The best collection of Temples: a "fishing" activity

2020-11-19 12:11:38  作者:Photography

Although I experienced such an interesting activity as fishing yesterday , But the purpose of fishing is to free up the fish pond for cleaning . And cleaning work is often complicated and dirty , So it's not a very flattering job .

But I didn't expect to help fishing yesterday 、 The masters who sent fish , I'm still very excited today , All come to the fish pond . A master said :“ This job is really not easy to do . But our master often said not to climb separately , I feel like this is a good opportunity to exercise myself .”

One is close to 60 The year old monk told me :“ Now I'm older , There's a leg problem . I've been soaking in water for two days , It's hard to get out of bed !”

“ however , Get to work , I don't feel much anymore ! Only when you stop , Just think of their own back pain 、 Leg pain .”

At this time, one was always “ Clean up the fish pond ” The master of the Legion told us :“ The most difficult thing to clean up the fish pond is the corner , Because you have to squat down , It doesn't work , It's a good exercise !”

Yeah , Our habits are like moss , Sticking hard . We rub again and again , It's growing over and over again .

“ Wipe it often , Don't disturb the dust .” For us ,《 The Shurangama Sutra 》 The true self in Chinese , You can't understand in a short time . So be strict with the precepts , We should always have a Taoist heart .

Let's have a look at the elegant demeanor of the masters ——

Step down the ladder

First sweep out the rough moss, mud and fallen leaves

Then carefully wash the dirt on the pipe

The four walls are also very important






6 The water pipe is blocked by fish manure and mud , A master put a hose in to flush it open , But it won't open , So just go in and take out the dirt

The masters made a big thing , It really works !

Sunset and sunrise , Soon came the next day ……

After yesterday's cleaning , The fish pond has taken on its original appearance , The rotten smell has been blown away by the wind .

Love the clear sky !

Can you see that it's much cleaner than yesterday ? Clean up carefully today

The water is like a mirror

Look at the powerful arms of Kong Wu, the master of the Buddha mother temple !

master , The angle of your ladder is a little dangerous

Rush to me !

There seems to be a “ Where the net is missing ”, Look at me “ eliminate ” you !

Look at the vigorous posture of master !

Fight for this master call! Overbearing to protect his wife !

Master, hold on to it !

Actually, I'm practicing ……

These are two big scenes

The underground hall and the bell tower are next to us

A grass in the crevice

The cleaning of the fish pond has finally come to an end , exhausted , Dharma is full of .

I don't know what challenges are waiting for us tomorrow ?

The night dream is auspicious !