King's donkey ears

2020-11-19 07:27:56  作者:Photography

Mobile photography / Small zhu sir

Found a book missing ?

Actually , It was discovered a few days ago .

A book that I usually read , It's not on the small bookshelf of the desk . I'm dreaming of , When I finished watching it, I left it there …

Where is that ?

Is not clear .

Not looking is also a kind of comfort . As if not looking for , The book is still lying there …

It rained yesterday , Took time to look for .

result …

Can't find .

The heart is empty .

Mood is like a state of cold after taking medicine , The whole heart is empty 、 There seems to be something wrong .

5 Wake up , I still have this thing in mind , I can't help but sigh that I still can't afford a book , can't let go .

however , Like a Book , It's like a cute little cat and dog that I like suddenly lost .

Think about it , Seems to have been with me 20 Years on ?!

Yesterday was not good , Plus the rain 、 hold an umbrella , I ran into several interesting scenes , But they didn't shoot well .

A few times I even forgot to turn on the camera …

By this morning , Or sigh , It's hard to make sense .

Not pleased by external gains , Not saddened by personal losses .

Think of it , I can't .

Since I want to talk to you , It's better to write it here .

The king has donkey ears .