Private dishes? Choose the heart to like! Because the heart likes, the mouth likes more!

2020-11-19 18:13:52  作者:Photography

In Xiamen , So much food , Occasionally I want to have a private dish , Where to eat is better ? People in Siming District may be more selective , And we in the Huli District , I don't think there are so many alternatives . Fortunately, my friend recommended a private restaurant at the foot of Xianyue mountain , It's said to be his own private treasure shop , Then I'll come and eat !

This restaurant is located at the foot of the mountain of Emmy hotel in Xianyue mountain , It's called Xinxi private restaurant . The heart loves the heart , I like , The mouth will like it better ! Behind the restaurant are the lush trees , Back to Xianyue mountain , It's very quiet , The air seems to be quite fresh .

First feeling when I just entered the store , This restaurant feels more like a music bar , Behind the cashier's desk, there are all kinds of wine , And a little music deck near the entrance , There's some music equipment , There seems to be a feeling that a concert will be held here .

A little retro decoration , Ancient “ Three function machine ” Bring my thoughts back to 80 years . Box small, fresh wall color deep my heart , There are some pictures of Xiamen on the wall , It gives people a strong Minnan wind , It must be that this private restaurant mainly focuses on Fujian cuisine .

Eel keel soup , It's a delicious soup with mountain delicacies and seafood , Slow stew with big keel , Add eel for freshness and flavor , Carefully cook out this pot of fresh, sweet and delicious dragon bone soup ! Sweet at the same time , Fresh and nourishing , Very suitable for this early winter season .

Two hard dishes , Abalone and lobster , The beauty is very high , The colors of bright yellow and red complement each other , Red fire ! Abalone with taro paste is very exquisite , Abalone is surrounded by sweet taro , It tastes sweet and thick . The lobster is made into pieces , Use baked noodles as a base , Finally, drizzle with a layer of thicken sauce , Let the flavor blend into the noodles , Never forget to eat noodles after eating meat !

The osmanthus and Dictyophora are very special , With Dictyophora “ network ” Live in sweet scented osmanthus fish , Naturally form the shape of a roll , Develop a new way to eat fish , Of course, it's delicious ! Fresh shrimp tofu is made of tender bean curd , Lay with mud , Prawns on top , Steam it together . Take a sip when you eat , Soft, tender and delicious , Crisp and fresh , All kinds of flavors are mixed together , It's delicious !

Nestle palm treasure is also very interesting , A very attentive dish , A Nestle shaped bowl made of raw materials , Full of squid, shrimps, snails and other seafood , Chewy, crisp, tender and delicious are their common characteristics . Bone flavored turbot also has a special meaning , Remove the meat from the turbot , Cut into long strips and stir fry , The remaining fish bones and meat are fried until golden , It tastes crispy , Fish flavor , ha-ha .