Three thousand years of ancient locust tree

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Sunday , Mr. Li, who accompanied him on a field trip, completed the last stop , In the afternoon, he will take the high-speed rail back to Beijing , I'm very polite ,“ sorry , Continuous inspection , There is no break time , If you go to the nearby scenic spots now, it may be too late , I'm sorry .”

Director Guo, accompanied by his entourage, had an idea , There is an ancient tree in the nearby village , It is said that it was from the Zhou Dynasty , Can have a look at , And don't waste time , I said yes , But I don't believe it was Zhou Dynasty , Ancient trees must be , Just look at it , Just go for a walk .

The car drove along the riverside road for less than ten minutes , Turn into the village road , Through the archway at the entrance of the village , A way to the village , Turn right at the T-junction in the village 50 rice , As expected, I saw the towering trees .

Memorial Archway

Although it's early winter , Most of the surrounding trees have fallen and withered , And this old tree is still full of branches and leaves , vibrant . I thought it had gone through many vicissitudes , It must be old , I didn't expect it had many new branches , From a distance, it's lush . Its tree classics 7 mido , Tree height 18 rice , The bark is black and green , There are many bumps on it , It's like a strong muscle that has been trained for thousands of years , The whole body exudes an ancient and dignified breath .

If you don't look close to the tablet text , Standing in the distance , It makes people feel the vitality of ancient trees . Take a close look at the inscription , yue : Sophora japonica , Ancient trees are protected at the national level , Number 005, Age of tree :2840 year

About the life experience of the ancient locust ,《 County annals 》 And the stone tablets of Qing Dynasty under the existing trees have clear records . So-called “ It was planted at the beginning of Zhou Dynasty , Calendar and Qing Dynasty , The trees are cut down and remain , Land belongs to the public in private ”. This inscription records an important event in the history of Zhou Huai : In the first month of the 11th year of Yongzheng reign of the Qing Dynasty , At that time, Zhou Huai belonged to private property , He was sold for four, two or six silver , It's being cut down , Guo GUI, a villager, and others think that the ancient locust is the key to Fengshui in a village , So I asked the official to stop , And raised money to buy the old locust tree and the foundation under the tree , As public property in the village . Incident 80 Remaining years later , To Jiaqing 22 In the spring , There are also villagers such as Hu Wanghai who raised silver 60 The rest two , Material preparation construction , Build walls around the ancient locust tree and reinforce the soil , The upper edge is covered with stones , There is a stream in the south , There are three temples in the north . As the inscription says : Make the old locust “ It's good to cultivate , The gloom of the shade , The mountain is covered with dew ; Deep Protection , There are so many green shadows , The wind blows and swallows again . Bring green water to the door , The thatched cottage forgets the heat ; Around the smoke in the house , It's hard to tell whether it's sunny or cloudy in the sky . Sometimes I play chess , I don't realize it ; Now and then the cup , I love candlelight more ”.

This Zhou Huai is earlier than Zhou Bai of Jinci in Taiyuan , Qin cypress of Jiexiu Qin tree , It is the oldest precious tree in our province . The old locust tree is off the ground 2 There is a diameter of about... On the trunk 40 Centimeter hole , It's like a little room when you go through the hole , Anti-Japanese War , The important documents and bullets of the Nanhe branch of the Communist Party of China are hidden here , Some important secret meetings have also been held here . Several times , This is where the underground party members escaped the Japanese invaders . Ancient trees were burned by the Japanese , But because of the deep foundation , After that, it will be rejuvenated .1993 In, the county government built a revolutionary memorial Pavilion on the north side of Guhuai , The establishment of the stele Pavilion adds to the charm of the ancient locust tree .1994 The county people's government announced it as a county-level key cultural relics protection unit , And pulled out a special fund to set up a revolutionary memorial Pavilion near Zhou Huai , In memory of the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation 、 fight a bloody battle 、 Revolutionary martyrs who died for their country .

This tree was planted in BC 840 year , Ancient and famous trees are protected by different levels in Shanxi Province ,100 More than years is not enough 300 Year of , Second level protection ;300 More than years is not enough 1000 Year of , First class protection ; The age of the tree is 1000 More than years , To carry out special protection . So Zhou Huai was not only surrounded by fences , Iron frames have been erected around the tree for reinforcement .

We go around the old trees , When I feel very sad , Director Guo La is coming to the side of our West tree , Point to the middle of the tree. Let's take a closer look , I'm shortsighted , It's not very clear , He said, zoom in with his cell phone , It's shocking , Like a kind old man , Looking into the distance , Have seen much of the changes in human life .

Pay attention to the area enclosed by the brush , Zoom in .