Mobile phone to SLR? Function interpretation and application of professional mode of mobile phone photography

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Today, let's talk about the professional mode of mobile phone photography , There are Android phones on the market right now. It's amazing , Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have reached hundreds of millions of pixels in its flagship series this year , Camera technology is developing rapidly , The progress of domestic mobile phones has changed a lot . Well known mobile phone brands —— millet , Huawei , The photo effect is in DxOMark It's all at the top of the list , But there are still some people who complain that Android phones are not easy to take pictures of , Huawei mobile phone shooting effect, such as oil painting and other issues . Here's the Samsung flagship aircraft I used last year s10 give an example , Analyze and understand the function use under the professional mode , Let the mobile phone photo effect change into an SLR in seconds .

Camera professional mode : example samsung s10

1、 metering

When we turn on the professional mode of the mobile phone, we can see a row of English parameter characters , A lot of Android phone tags are at the bottom of the screen , Mine is on top of it , Some Huawei mobile phones are marked with English M, But this photometry, this little eye logo is easy to find . His shooting function is to measure the appropriate exposure process photometry , There are three patterns : Matrix photometry is suitable for shooting scenes , Central focus metering is suitable for shooting people , Spot metering for close ups .

Application :

Single point photometry is suitable for shooting scenes with large difference in light and shade , Example show lighting , Against the light , Better control the light and shade of the shot

Central metering and rectangles / Local photometry can be used to smooth the light , In rainy days, these lights are more symmetrical, and the scene is

2、 Sensitivity

ISO Marking sensitivity , Sensitivity refers to the sensitivity of the digital camera processor to light , The higher the sensitivity , The more sensitive to light , The lower the sensitivity , The less sensitive to light . Mainly to control whether the photos are clear or not .

So there are two effects , Shutter speed and image quality .ISO The higher the sensitivity , The picture quality is poor, the more noise , At the same time, the faster the shutter speed

Lower right switch :AUTO Fully automatic Manual Manual mode

Application : The higher the sensitivity , The quality of the picture is blurred , It is recommended to use low light sensitivity at ordinary times . If it's evening or bad light, we can increase the light sensitivity , To make the best picture

Application :AUTO: The meaning of automatic sensitivity ,Manual Manual adjustment : Use low sensitivity when the light is good , Use high sensitivity when the light is dark

3、 Shutter

The third one looks at the shutter , The yellow one below is the shutter button , Some mobile phones are in English S It means , The smaller the shutter time is adjusted, the faster the shooting speed is , At the same time, the photos will be very dark . On the contrary, the faster the shutter speed is, the more light will enter , Shooting moving objects would be great , For example, the river flows into the water , Traffic , Stream of people, etc , The specific value can be adjusted by itself .

At the bottom left is the aperture switch , The lower right corner is AUTO Fully automatic Manual Manual mode switch

The aperture is used : The larger the aperture , The more light comes in , The brighter the picture is , Suitable for use in places with moderate or poor light , But if the aperture is adjusted too large, the exposure will appear . The smaller the aperture , The less light comes in , The darker the picture is , Suitable for use in places with too much light

Application :1. A low-speed shutter can capture the motion track , For example, we can photograph the orbits of stars , Flow , Night scene, traffic flow, light track and so on , Perfect with tripod

Shoot with a slow shutter ( Potala Palace in Tibet )

  1. The high-speed shutter can take a moment of moving objects , In order to improve the image quality , So we try to make it as light as possible

Shoot with a high-speed shutter

4、 Exposure

The fourth is about exposure , See the yellow logo below , Some mobile phones are EV It means exposure , When we take pictures , If you feel the photo is too bright, you can adjust it down EV The number . If you feel the picture is too dark , You can go up and down EV The number , Make the picture the best .

5、 focusing

english AF In focus , And there are three patterns , Namely AF-S( Automatic word focus )、AF-C( Auto continuous focus )、MF( Manual focus ). In general, the first one is suitable for static shooting , The second is suitable for dynamic photography , The third one is as you like .

The lower right corner is AUTO Fully automatic ,Manual Manual mode Switch

6、 white balance

The last one is white balance , english AWB/WB It means white balance , Mainly used for color adjustment , Restore the color itself or make it better based on the original . Each white balance corresponds to a different color temperature value ( The temperature of color ). The lower the color temperature value , The picture is blue and cool , On the contrary, it is yellow and warm .

From left to right , Modulation from cool to warm

My mobile phone only has automatic white balance and manual adjustment of digital scale , There are Android phones AWB It also provides cloudy days 、 Fluorescent lamp 、 Incandescent lamp 、 a sunny day , Automatically / Six manual modes , Pictured .

The following is the white balance value of high and low effect picture comparison

Take pictures in professional mode , It will be found that mobile phones can also replace micro SLRs in some scenarios

The above is what Android mobile phone users can use , and iphone There is no professional mode function in the self provided one ,iPhone If the user wants to use streaming shutter and other shooting modes . mobile phone Lr,ProCam,Obscura etc. app Can help you do ~

So even if you don't have a camera, you can make big movies

Don't waste millions or even billions of pixels with one click , Next time try taking pictures in professional mode !

There may be unexpected surprises ~