Dried bean curd

2020-11-19 18:14:00  作者:Photography

Mobile photography / Small zhu sir

In the morning , The sun came out and swayed by the window for a moment .

I said, : Fortunately, there was no rain today .

Xiao Li said : Yesterday there was , Tomorrow , But today there is no .

No rain is good .

Xiao Li and they have an appointment to go back to their hometown , The road is dry without rain , The feet are not stained with mud .

If there is interest , Besides picking fresh vegetables from the garden , And in the pond in front of the door , Catch some fresh fish back .

At noon, , The meal for one person is very simple .

Fried a frozen dried bean .

Two oblique knives , Cut into triangles , Cook over high heat , Simmer over a low heat , Eat up a packet of soup , Dry and spicy .

Put the kitchen in order , And then we eat , While watching a movie :

Killed a sheep .

A movie I wanted to see for a long time , Yesterday I accidentally found .

Now it's over . But I didn't understand .

Also do not have what . If you don't understand, you just don't understand . Have time to think about it .

At the end of the film , See a Tibetan proverb :

If I tell you my dream ,

You will forget it .

If I let you into my dream ,

It will be your dream too .

I lost a book yesterday .

today , I saw a movie .

Time is between gain and loss , Bland balance .