Happiness is an attitude, a heart that perceives beauty.

2020-11-19 10:10:31  作者:Photography

Go hiking in the eastern suburbs in the morning , I met two old sisters . They saw dog tail grass on the road , Bend the waist, which is no longer flexible , Three or two grasses per person .

While walking, shaking the grass in my hand . I went up to say hello to them , What's the use of pulling this grass , The two old people even burst into laughter , Answer to : play .

A pair of happy old sisters

Happiness is an attitude . You laugh at all kinds of life , Everything will be nice to you .

Happiness is an ability . You are self disciplined and self loving , Be self reliant , You won't be a vassal of anyone . Live oneself , Natural happiness is incomparable .

Dogtail grass with temperature

The world is big The flowers are small It's all beautiful

Happiness is a heart that perceives beauty . Whenever and wherever , What kind of situation , You know happiness with your heart , Your heart will be happy . Everything in the world has aura , A flower, a tree, a Bodhi .

Happy day for you and me , Feel every moment of the day from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to going to bed at night , It's all happiness . After getting up in the morning, I feel that I see the sunshine again or hear the autumn rain ticking , At noon, you can eat what you want to eat or have a hungry meal, which can clean up your stomach and intestines , evening , Oh dear , The good day is over , It's wonderful to be able to sleep in bed .

Dogtail grass also has aura

Heart to sunshine , Happy every day, every moment . Better to have than to enjoy , Too much material is a burden . You and I should be good at appreciating the world , Enjoy the beauty of nature .

Happiness is a virtue , Happiness can be contagious , May you and I be happy every day .

Happiness is an attitude , May you and I have a heart to feel beauty .