The daughter of nature (213)

2020-11-17 23:01:10  作者:Photography

Every day the sun , I do farm work every day , It's hard to find time for nature “ Shoot autumn ”. Passing by Grandma's house , She's just going to plant beans in the field , A small bamboo basket , I helped carry , We talk as we walk .

There are so many flowers all the way , I want to take pictures , Think about it or shoot it back . Passing a collapsed place , A narrow cement road , I told grandma , I had a good time a few days ago , It hasn't rained these days , How did it collapse .

Grandma said an uncle walked by , I'm in the ditch , Fortunately, uncle Yao is here , To pull him up . I guess uncle carried something , Otherwise, it will collapse . It's rainy this summer , Roads have collapsed in many places , I can't walk at the same time in the future .

I'm at the front , Go fast and worry about grandma's tiredness , Not fast or slow , Grandma is always behind me ,80 s , Climbing the hillside , It's not easy .

Grandma planted beans , I passed round red 、 September red 、 Red Newhall 、 Pomelo orchard , Chrysanthemums bloom all over the slope . I picked a big bunch , I want to take a picture of my back with my mobile phone on my shoulder , It didn't work , I took a photo with the blue sky .

I ran to the place where Grandma planted the beans , Yelling at grandma , Tell her I picked chrysanthemums , She saw it and said, "look good." , Continue to plant beans . Last year, I planted it inside , Planted outside this year , Uncle Yao has just dug sweet potatoes , The ground is loose , Good for digging .

Back to , Wild chrysanthemums and hibiscus flowers are photographed next to each other , Not willing to pick .

There are many hibiscus flowers all the way , They are all planted by Uncle Yao , This childhood , The leather pick on the pole is pulled down , It can be used as a rope for firewood .

What a beautiful and comfortable color , They were born together unconsciously .

I can't help it , Picked one .

A lot of flowers , Every year I come to take pictures , Less picking .

The purple and white flowers on the side of the ditch are also in bloom , Like wild chrysanthemums , It's a lot of petals .

The laundry place , There are several big stones nearby , People who like to take pictures , It's just that you want to “ Show off ”.

Home? , Keep it in a vase , Take a picture in the yard .

We'll have to squeeze some time in a few days , Go and pick some wild chrysanthemums , Dry the chrysanthemum tea , Mom said that drinking can destroy the fire or something , She'll have a drink .

Green grass , There are a lot of .

A basket carrying oranges , The last step is to cut off the extra strips , It's almost like sewing, cutting thread , And then there's the finished product . Dad weaves more than ten hours a day , Get up early and late at night , The villagers bought it , Sew a lining , You can carry oranges .

I'm going to put the shredded carrot in cold sauce , It's not easy to come back from the field early today , Just cook early .

Mother pulled out the pepper seedlings in the flower bed , The fields were sown with oilseeds . The vision is much broader , All the flowers in the pots and bowls are displayed .

Red oranges from September , Dig out the flesh and eat it , Get an orange vase , Put the wild chrysanthemum in , beautiful .

Mom washed a lot of sweet potatoes , It's cooked and peeled tomorrow morning , And then sun the whole thing .

We have a wide drain at the edge of our orchard , My sister-in-law has planted taro , Dig and give us some , It feels a little bit “ Something for nothing ”.

It's sunny these days , I washed the quilt and dried the cover . In a few days , Pick and deliver autumn orange, September red , There's no time . At night, it's soft and warm , Suddenly I feel happy , It turns out that happiness is so simple .

Yellow roses under the blue sky , It's very provocative .

I'm going to pick some red leaves in nature 、 Red fruit goes home to take photos . Most of them were green fruits last time , It's a lot of red this time , It's bright red , love , When they're redder , I'll pick some .

There is a big wild chrysanthemum on the edge of the orchard , Golden autumn .

We have orange trees all over the place , Green all year round , There are only such mangroves , Be able to show that autumn is coming . I want to pick some leaves , Do some artistic creation . Big guy, call me. Something's wrong , hope dashed to pieces , Maybe next time . far away and not within the foreseeable future , I don't know what day it will be next time , This autumn , I always feel very busy .