We're busy having fun

2020-11-19 07:27:58  作者:Photography

This day , Although it's about days , But in the hands of our teachers , But by the hour 、 By the minute 、 By the second .

Many people in the society think that teachers are highly paid 、 Carefree 、 A stable career , What I realize is that the income is not high, it is neither easy nor stable .

First of all , The salary is not high . Although the leaders of the country often hold meetings and talk about “ The salary of teachers is not lower than that of civil servants ”, It's far from it . The number of excellent teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience has been hit by the unreasonable assessment system of the school , It's hard to find out who was injured in the promotion . The salary you get 2000 They are extremely poor in diversity . When can the state bring the salary of civil servants with more than 20 years of service with the salary of teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience , Maybe society can be fairer .

Second, we are not free , Even more busy than many professions in the society . Let's start with our leaders , During the three months of winter and summer vacation, I am always fettered by the work of the school , Hardly a day is free , Class on weekdays 、 Be on duty , Get up earlier than the chicken , More dry than cattle , Sleep later than a dog . Secondly, teachers' working days , Prepare lessons 、 attend class;class begins , Fight with the monkey king , Push the monks to run forward , See through the tricks of the pig Bajie , With some of the society has been trained into demons into the essence of the war is imminent , I have forgotten the year and month when the crown of high-risk industry has been awarded to teachers . Besides, as class teachers, we , Besides normal teaching , You have to be a good judge for the kids ; Apart from breaking up the trivial disputes for them , You have to push parents through all kinds of work . Since the beginning of school N It's an extra teaching task , What platform of youth pride , What security platform , What constitutional platform , what … Parents are tired of the teacher's call in the group , Do you know that teachers urge you to work is only the tip of the iceberg , We also have xueleyun 、 Workshops and so on, one task after another , Work task before the wave, after the wave , Many teachers in the middle of the wave have died suddenly on the nameless beach . I want to do the work assigned by the leader many times “ Reply received ” Go back to it “ I didn't see it ”, But it's not easy to think about it , These three words only roll up and down in my heart a few times, then they have disappeared .

Third, the teacher who has become a high-risk profession , First, from an iron rice bowl to a career establishment , It is imperative to cancel the establishment of teachers' career through the Internet . I don't understand “ a fundamental task crucial for generations to come , Education oriented ” 了 .

But we are optimistic : Yes “ I'm not awake 、 I go back to sleep ” The moving picture of ; Yes “ Think of Biden, Trump's second recording ” It's funny ; There are some historical documentaries about my work, wearing my shoes and enjoying them with my broom … Maybe this is the modern version of revolutionary optimism ?

It's because there are so many a little bit silly 、 A little bit of our selfless dedication , Supporting the sky of Chinese Education , It's more beautiful . It's because there's a group of us who are busy looking for fun , Life is more colorful .