38 days and 3000 km cycling tour in Western Hunan and Southeast Guizhou - 238

2020-11-19 07:27:57  作者:Photography

2019 In the summer of, we chose a cultural and cultural landscape tour of the ancient town in Western Hunan and Southeast Guizhou Qianyang ancient city - Zhijiang ancient city - Phoenix Town - The ancient city of Qianzhou - Aizhai bridge - Murong Miao village - Liye ancient town - Furong ancient town - Border town - Fanjing Mountain - Zhenyuan ancient town - Qianhu Miao Village - Langde Miao village - Water granary - The size of seven holes - China Tianyan - Qingyan ancient town 、、、

( 7 month 27 Japan )D29 After visiting the astronomical town in the morning, we went to the world's largest single aperture spherical radio telescope, China's Tianyan , In the afternoon, I rode to Tangbian Town, Pingtang County, more than ten kilometers away , Tomorrow, we will continue to ride more than 40 kilometers away to Luodian county .

Down the mountain ,“ China Tianyan ” and “ Tianyan man ” I was deeply moved by the spirit of , it ' s a rewarding trip .

   The next place to go is Pingtang International Astronomical Experience Hall , The main building of science and Technology Museum covers an area of 7000 Square meters , The land for exhibition is about 5000 Square meters , It is divided into 4 A permanent exhibition area with different styles 、1 A high-tech special cinema 、1 A science and art gallery 、1 Theme areas and 1 A temporary exhibition hall , Together, they present a vivid interpretation of “ The universe 、 life 、 people ” The eternal topic of .