Beauty is always in an instant

2020-11-19 14:13:46  作者:Photography

This autumn and winter season is a bit volatile , continuity 40 Rainy days , At the end of autumn, people have the experience of cold winter coming . There are just coats and down coats on the street , In the twinkling of an eye, the sun is shining with a sharp rise in temperature .

The warm sun in early winter shines on the earth , Let people have the feeling of spring . Taking advantage of the sunshine and warmth , We started the weekend wood work in Fawang temple 、 Meditation 、 Sip tea 、 Sightseeing tour .

Fawang temple

Hejiang County, Luzhou, Sichuan Province , Zeng Yin “ A ride the world dust concubine laugh , No one knows it's lychee ” And famous all over the world . The Fawang temple is located here at an altitude of 800 meters , It is a ten square jungle granted by the royal family in Tongzhi period of Qing Dynasty , It began in Tang Dynasty , It flourished in the song and Yuan Dynasties .

Tongzhi decade , The abbot of Fawang Temple presented to the emperor a copy of the Tripitaka , total 724 Letter 7168 volume , The Emperor “ Worship forever , With light Buddhism ” Oracle ,ci Empress Dowager Xi personally gave “ Dharma king temple ” The tablet and half of Luan Yi escorted the Tibetan scriptures back to the temple . So , Fawang temple “ Incense and fire are very popular in southern Sichuan ” Has been passed down to this day .

The trees are lush here , The bamboo sea is surging , National treasure grade red beans 、 Ginkgo 、 The red wall of Fawang temple is covered by thousands of years old trees such as Yanhong , Setting off its magnificent cornice painting Pavilion .

Handmade wood

We do handmade wood on the viewing platform of Fawang temple , I got the blessing of master Dexiang, abbot of Fawang temple . He told us : In a world of complexity , When you can let go of all kinds of expectations , Peace of mind in a poke and a hammer , To link to the piece of wood in your hand , To present their most beautiful posture and value , In fact, this is also the best practice .

The Fawang temple in early winter is very beautiful .

The golden ginkgo leaves are floating in the wind , On the bluestone road , In the grass , Scattered in stone water tanks by the road , In the sun , Showing its final beauty .

The needle is still green , With last night's tears , The sun shines on it , Crystal clear . The color of the fallen leaves on the ground has begun to enrich , Yellow , The red one , purple , Some have withered , Some are still tenacious . The leaves just start to change color because they lose water , Because of this loss , Only then had the profusion of late autumn season . And this season we are looking forward to the sun , It becomes the life telling charm of fallen leaves , Accelerated the process of their decay .

The scenery of Fawang temple

Walking in the woods , From time to time, birds fly past , Chirping with beautiful notes . A big bird folded its wings , On the edge of the stone water tank , It's close to me , I can see its little red mouth and yellow feathers on its neck . I look at it foolishly , hold one 's breath , I can't bear to disturb , It's a favor to me , Let me feel its spirit so close .

That's called “ Food for the Red Army ” The small tree Pyracantha fortuneana , One by one, it grows on the edge of the dry soil , On the mottled old wall , Bright red fruit hanging from the scattered branches , Brilliant in the sun .

Those unknown wild flowers , Blooming in the warm winter sun , Try to present your final beauty .

People's happiness in nature should be a kind of nature , Be in nature , A dead grass in front of me , A wild flower , A drop of dew , A cicada calls , Will make you happy . At this time , You'll find things around you, even if they're not very impressive , Then it becomes the real scenery .

Fawang Temple sunrise

It is said that , Every encounter in Fawang temple is a coincidence , Including climbing to the top to watch the sunrise . It's a fine day , But sunrise doesn't have to happen .

The next morning , The sky turned pale , We ascend the commanding height of the Fawang temple, the Phoenix top , To wait for our expectation .

The morning fog is thick , Standing high overlooking the hills in the distance , The figure is hazy , It's like a set of fixed frame ink painting . The sky is bright , The breeze takes away wisps of morning fog , Farmland and river loomed . The smoke just rising from the farmyard is also carried by the morning mist , Around and slowly drift away . Now , It's like having an invisible hand , Slowly open the morning curtain of the sky .

The early bird begins to sing , The quiet morning is beginning to come to life .

In spite of the fog in the East , The sky above my head is still getting brighter . And the sun is still hiding in the fog , It seems that we don't want to let us see its appearance at that moment when it leaps out of the East .

The morning wind is strong , It's clear , We're starting to be disappointed , Ready to return . At this time , The partners of the same trade make trumpets with their hands , Yelling in the direction of the sun rising : The sun , Come out of here , A little bit will do !

Voice has just fallen. , The magic moment really appears in the eastern sky : A red line leaps out of the clouds , Move up slowly , Its egg yellow body , It's rising slowly . From the semicircle , To the full circle , From dim light , To the eye , Every moment , All of them make us happy and intoxicated . We keep pressing the buttons in our hands , It's Sao arbitrary frame into a piece of moving photos .