October tour of Xinlong Lake tsoka (2)

2020-11-17 23:01:09  作者:Photography

The exclusive destination of this trip ----- Lake tsoka , After a hard day's trek , Finally came to the place of yearning .

Lake tsoka , Because of the crystal clear water of the lake , Collecting the blue sky like a kaleidoscope 、 White clouds 、 Green trees 、 Lush mountain 、 The figure of the red temple , It was as if the whole world was in her arms , So it's called " Fairyland of the world , Jiutian yaochi ".

Lake tsoka , It's a small freshwater lake , And praise dothonama , In Tibetan, it is the black sea water in the rocks , Meaning for " emerald ".

It arrived last night , No light and shadow , Just a little puddle , There was only one feeling ------ disappointment .

I feel that my hard work is not worth it .

this morning , With the rising sun , Lake tsoka gives us an amazing side .

The beauty of Lake tsoka is unforgettable , Her beauty is beyond description , Just keep pressing the shutter , Want to leave this beautiful memory .

The beauty of Toka , I completely forget that I still carry fast .

I watched it follow me , I just forgot about it . When I'm done taking pictures , Look back on it , Only to find it missing .

People who play by the lake tell me , He followed the other dogs , Let me hurry to find , I'm afraid I can't find it in the village .

I heard I left with other dogs , Now I'm in a hurry , Looking around the lake of tsoka and shouting , But there was no movement at all .

Later, I met the Tibetan boy of yesterday , Ask him to help find , Ask him if someone's going to lock him up . He said the dog was too small , They don't shut down here , It's quite reassuring to hear him say so . But he said it might have been running away with the wild dogs on the mountain , It's hard to find , I'm so stupid .

At high altitude , After more than two hours of tossing , People are all over the mountains and fields looking for , None of them , My voice is almost hoarse .

Near noon , Tibetan guy called , I heard a dog barking in the middle of the mountain , Let me see , I kept climbing up the mountain , Yell as hard as you can , I feel like I have only half my life left , Really want to give up , Just let him stay in the mountains and be a wild dog .

Back to the car , Discuss with sister Luo what to do . Sister Luo's opinion is to stay one more night , See if it will follow the wild dog down the mountain to find food .

It's under discussion , Sister Luo suddenly found a fast figure in the middle of the mountain , Call it quickly . It heard us shouting , Turn your head and look at us , Start walking down the mountain , At that time, only a very big and strong rhubarb dog followed , Then there was a black and white dog , As soon as it appears , Just ignore us , And ran away with them .

I went up the mountain at the speed of 100 meters , There happened to be a fellow townsman , Stand on the top, too , Keep telling me where to run fast , Let me hurry to find , Or you can't run away with the wild dog soon .

I am now , I don't care about my health , I don't care about tired , I don't care about my hoarseness , Run up with all your strength , I didn't run 800 meters as hard as I did when I was an hour .

When I ran to the position of the fellow countryman , Still can't find fast .

Around the mountain again , Walking and shouting , Still can't find it . Only down the mountain , Looking for accommodation , One more night , I hope it can go down the mountain at night .

We have accommodation by the lake today , I ran for hours , I can't stand it , It's time to rest .

I slept for about an hour , have sth. in one's mind , I didn't sleep too much .

Now that you're living , You can't let go of any chance to find fast . So he went out to look for .

This time I think of a way , Sister Luo and I came to , You can't go out and look for , Too tired , People can't stand it .