Today, I went to visit the natural villages of Dai nationality

2020-11-19 12:11:52  作者:Photography

This morning, I went to visit the natural villages of Dai nationality , There are thousands of Dai villages , There are only six Dai villages that can be opened to the outside world . Dai nationality is a nationality without surname , Men marry women , All the ladies are surnamed Yu , All the men are surnamed Yan , Men are called losers , First learn Dai dance “ Make three dollars , Five dollars ”, We visited the manna demonstration village , It is the first open natural village of Dai nationality , It has been open for eight years , There's Intangible Heritage , Dai pottery , The palm leaf Scripture , There are four generations of houses in the village , The second and third generation houses are the most . There is tamarind in front of the house , Dai medicine is a dish , Vegetables are used as medicine , Although Zhiqing is an evil village , Only the seeds, not the mercy , But the rubber tree brought by educated youth is a cash cow of Dai nationality , Dai people like to eat, drink and drink , Like to spend money on a treat , No matter how poor the Dai family is, they never go out to work , Take good care of the field at home , Take good care of the elderly and children in the family , Dai people believe in Buddhism . Dai bedroom can't be visited , Because there is a soul in the bedroom , Dai people are not afraid of death , People have to go through the concept of life and death , Don't be afraid to die , Be kind to yourself when you are alive , Live for today , You can't cry when you die , Otherwise the soul will not be able to ascend to heaven . Dai people have 4 month 13 Japan ,14 Japan ,15 Water sprinkling day , Opening day ( Life began to be normal ), Party Day ( Qingming Festival ), Dai people should know how to share and be grateful , Not only do we have to accumulate merits and virtues , We also need to be good at heart and mouth , You can't swear , Dai bedroom can't be visited ,12 Yuhan'er of No. 1 family has a 18 Year old daughter , Prepare for college , She will be the first person in the village to go to college , There is one 14 Six years old, my son has been in the temple for six years , This village is longevity village , There are six centenarians , The reason why damp villages live long is because there is Buddha in their hearts , Good state of mind , Drink water from a silver pot , We drink 12 Tea made in silver pot in No , The silver bowl is full and the bowl is full of money , Silver ions can purify water , Silver can detoxify , Clean the silver bowl with toothpaste , In the past, the old man buried silver ingots in the well to purify the water . We are 12 Family drink , Wine is the grain elite , The more you drink, the younger you are . I worked as a coolie for three years before I got married , The first year of firewood , The next year, tapping , The third year will be rubber , Xuehuagong silver to Mengla silver mine , Yuhan'er's family lost money and goods 588888 element , The silver belt is white and bright , It means good health , If silver turns black , It means the body is sick , If the silver turns yellow , It means that the body has cold, moisture and fire , The rainy season lasts nine months , The dry season is three months , There are no seasons in a year , Cat's whiskers ( Raise kidney tea ) Excretion of acid ,20 Yuan a bag .