Haotang's adventure -- feeling the autumn charm of haotang in the beautiful countryside of Xinyang

2020-11-19 07:28:01  作者:Photography

Meili haotang

the wonders of natural beauty are boundless , It's late autumn . Ask friends to visit haotang village in Xinyang City , But did not want to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time can also harvest three moved .

Haotang village belongs to Pingqiao District, Xinyang City, Henan Province , Dozens of kilometers away from the city , It is located deep in the mountains of Xinyang , The surrounding mountains and forests stand , The stream flows around .

2013 year 11 month 11 Japan , Haotang village was listed in the first batch of the whole country by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development “ Beautiful and livable village demonstration ” list , It is the only selected demonstration village in Henan Province . According to the description , Walking into the village is like walking into a picture .

After lunch , Two of us called didi to go straight to our destination . As the car moves away from the city , There are fewer and fewer buildings on the road , It's getting more and more empty , When you see “ Hao Tang ” After the signpost , We turned onto a road with only two opposite lanes , The road is not wide , It's clean , Both sides of the road are covered with unknown flowers , It's like a doorman coming to meet you , Attract tourists and keep going deep .

Landscape family

The car went through more than a dozen curves , Along the way “ Junlin blueberry picking garden ”“ Picking garden in the vicissitudes of life ” Wait for scenic spots , And then through a big uphill , Finally came to a clearing , Surrounding village houses scattered , Soon we got to the outskirts of the village .

What comes into view is a piece of “ Under a small bridge near a cottage a stream flows ” The real scene of , On the left is a small but beautiful green mountain range , At the foot of the mountain, there are several houses .

When we looked around , The whole village is quiet in the mountains , Surrounded by a stream , In the flower field outside the village, chickens and dogs play happily , A few wisps of smoke rose from the village , The old locust trees at the entrance of the village complement each other with the layout of the terrain and structure , From a distance, it looks like a mountain village ink painting , China's farming and food culture of thousands of years is vivid here .

Along a path , At the entrance to the village . Along the way , Many villagers set up stalls on both sides , Sell some “ mountain products ”, There are dates of inflection 、 Wild papaya 、 Big black bubble , There are also some unnamed wild fruits .

Residential culture

My friends and I like photography , Take the camera around to find out the scene . Just as we were looking at the map at a T-junction , I saw one wearing a sun hat , Wearing casual clothes , Foot climbing shoes , Women with SLR Cameras “ Backpackers ” Come to us .

I ran into a female photographer

Look at this outfit , I'm also a friend who loves photography . All of a sudden , It was as if she had found a treasure , Go quickly to the woods on the right .“ This is a scene !” My eyes are bright , Quickly call on a good friend to follow to find out .

Sure enough , Into the woods , Step directly onto a wooden bridge , Under the bridge is a flowing stream . In the middle of the bridge , There's an open space , Just enough to set up a tripod , The green tile house opposite . From the lens , The house and the surrounding trees form a clear reflection on the water , A picture full of the cultural atmosphere of the countryside is unfolded .

Green tiles and white houses

Get to know , I learned that she had come to haotang village many times . It's not just Hao Tang , She likes outdoor and pastoral photography , The village and gully around Xinyang have been almost all over the place .

Why do you have to go back and forth where you have been ?“ The opening of every journey , It's just the simplest time recording in walking , More visits are needed to find deep resonance .” This is her answer , She wanted to photograph something of her own .

Focus makes

The famous photographer kappa said :“ If you're not good enough , It's because you're not close enough .” indeed , Close to life , Be close to nature , Undoubtedly, it is a necessary process for the production of good works .

A serious person is a landscape in itself

a farewell “ Backpackers ”, Follow the guidance of the wooden bridge to a lotus pond . Autumn lotus has withered , Only part of the lotus leaves are still strong , Although we can't see “ The lotus leaves are endless , The lotus against the sun is different ” Grand occasion , But in the distance, against the green tiles and white houses , It looks antique , gain by contrast .

Not far away is a sea of flowers , There are live video bloggers and all kinds of tourists here to take pictures .

Flower sea scenery

Along the gravel road in the lotus pond , Come back to the village again , Open the door of a courtyard , issue “ Squeak ” The sound of , The whole person fell into the strong country rhyme , It's like stepping into my dream hometown .

To my surprise , The architectural style in the village is unique and obvious , The dog head gate house in the south of Henan Province 、 dry wall 、 The drum stone outside the door , There is a kind of heavy feeling of years . And the finishing touch of architectural style , It should be the cornice and angle , The eaves of the corner of the house are tilted upward , If you fly , Like a bird spreading its wings , Simple and original .

Cornice features

Beautiful countryside , Not only in “ beautiful ” On , More embodied in “ The village ” On . And the people in the village , It is often the most representative of a village's humanistic quality .

“ Come on , Take a picture !” I met some children on the way , It looks like five or six years old , But the lens has a lot of sense , All kinds of postures , After taking photos, I took the initiative to look at the photos .

Children who can pose

And a little girl , Water the sky with a water gun by the stream , With two little pink flowers on top of her head , Extremely cute , See me pointing my camera at her , The little girl had no fear , I waved my hand to the camera , I quickly press the shutter . I asked where they were from , They said it was from the village .

Count your loveliest

In the camera , Their colorful clothes make the photos lively , Just like their colorful childhood , Shining and moving .

Night falls , The mountain village is still quiet , But in the light of several B & B houses , There's just a little more fireworks . My best friend and I still have a lot to do .

It's getting late

On the way out , I found that most of the tourists here are self driving , A few of them are bus groups , There's no taxi at all . Just when you are in a hurry , A farm tricycle full of wood came from the side of the road , The driver took us to a fork in the national road .

Good luck, too , Just got out of the car and ran into a big brother resting on the side of the road , I heard about our situation , He immediately went to the intersection to help stop the car . Less than 5 minute , There's a medium truck coming up , Big brother, go up and negotiate , Then the truck driver called , After a while , Turning around from the front, a car , Pull us up , Back to the city . period ,4 A good man , I didn't ask for a reward .

No giving is taken for granted . At the critical moment, strangers are eager to help , Thanks to your good luck , It also benefits from the quality of the local people . Warm in the snow , It is worth remembering and grateful forever .

Hao Tang's adventure , It's moving . Come to haotang , Let every day in the reinforced concrete soul get comfort and baptism , I feel “ You can see the mountains 、 You can see the water 、 Remember nostalgia ” The dream of rural life ;“ Backpackers ” Light me up and enrich my life 、 Exploring the unknown , Children awaken my inner innocence , Good people give me the sincerity and warmth of the world .