Two roads

2020-11-19 18:13:53  作者:Photography

There are two ways to work : One road is elevated , No traffic lights , There are two tunnels , Every time you enter the tunnel, it's always blocked , The average speed can only be 30-40 code , You can drive all the way , Keep going ; Another road , Take the auxiliary road , When it's fast, you can 70-80 code , When it's slow, it's almost the same as the elevated one . There are also three traffic lights , And every traffic light takes a long time .

Every day , There is always a choice to go to work , It's the elevated road that seems to be blocked temporarily , It still doesn't look like there are many cars on the side road ? Sometimes choose to go up , And then through the tunnel , All the way to the company . Sometimes after the tunnel , It's still the same , I haven't gone yet. Come on , But when it's too late , The entrance to the viaduct is sealed , There is no choice , You can only walk from below ; Go down , There are also good times , The green light , clear . It's faster than from the top .

Sum up , The fastest way to go is from above , no traffic jams ; And then from below , The green light ; And then there's just a tunnel jam up there , Finally, it's from below . A simple way to work , So much to think about , Not to mention the long road of life ?

There used to be an idea , People don't care about their education , After all, Bill Gates also dropped out of school ; But more people still need to step by step , Go to school and get a good job , Then think about high income , happy life .

Actually , There are many choices in one's life , There's more than one way . You can choose not to go to university and come out early to mix with the society ; You can also learn the first-hand skills of vocational high school , Eat and drink as usual ; Of course, you can learn something , Undergraduate graduate students , Even the doctor came out again . There is nothing wrong with every road , It depends on how you choose ?

Whatever you choose , Choose early or late , There is only one that can be , Of course, you can change the way , Fine , All right , As long as you persevere bravely , The years you want will be given to you .