food .

The trip to Shenbao and ice lake , The most important thing to thank is the friends who are with us , Can go up to God waterfall and ice lake , All depend on the persistence and encouragement of the friends who share the same pain for their lumbago , And a few of my slightly better friends who took turns helping me carry my water glass , Thank them for their help and company !

In the evening, I took a dip in the inn , At first, I only felt tired in the waist and soles of feet , Go to the bathroom after soaking , It's walking like a penguin , The thigh starts to ache , I don't know what tomorrow will be like ? alas , Don't think about it , I'm really tired , Sleep first and then ~~

I wake up in the middle of the night and my body aches , Can't sleep 、 Turn around , So I sort out this article , This article is dedicated to the friends who have been with us all the way .

In the ice lake , In fact, compared with the feelings of the heart , The ache on the body is nothing !

A man's life is going to be a landslide , It's so beautiful here ! These roads have passed , It will make people feel like a lifetime of aftertaste , Challenge your limits , Beyond imagination beautiful unforgettable .

You must walk the ice lake once in your life , And be early , If they build a new road , Like the waterfall , That's really unthinkable ~~

I'm thinking about the reason why the rain avalanche said it was “ Heaven on earth ”, It's probably because of the ice lake trail , It should be called “ Paradise for hikers ” That's right , After walking, I will never forget , It's so challenging , Win over yourself !

Now I seem to be able to understand the feelings of my friends . She heard that Yubeng Village could drive into the village that day , I was only angry when I talked to him “ Teeth itch ”, I feel like I want to stamp my feet , That kind of special sad and angry appearance and mood , I couldn't understand it at that time , But after walking through the ice lake , I can understand her feelings .

young , There must be a rain fall , Even if she is no longer a resident of more than 20 households , Even if her inn is all over the place , Even if the concrete road of her God waterfall is specially perfect and modern , Please come and walk back to the ice lake , See how beautiful the ice lake is !

The beauty of the ice lake , She's not in the lake at the top of the mountain , It's not about the magnificent kawagbo , It's not the forest on the way 、 The mountain 、 Torrent 、 The landscape of meadows and so on , It's her mountain path , All kinds of travel friends come out of a variety of paths can not be called the road , It's the adventure on the road and the challenge of surpassing yourself , It's so great !

Avalanche , This life will not forget . Even if I talk to you here , You don't realize , I can't imagine what the road is ? It's almost all uphill , You can use all your imagination —— It can only be described as the solemn and stirring of the long march , But there may be less swamps , More snacks all the way …… ha-ha , be it so , Please do come once , While you are young , And physical strength !

Early in the morning , Sent a message to my husband : The scenery I saw , I hope you can see ; The way I walked , Although I have never been with you , I hope you can taste it ~~ So next time , You go through it, too !