Review of 2020 Shanghai International Model Exhibition

2020-11-19 12:11:50  作者:Photography

It's been more than a month since the exhibition was held by hand , Although I know a little about it , But it's worth sharing with you .

There were so many young people that day , There's hardly any at our age . It takes several kilometers to get into the stadium , Yes , It's a test of my endurance and patience .

It seems that there are four venues for hand held exhibitions , It's also hard to have more works .

Although a lot of them seem to have a lot to come from, the crowd is surging , I? , We don't understand those who can't follow the trend , The other one only cares about the style he likes .

I still like this group of works very much , It's punk . It's magical, avant-garde, nostalgic and aesthetically beautiful .

This group of dolls , Maybe it touched my childhood complex .

Traditional themes can still be very public in the hands of masters, domineering and vivid , Individual character is dye-in-the-wood .

The same traditional theme , The possible effect is quite different .

What is art , What is a commodity , It's obvious .

There are several pictures worth showing , Those who understand may have tears in their eyes .

Classics travel through time and space , Connect the spiritual world of many people in an instant .

Big eyes and Abramovich

This is the hairy monster

You can see through a lot of cartoon characters , Find the love of my life , That moment was warm enough .

Luo Xiaohei

This is what my daughter planted for me in the past two years , It's Luo Xiaohei .

I also like this group of works very much , The details are very good , Unfortunately, it's not clear enough .

Young people's exhibition , Aunts and uncles have come to punch cards !

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Hand in the eyes of young people ( Sure enough, we didn't see an exhibition )