August, life in the mountains

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This summer , For Mrs. Xiang , It's a very special summer , It's also her favorite summer in recent years .

2020 August of the year , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang drove to a summer resort in Hunan Province .

More than a month's life in the mountains , It's not just a cool breeze for Mrs. Xiang 、 Summer with fresh air , There is one that can make people calm 、 Comfortable and super grounded pastoral life .

Mrs. Xiang fell in love with the life in the mountains .

She wanted to , Maybe it's going to be her every summer , Even places you want to come all year round .

The summer village is surrounded by mountains , At an altitude of 1180 rice , Standing at the top of the village, looking out , It's full of green , One by one, the B & B stands at random along the paths leading to the mountains . The village once known as Taxus village is rich in negative oxygen ions , The temperature in summer is lower than that in Changsha 6 To 8 degree , It was very cool and comfortable all summer , No need for fans and air conditioning , It's the hottest time in summer , Whether in the afternoon or at night, you need to sleep with a thin quilt .

When I first came here , Mrs. Xiang can't believe there is such a land , Let her completely out of the summer heat pressure , And the air is so fresh and clean , There is no trace of pollution , She felt like a dream . A few days later , She said to her husband in surprise : This is true ! It's true ! you 're right , That's how it works here , Ah , The people who live here are so happy .

Except for the good weather 、 The air is fresh . There's another wonder here —— That is, a stream of pollution-free springs from the top of the mountain into every household , Every day people can enjoy the cool and pure mountain spring water .

Life in the mountains is super grounded , Let Mrs. Xiang feel special fresh and curious , She walked from one family in the mountains to another , In the process of interacting and communicating with them again and again , I gradually learned about the real life of some people in the mountains .

The boss who lived with her husband for more than a month W home , There are two houses , One is an old house with two floors for their old couple , On the first floor of the old building, there is a big kitchen with firewood stove , A place dedicated to cooking and eating for guests ; The other one was built a year ago to accommodate the summer guests , There are four floors 12 rooms . There is a hall on each floor, which is a place for entertainment , There is also a long balcony outside the hall for people to dry their clothes .

Boss W Home in the lobby on the first floor of this new B & B ( It's also a dining room ) There's a kitchen built next to it , It's about a dozen square meters , It is specially provided for guests who want to cook their own food . The kitchen is very well equipped , cupboard 、 Sink 、 Pendant 、 Socket board 、 The tables are very regular and in place , oh , And LPG stoves , Awesome fire power , The kitchen feels bigger and easier to use than at home .

Speaking of the kitchen , This is the place Mrs. Xiang is most satisfied with , Because she and her husband like to cook and eat by themselves .

Most of the guests of the boss's house are packed with food , It's rare for them to cook their own food like Mrs. Xiang , Some guests occasionally make one of their own 、 Two dishes .

In the August season , There are four or five tables for the boss , It's usually a table with family or friends as the unit , The boss will serve the dishes according to the number of people at each table . Most of the time, including adults and children, there are about 30 guests . Boss W The old couple took a helper to serve the guests , Son and daughter-in-law ( The legal representative of B & B is the son , It is said that the new building was funded by his son and daughter-in-law ) Because the two children have to read and live in the county , Busy time , It's time for children to have a holiday , The daughter-in-law will take her two children from the county town to buy vegetables and come to the B & B every day. At the same time, she is responsible for the coordination of the whole B & B guests and the housekeeping work , I will help my mother-in-law and father-in-law to cook together when I have free time , The daughter-in-law is the main person in charge of B & B , Mother in law and father-in-law are only responsible for the guests' three meals a day .

Mother in law and father-in-law love to be clean , Every time the guests have had a meal , They always clean the public areas inside and outside , The tables and chairs are in good order , The kitchen is also very clean and tidy .

Although they are new to pasta and catering , It's not up to a certain level , But it can be seen that , They are always careful to arrange the meals for the guests every day , Try their best to make different breakfast for the guests 、 Chinese food and dinner , Try to make the guests comfortable and satisfied .

Sometimes the guests have to add food , Buy local chickens and ducks from them , that , My mother-in-law will go back to their chicken and duck pen on the back mountain to catch the chickens and ducks and deal with them , That would make them busy for a long time .

Although I'm busy every day , It looks like a lot of hard work , But mother-in-law and father-in-law's face can always laugh .

My father-in-law has a vegetable garden and rice fields , On the mountain behind their homestay . Every time they finish three meals a day , Mrs. Xiang often saw her mother-in-law carrying a basket on her back and said she was going up the mountain to the vegetable field .

There is a , Mrs. Xiang and her friends followed her mother-in-law up the back mountain , Came to their vegetable field , It took about half an hour to climb the mountain to see their garden and rice fields . So far away —— Mrs. Xiang thought , She didn't expect their vegetable fields to be so far away from home .

Look up , The scenery on the back mountain is elegant and beautiful , There are mountains, water and bamboo forests , A lush mountain range , Half of the face of the yellow rice harvest has been exposed , A path runs up the mountain , It's just that what people don't understand is that their vegetable fields are overgrown with weeds , The grass is as tall as the pepper tree , When I pick chili , From time to time, we have to clear the grass to get to the pepper trees .

Mrs. Xiang and her friends have noticed that most of the vegetable fields in this village are overgrown with weeds , The grass grows tall and tall , It's taller than the food . Friends often mutter in private —— They don't have to weed the vegetable fields here , Let it grow with the vegetables , Is the soil here good —— fertile , There is no need to weed , The food is also growing well ? Otherwise , It's that the villagers are not good at planting vegetables or are lazy and don't like to take care of the vegetable fields .

When Mrs. Xiang's friends were at home, they also rented several plots of land in the suburbs to grow vegetables , They've never seen a vegetable farm like this before .

Until one day , Mrs. Xiang solved the mystery when she chatted with the old couple —— It turns out that they didn't let weeds grow in the vegetable fields before , Everyone will keep the garden clean , Neat , Now this is because there are so many guests in the B & B for one or two months , There was no time for everyone to take care of the vegetable field , Only let the grass grow freely , So the vegetable fields of the families with B & B for one or two months have become the appearance of vegetables and weeds growing at the same time .

So that's it . When Mrs. Xiang told her father-in-law and her mother-in-law the doubts that had been hidden in her heart —— I think that in the vegetable fields of people in the mountains, weeds and vegetables have been growing together for a long time , What's more, I wonder why the villagers here let the weeds all over the vegetable field , When it grows higher than the food , Mother in law and father-in-law all laugh , When mother-in-law and father-in-law told the guests this doubt with other mountain people , It turned into a big joke .

Mrs. Xiang finally realized what a misunderstanding this is . Later, whenever I mentioned this topic with the villagers , Mrs. Xiang will also laugh very happily and clearly .

Speaking of August in the mountains , Now is a very special time for the villagers . Six years ago, the village was quiet at all times 、 Sparsely populated , There is no night market 、 There is no stall , The villagers all lead a monotonous life of working or farming in their own fields , If it's young people living in the mountains , It must be boring . Since six years ago , I don't know who discovered the unique climate and good air resources in the mountains , With the support of the county government , The villagers sprouted and opened the B & B, and built a base where guests from all walks of life could come to the mountains for summer vacation , Since then, , August in the mountains gradually began to be lively , There are summer visitors from every corner of the village , All summer , There are tourists coming and going on every path in the village , In particular, the street in front of the village is full of people and cars , The local specialty of the corn market is the yellow peach , The villagers were selling happily , Tourists are also happy to buy , It's all happy , Every home is full of B & B , People who have B & B must do their best at this time —— Put all the manpower and time into the daily life of the tourists 、 Three meals a day .

For more than a month , Mrs. Xiang communicates with the old couple every day , Already familiar with them , although , They don't speak Mandarin very well , But Mrs. Xiang still likes to learn about their life by chatting with them .

The boss's family is very simple , It's also about responding to the guests , Very considerate , Especially the old couple , I'm busy every day , And always laugh , I'm very honest , My father-in-law cooks dishes for guests every day , My wife and my niece and daughter-in-law both help to fight , My mother-in-law likes to chat with Mrs. Xiang in the evening , She used to be the leader of the table , And then because of a fall , I hurt my hand , I handed it over to my father-in-law , But she still has to do the work in the field , I have to go up the mountain to cut firewood in winter , Or there's no firewood at home , Although liquefied gas is now available , But it's not special , They usually burn firewood, cook and boil water at home , One is habit , Second, the villagers are very frugal , You don't need money to buy firewood , There are plenty of firewood on the mountain , Just get it back with a little effort , In the village , You can see that there are many chopped firewood in front of every house .

My mother-in-law doesn't know a big character , She hasn't read a book , Can't write , I don't even know my own name . But my father-in-law went to junior high school . What makes Mrs. Xiang puzzled is , Why can't my mother-in-law learn to read and write , In other words, father-in-law can't teach mother-in-law to read and write in his spare time .

however , Although illiterate , My mother-in-law is a very sensible person , What the guests talk about , She can basically understand one or two .

Mrs. Xiang and her husband lived in the mountains for less than a week , Mrs. Xiang's neighbor S and Z And their husband couldn't stand the heat of their hometown and came to the mountains , They are not only Mrs. Xiang's neighbors , It used to be a unit with Mrs. Xiang .

So Mrs. Xiang joined them —— Six people started a period of 12 The collective life of heaven . Buy food together every day , Cook together , Travel together , Take a walk to the night market , Every day, I enjoy the cool and comfortable life in the mountains under the blue sky and white clouds in this rare summer , Breathing the fresh air in the mountains with extremely high negative oxygen ions .

One day ,S and Z When I was wandering, I happened to find a family with a bitter gourd in the field , So they bought some balsam pear and green beans from the farmers , Later, this family has become a family that has been providing all kinds of vegetables to Mrs. Xiang .

This family is not far from the B & B where Mrs. Xiang lives , It's only a minute or two walk to , This husband's family name Z, Wife's surname L, Their family doesn't run B & B , But a lot of food was planted —— All kinds of peppers 、 eggplant 、 cucumber 、 Towel gourd 、 Wax gourd 、 pumpkin 、 Water melon 、 Sauteed Green Beans 、 Periploca 、 edamame 、 Peas 、 Sweet potato 、 taro 、 ginger 、 The onion 、 Garlic and water spinach and so on , Mrs. Xiang, the vegetables they need can be bought in this family .

This really makes Mrs. Xiang very happy , She especially likes this kind of vegetables that are grown by farmers without pesticides and chemical fertilizers , Every two or three days , Mrs. Xiang is going to go once —— Buy a bigger vegetable , Their vegetables are delicious , The aftertaste is sweet , The original flavor of vegetables is very strong , It's totally different from the food in the market .

Their husband is often not at home , Mrs. Xiang only saw him once on a rainy day ( It rained and didn't go out to work ). Usually a wife L With two granddaughters at home ,L50 s , Ask her why there is no B & B in her house , She said there was no money , There are seven people in the family eating , The son and daughter-in-law work in the county , My husband rides a motorcycle to the county to do odd jobs every morning , evening 7 Go home around , Except for two granddaughters , And for a niece to go to college in Zhuzhou , The niece turned out to be L A child adopted by her father , The child calls her father grandfather , It turns out that my mother has a younger brother , Can help dad raise this kid together , But later my brother died of illness , Dad is too old to raise this child , therefore ,L He took over the responsibility of raising this niece .

Although the wife L Like the mother-in-law of the B & B family where Mrs. Xiang lives , I don't know the words , No culture , But it's very nice to people , Understanding reason 、 Easygoing 、 generous , I'm very hard-working , She takes care of all the vegetable fields at home , And with two granddaughters . She often shows her gratitude to Mrs. Xiang. They go to buy vegetables with her , Their vegetables can be sold to other B & B rooms that need vegetables in the peak season ( The demand is also limited ), There's no more channels to sell these vegetables that you can't eat at home , Because every family has grown vegetables, there is no need for it , In addition, there are seven mountains away from the county 、 Eight kilometers away , It's not convenient for the villagers to take their extra vegetables to the county market to sell .

Whenever Mrs. Xiang comes to their house , They will enjoy picking fruits and vegetables in their home , occasionally , Their two granddaughters play with each other , It's lovely .

Go to their house one day ,L I took Mrs. Xiang to visit their house now , The house is an old two story building , There are four rooms upstairs and downstairs and a hall , Every room is quite big , But each room doesn't have a separate bathroom , There is no decoration , So it can't be used for B & B at present . Because there is no money to build a new house , Their family plans to renovate the old building according to the current hotel standards and redecorate it into a B & B with separate bathroom in each room next year , Except for two rooms for myself , At least six rooms can be used for B & B business , So their family can be like other villager's houses with B & B operation from next year , You can also increase your income in the summer .

except L home , Mrs. Xiang also got to know a kitchen assistant of her boss's house Y,Y It's the niece and daughter-in-law of the boss's mother-in-law , She saw Mrs. Xiang cook herself , She immediately told her that there were some home grown dishes that could be sold to Mrs. Xiang , If Mrs. Xiang needs it, she can bring it by the way when she comes to the boss's kitchen every morning . Mrs. Xiang just can't get it , Eat vegetables every day , In this way, you don't have to go around and buy vegetables from farmers .

Come to the mountains , For the first ten years, Madame Tianxiang has been following Y Food bought , Her food is good too , There are tomatoes 、 cucumber 、 edamame 、 Eggplant, peas and so on , But compared with later L home ,Y There are not so many dishes at home , Not so good , What's more, her home is far away from Mrs. Xiang's home , It takes about to walk 15 minute , Mrs. Xiang can't see or enjoy the fun of picking , So later, I found L After home , Mrs. Xiang walked to... In two minutes L home , Pick whatever you want , Oh , They also have three kinds of vegetables and fruits that are particularly attractive to Mrs. Xiang —— That's the red pepper 、 Waxy corn and balsam pear . Vegetables and fruits planted on the plateau without chemical fertilizers and pesticides taste different , Hot pepper is thick and thick, with a little spicy flavor, which is what Mrs. Xiang likes and wants most , Pure and strong fragrant glutinous corn makes people eat it every day , There is also the fat and fleshy balsam pear also gives people a wonderful summer enjoyment .

But then there was a time , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang went to a farmer's house to buy local products —— Huangciba , I happened to meet Y, It turns out that her family is not far away from the villager's house of huangciba 200 m , Mrs. Xiang was surprised , Because she and her husband often pass by when they walk on the village path , little does one think Y My family lives right next to this path , Mrs. Xiang couldn't help but follow her to visit her garden , Her family grows a lot of big peas , Sir, I like to eat this kind of fresh bean , Later, Mrs. Xiang often went to her house to buy peas for cooking .

Y The family doesn't run B & B either , And the above L Home is also a two-story old house , Three daughters , The boss has graduated from college , Teaching in a school in the city, an hour's drive from her home , I also became a class teacher this year , The second and the third are in high school and junior high school in the county , On weekdays, her family and her husband's brother take turns to support an old mother . She said , In July this year , When she and her husband were riding a motorcycle, they were hit by a pickup truck in the village , Both husband and wife were hurt , It's not all right now , Therefore, the husband who goes out to work on weekdays can only do some minor chores at home this summer , And her injured foot is still limping , However, she still insisted on limping to another home to help cook , She said she couldn't go out to work , We can't afford a family's expenses by planting vegetables alone , At present, there is no spare money to build or renovate B & B .

Later, Mrs. Xiang went back home Y My family bought a lot of taro 、 Peas , There is also a native chicken and a duck , Ready to take home and eat slowly , Her taro and peas are really delicious . In addition to a person at home with two granddaughters L Bought more vegetables ( She has a lot of food in her family )—— There is a big bag of chili 、 cucumber 、 A big wax gourd 、 Two big pumpkins 、 A big bag of balsam pear 、 A big bag of Sweet Potatoes 、 A big bag of eggplant 、 The onion , beans , Except for sweet potatoes , Basically, Mrs. Xiang wants all her mature vegetables .

The boss of B & B saw Mrs. Xiang buy so many vegetables to take home , I can't help but say :“ You can't eat it in a month ”. Mrs. Xiang replied :“ We like your food , Your dishes here are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides , And your summer temperature is low , Vegetables have a long growth cycle , It belongs to plateau cuisine , Compared with other places , You can eat longer , The vegetables are very tender , Don't look old , Take eggplant for example , After eating for such a long time, I feel very tender and delicious ”.

Mrs. Xiang comes out from the B & B every day or walks under the shade of a bamboo forest beside the B & B after lunch , There is always a girl about 18 years old in front of a two-story building opposite the B & B , Or sit on the ground or lie on the ground or eat or play with something in your hand . Sometimes I talk to her without answering . Later, Mrs. Xiang learned from the mother-in-law and father-in-law of the owner's home , It turned out that there lived my father-in-law's brother-in-law's family , That girl is the daughter of his sister-in-law , It's a cerebral palsy patient .

My sister-in-law has three daughters , The eldest daughter has been married , The second —— That is, the abnormal daughter had cerebral palsy since childhood , The third year of junior high school .

When Mrs. Xiang introduced some friends to her sister-in-law's home to stay , As long as there is a chance , The sister-in-law will keep spitting bitterness with her .

My sister-in-law said that they had a high fever when they were two children. Not only did their brains burn out , And epilepsy , Now I don't know anything , I can't speak or understand what they say , Can't dress 、 Can't take a bath, wait , The only thing you know is to eat , More Than This , She also had violence , They rob passers-by , Can hit people , The sister-in-law said that she had to be refused to go out , And you can't leave people at home , There has to be a family looking at her .

My sister-in-law says she's tired , You can't go there either , My husband has a bad temper , Very lazy , And it's not good for their mother and daughter , I swear all day , Mentally retarded daughters are often scolded by their husbands for having seizures ; She also said that she suffered a lot when she gave birth to these daughters , If it wasn't for this Dick who needed to be taken care of , I've been away from home for a long time . He also said that he didn't like reading , I'm going to stop reading after the third day of junior high school , The third said he wanted to help his mother take care of his cerebral palsy sister at home , Let mom relax .

Mrs. Xiang immediately objected to this , She was advised to let the third child continue to study , So she can't just look in front of her eyes , Let the third have a better future .

after , Mrs. Xiang always wanted to know what the third brother-in-law thought , I want to talk to her .

It happened that one day , It was the end of August , Cool autumn night , Mrs. Xiang and several other guests who have just arrived at the B & B are sitting on the front terrace outside the gate of the B & B for a cool chat , It happened that the third brother-in-law came to visit , Mrs. Xiang asked if she didn't want to read any more , She said yes , Mrs. Xiang immediately told her not to give up , To overcome the difficulties, read on , Mrs. Xiang wants to ask her why she doesn't want to read any more , At this time , The opposite one 50 The multi-year-old guest heard the conversation between Mrs. Xiang and the girl , Talk to me right now , Oh , Not reading is not a good thing .

next , He said to the third , Let me tell you something about my childhood , You don't think I am a police officer at the bureau level , Think that year , I am also a child in the countryside , My parents have nine children , I'm number six , Poor family , Reading is not for me , Besides, dad thinks I'm naughty , I don't think I like reading either , I'm not ready to go to school when I'm nine , But when I watched my brothers go to school, I didn't do it well , I want to go to school but I don't want to , therefore , I told my dad I was going to school , Feel a little surprised , He didn't expect that I should like to go to school , So he said , Oh , You want to go to school ? That can be , But there is one condition , You have to be like you are now , You have to finish herding cattle every day before you can go to school . Hearing can make me go to school , I fully agreed to Dad's condition .

Since school , I get up early every day , Go a long way , Go to the mountains to feed cattle , And then go home to school , Every day , I work hard , In summer vacation, I will dig herbs for pocket money .

Later, I read more than my brothers , Got into college , Became a policeman in the city , Work and career 、 Life has become what I want to be , Now my son is a graduate student , Look at me now , It will be thought that I was also a child who grew up in the mountains when my family was poor and ate a lot of hardships . So, in words , Little sister, you must not give up reading now , Not just reading , And read it with all your heart , You're still young , There is no ability to help your family back home without reading , It's better to keep reading and make great efforts to become a capable person , It would be better to help at home then .

I heard that , The third kept nodding , I was also shocked by the experience of this guest , I can't help sighing : wow , Your real experience as a child is so convincing . Little girl , You must learn from this police uncle , Cherish the opportunity of reading now , Compared with the situation of this police uncle when he was a child , Your family is much better now , So don't make excuses for yourself —— Relaxation and slack , We must overcome the difficulties , Work hard with your heart .

later , When Mrs. Xiang talks with her husband about the third child of his sister-in-law's family , I can't help but sigh : How can it be so clever , That day, I talked with my little sister about when she wanted to give up school , You're going to meet the cop guest , Come out with such a convincing personal experience , It's really great , Fortunately, he was there , otherwise , We will only seriously tell our little sister some big truth , It's all pale to think about it .

When Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang first came to the mountain , Because there are too many guests coming for summer vacation , All the B & B rooms are basically full , What's left are rooms that don't have separate bathrooms , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang couldn't find anything satisfactory at the moment , I stayed in a home stay that had been contacted by wechat before .

But fortunately , Three days later, Mrs. Xiang, they found the more satisfied B & B of the later family .

Although I stayed in this B & B for only three days , Mrs. Xiang feels like a week or so , I don't know because it's inconvenient to have a separate bathroom , There's still no proper kitchen to cook for yourself , It's inconvenient to stir fry , There may also be an important factor because the amount of information received by Mrs. Xiang's brain in the past three days is too much , And I was extremely impressed .

Newly arrived , For everything that happens around, whether it's in the village or in the B & B they live in , Mrs. Xiang is very fresh and curious .

First , During this period, there are a large number of foreign tourists coming for summer vacation , Every night , There will be night markets in every village , In the night market, most of the villagers sell some local products to the numerous tourists who come for summer vacation , There are also some businessmen nearby who come to catch the night market . It's just the season of yellow peach , There are many yellow peaches in the market , Tourists are happy to buy a lot of sweet and cheap yellow peach , Mrs. Xiang is also very excited to go to the night market every day after dinner —— You buy different things every day —— Buy yellow peach 、 Buy zongzi 、 Buy dried fish 、 Buy vegetables from farm land 、 Buy huangciba 、 Buy dried bamboo shoots and so on , Happy buying , Have a good time .

The first day to the village , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang settled down with the help of the host's daughter , While cleaning the room , Mrs. Xiang saw a man in her sixties who looked like the boss's gray hair and was busy all the time , No chance to say hello to him , Until dinner time , The shaman can talk to him , As expected, he is the boss of the B & B house , Before Mrs. Xiang came, wechat contacted him .

He asked Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang to go to the village square to watch the performance this evening , He has been busy with this all day , It is said that it is a folk art performance held by the county leaders in order to thank the tourists from all over the country for summer vacation . I asked him , Are you a village cadre , He said no , He said —— He's an enthusiastic volunteer —— To be a volunteer , What happened in the village , Villagers like to ask him to help solve and coordinate .

After dinner , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang come to the village square , Villagers and tourists have come here , Or stand or sit around the square , Singing in the square 、 The sound of the piano 、 Applause , A lively scene . The program has the performance of literary and artistic performers invited by the county , Some of them are organized by tourists themselves . At this time, Mrs. Xiang realized that —— It turns out that the sound of blowing trumpets or singing in B & B during the day , Some of the guests are practicing for the evening performance .

next , The next day in the B & B , After getting to know the hostess of B & B , Mrs. Xiang has been murmuring in her heart —— The hostess of B & B looks better than the boss C Much younger , And there's always a daughter with a newborn baby next to her , From time to time to help guests and kitchen . Madame thought involuntarily —— The landlady is really young , They all have grandchildren .

once , The owner's wife's youngest son, who was in the third grade of junior high school, took Mrs. Xiang to pick vegetables from their relatives , As I walked along the way , Little son's mouth , Mrs. Xiang knew something about their family .

There are four sisters in their family , The youngest son has two sisters and a brother . The elder sister married to the countryside more than an hour's drive from here , There is a peach orchard in the country , At this time, it is the harvest season of yellow peach , So it's his elder sister who sells peaches every day under the shed next to their B & B ; The second elder sister and the second brother-in-law live in the county , The second elder sister just gave birth to baby More than two months , Now because it's summer season , The second sister will come to help dad take care of the B & B every day ( At this time, Mrs. Xiang understood that it was his second sister who helped the landlady with her baby every day ), At the weekend, the second brother-in-law will come to help the children ; My brother and sister-in-law live in the county , My brother went out to work in Zhejiang Province , My sister-in-law is at home with two children studying in the county , Now my brother and sister-in-law are building a new B & B building to connect with the B & B of their family , However, due to lack of funds, it is currently in a shutdown state , The first floor has been built .

Except for mom and Dad , The little son of the landlady said , And a grandmother who lives with them , Grandma is ninety-four years old , You can't hear people clearly , Walking needs help , I heard that this grandmother used to be the director of the old women in their village .

The evening of the third day , Because it's summer vacation , The boss's grandson, who was in the third grade of primary school, came to my grandfather's house to play , He especially likes to play with the boss's wife's youngest son, the eldest grandson's uncle , Two days , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang are already familiar with the younger son of the landlady , After playing badminton for a while, they went out for a walk with them 、 Go to the night market , During this time , Mrs. Xiang felt that they were eager to communicate with adults 、 Chat , The youngest son said he loved playing basketball , But there's no chance to learn .—— Oh , To play basketball , Very good , You have to make yourself stronger first , Run every day and do some exercise , Mrs. Xiang looked at his thin skeleton and said , Drink more milk , Ask your mother to give you milk every day , Grow into a big, strong man , You can also attend basketball training classes .—— Egyptian , My parents don't understand this at all , I can't ask them to , The little son said helplessly .

He also said that , Many years ago, their family made a lot of money by planting yew and selling seedlings , A big building was built a long time ago , But then Dad became addicted to gambling , Lose the house, don't say , I still owe a lot of gambling debt , It hasn't been paid off yet , Although there are new B & B now , But it was also built with money .

I heard that , Mrs. Xiang is speechless , I can't imagine that the enthusiastic boss has such a history , Let the children feel worried and sorry for him .

And then there were a few times , In a small shop in the village , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang have seen the enthusiastic boss playing cards with several young people , A hundred dollar bill is also more eye-catching on the table , Mrs. Xiang felt sorry for his unconsciousness , I wish he was just a little bit of fun , I wish he could appreciate the worries of his children and his family .

Then there was another thing that Mrs. Xiang didn't know , That's not what the boss's little son said , It's when Mrs. Xiang is cooking in the kitchen , The housekeeper's assistant told her quietly that —— The mother of the youngest son is now the boss's wife C The second wife of , The first wife passed away , The two elder sisters and one elder brother above him were born by the boss's first wife , This is the only son born by the boss now , His mother is nearly twenty years younger than his father .—— So that's it , Madame Xiang suddenly realized .

The young landlady is very capable , There are about 30 B & B rooms in the boss's house , Most of the guests who come here are packed with food , The guests who eat every day 、 There are seven helpers and family 、 Eighty , The landlady is responsible for all the meals a day , All the kitchen work is done by her with two or three helpers invited to help , Every morning after breakfast, she goes to the county to buy vegetables by motorcycle , Sometimes we have to change liquefied gas . Every time I finish dinner ,9、10 At o'clock , Mrs. Xiang saw that she was still carefully putting the dining table in the hall and the utensils in the kitchen 、 The stove and so on are wiped clean , In addition, we have to feed chickens and ducks 、 Growing vegetables and so on , But the boss is in charge of the right to speak and collect money at home .

The fourth day , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang found a B & B house with a separate bathroom and a kitchen dedicated to cooking , And left the boss C home , Although the boss and the boss's wife feel that there are some regrets , But there's no way , Because they don't have better rooms available , For Mrs. Xiang , Although it's only three short days , It seems that I am reluctant to part with you , She always remembers that day when grandma was on her birthday , The landlady also specially filled a bowl of Chicken Soup for her and her husband ; What's more, Mrs. Xiang feels sorry that she has no chance to communicate with her little son , In order to guide and help him as much as she can , Let him know more in his own study and growth 、 Broader vision ( He didn't study very hard, he just managed to cope with things ).

Living in the mountains for more than a month , When Mrs. Xiang goes out, she often sees a man in her forties at a fork in the village ——- From time to time in front of his old house to help guests clean up the chickens and ducks .

On the front terrace of the old man's house is a medium sized water tank , The clear and cool spring water is flowing from the jar , Every time Mrs. Xiang passes the fork in the road , They would stop around and watch him do it —— I saw that he kept cleaning the chicken feather or duck feather carefully with the water from the tank , Even Chicken Intestines and duck intestines were washed by him on the bluestone board with the clear spring water .

There is no B & B in the man's family , He and his mother lived in an old brick house with no painted walls , There is only one floor , There are three rooms , He lives alone with his mother , There is also a miscellaneous room .

Although there is no B & B in his family , But every summer, during the summer peak season , He and his mother sold chickens and ducks , Listen to his mother said that occasionally there will be guests at his home to eat . The location of his house is good , The area in front of the door is relatively open , It's a big front terrace , If you run a home and lodging , Don't worry about no parking space . His family feeds a lot of chickens and ducks , And geese , He's locked in the right fence in front of his house , The man also hung a trumpet on the wall in front of his house , Loud pop music is often heard from the loudspeaker , From time to time, many guests came to watch and buy their chickens and ducks .

Mrs. Xiang once asked this man to clean up the ducks three times , But every time I feel different .

The first B & B that Mrs. Xiang lived in was the one in front of her house, which had no independent bathroom , A day later, the asphalt road , At that time, Mrs. Xiang listened to the housekeeper's wife saying that their chicken 、 The duck was bought from the county seat and sold at home for a short time , For this reason , Mrs. Xiang didn't plan to buy chickens and ducks from their house , There is a , Mrs. Xiang bought a duck from another villager's house for a long time , Although the villagers have killed the ducks and cleaned them up , But it's not very clean , So Mrs. Xiang took the duck to the man's house , Ask him to help clean up more , Tell him 5 Yuan ( Because the price of a duck from killing to cleaning is 10 element , This duck is basically finished , Just pluck the hair and deal with the duck intestines ), He was silent , Pick up the duck and clean it up , At this time , Here comes his mother , Some people are not happy to say : Why don't you buy our ducks , How nice our ducks are . Mrs. Xiang doesn't know how to answer her , I just asked them how to sell their chickens and ducks .

Soon the man finished the duck , Mrs. Xiang may feel a little sorry that she didn't buy ducks with them , Maybe it's because they are poor , He still gave the man ten yuan . The man's expression is a little surprised , But still no sound .

This is the first time to communicate directly with their family , Mrs. Xiang thinks that men don't talk much , It's not easy for mother and son .

The second time I went to their house was the day when I went to the farmer's market in the county , Mrs. Xiang's friends bought a duck from the market , Mrs. Xiang and her friends went to the men's house with ducks , It happened that the man was not at home , Mrs. Xiang and her friends explain their intention , The man's mother is at home, but she is not willing to help kill ducks and clean up , I also mumbled a lot of local words , I don't want to kill the ducks I bought from her family , It wasn't much longer , The man is back , Mrs. Xiang told him again , Ask him to help kill a duck , The man is preparing to take over the duck , But then his mother came up and whispered something to him , As a result, the man also said he would not kill . later , Mrs. Xiang told him for a long time , The man reluctantly agreed to 20 Yuan Cai Sha ( commonly 10 element ), Mrs. Xiang can only let him . This time, , Mrs. Xiang's feeling about their mother and son is not just that life is not easy , She couldn't help thinking —— Maybe that's what people say “ There is also a reason for being poor ”.

The third time I went to their house was Madame Xiang. When an old couple came from Changsha, it was nearly September , Most of the tourists have gone home , The mountains are cold and cold , A few people have been on the way to and fro in the past .

Old friends and husband and wife said that Changsha is still very hot these days , Air conditioning is needed every day , Here I feel like a paradise in the mountains , Compared with the heat outside , It's really not cool and comfortable in general , They had planned to live in one 、 I'm leaving in two days , As a result, I stayed for a week and had to go back .

period , The first day my old friend came , Mrs. Xiang first bought a native chicken to entertain her old friends , My friends are in praise of . Later, Mrs. Xiang and her friends wanted to buy another duck to eat , But most of the B & B owners' ducks are sold out , Mrs. Xiang had to take her old friend to the man's house to buy ducks , When I was on the road , I happened to meet the man riding a motorcycle to go to the county market . I heard I was going to buy ducks at his house. I was very happy to go back home with Mrs. Xiang .

Mrs. Xiang once again came to the man's water tank , The clear mountain spring water is still trickling out of the water tank , She went straight through the water tank to the man's chicken 、 Duck fence , See the chicken that used to be less and less 、 There are more ducks again .

The man caught a duck and weighed it, and then he began to boil water to kill the duck , His mother is silent this time , I also worked with my son to clean the duck's fur .

here , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang 、 My old friend chatted with the man who killed the duck .
Mrs. Xiang asked the man how many chickens and ducks he had bought this year , The man said there were more than 100 ducks 、 6、 ... and 、 Seventy chickens , A dozen geese . Oh , That's good , Sold so much , Mrs. Xiang praised .

A friend asked him : Your house is in such a good position , Behind it are mountains , The flat front is an open area , If you build a three 、 A four story building can also have a large parking lot , Do you plan to build a B & B to make money ? He replied that there was no money .

Actually , Mrs. Xiang's old friend is thinking about a problem these days —— Because more and more people come here for summer vacation , So the B & B here will theoretically be more and more popular every year in summer , If the guests from other places come late, it's hard to find a favorite B & B . He heard that some of the guests here have invested in one floor or several rooms to ensure that they can stay at any time in the summer , So there's also a little willingness to invest , But for the specific terms and details of this kind of investment , Mrs. Xiang and Mr. Xiang don't know , therefore , The old friend talked to the man who was cleaning up the ducks .

The man said that there is a B & B under construction in his village, which is invested by guests ,20 Ten thousand yuan per floor , There are usually four rooms and a hall that can be owned .

Old friends and men are interested in talking about how to build , How many rooms to build , Where to build a kitchen , How much space should be left in front for parking and so on , And then they leave each other's phone numbers , Added wechat .

Four friends or relatives invest in the first floor of B & B together , There are usually four rooms , Each family has the dominion of one room , In fact, it's still very cost-effective , If it can be realized , Then you can come to live in the mountains for a few months every summer , Enjoy the wonderful air and cool climate here , You don't have to worry about booking accommodation in the mountains every summer , You don't have to worry about not having a suitable B & B later .

Mrs. Xiang also hopes to have such a chance , But then I thought , There are too many uncertainties here , I'm afraid it's hard to realize the wish .

First , After a few contacts , Mrs. Xiang has no idea about the mother and the son , Can we reach a fair and reasonable investment agreement with it , Questionable ; secondly , There is no legal agreement between the two parties , It is said that even the village committee will not come forward to prove and supervise the terms of the agreement between the two sides ; Again , Neither mother nor son has any money , The funds for the whole building need to be provided by the guests instead of just one floor , In this case , It will be in a very passive position for the guests , Besides, there's no need to invest in the whole building .

It seems , This cooperation is difficult to implement .

Start , Mrs. Xiang thought , The man is old and single , It's because the family is poor , No woman wants to marry into their family , I still have some pity on the mother and son , But later , hear , He had been married before , It's just that my wife ran away for some reason many years ago —— Left them both mother and son .

More than a month's life in the mountains , Mrs. Xiang noticed with some surprise that , Village four 、 Most women over 50 are uneducated , Some read only one 、 Two years of books , As mentioned in the previous Shaman culture, women who are constantly busy at home . Most of them do all the work at home , Including taking care of children , Go to the mountains to cut firewood 、 Carrying firewood home 、 Growing vegetables 、 Cooking and so on , And the men , Only responsible for working outside or doing craft work to earn money , It seems that's what men should do . At first, Mrs. Xiang didn't understand , Why do we often see women working in the fields , She and her husband always joked about the bosses ( Man ) Don't go to the fields to help , Because for these city people , These are heavy physical work , It's unfair to ask women to do it , And they smile and say : Of course, they have to do it . It seems that Dashanli is still following the old traditional idea that men dominate the outside and women dominate the interior , And there are women who do not need to read to live a life that is not conducive to women's growth .

The life in mountain B & B has changed the way people often live in the city , Tourists, especially those who live in a B & B, are no longer closed doors and few passers-by , And they're like members of a big family , Because there is basically a hall outside the B & B room , There is also a large front terrace in front of the building , The owner of B & B put many kinds of chairs in the hall and on the front terrace 、 Cane chairs and stools , Whether it's day or night , Guests who don't go out like to sit in the hall or on the front terrace , The guests who know or don't know are all together 、 Talk in a big way , Every now and then , The boss's family will also be involved .

Mrs. Xiang especially likes this kind of super grounded life , She lives on the first floor , Although it's a little noisy , The guests also pass by from time to time , But she still likes to keep the door open from time to time , While enjoying the beautiful singing from Bluetooth stereo in the room , While sitting in the hall or on the front terrace chatting with visitors from all sides , Listen to the guests from different places and talk about the culture of different places 、 Work and life .

There is a couple of old people , It has attracted people's attention and discussion , They do it every day —— My wife is in front 、 Sir, hand in hand , Walk out of the path beside the B & B where Mrs. Xiang lives , Come back .

They live in Mrs. Xiang. They live in a B & B behind their B & B , So whenever they go shopping, they pass by here .

One evening , This pair of old people came to Mrs. Xiang and sat on the terrace in front of their B & B to chat . If you don't talk, you don't know , After chatting, everyone looked at them with a new look , At the same time, they all lament that it is not as good as .

Said Mr. : He and his wife are now 75 Year old , Past ten years , After my husband retired , It's been all over the world, including France 、 The British 、 Germany 、 Australia 、 Italy 、 Russia 、 America and so on , Then there are the provinces in the country , Except for my wife, I haven't been to , The rest of them have been to , They're not self driving , Generally, going abroad is a group tour , In China, most of them take their own cars 、 Go by plane .

Mr. Zhang said he kept keeping a diary , From a young age , It's been decades since , Every day I record what I've experienced , Unfortunately, in the last two years , His eyes failed surgery for cataracts , Some of them are not clear , Writing a diary can only be dictated by him , I want my wife to write for me , Because of the eyes , When walking , Because I can't see the way clearly , The husband needs to be guided by his wife .

So that's it , People suddenly realize that , That's why they always walk hand in hand , Although there is a reason for holding hands , But it's not hard to see that their feelings are really romantic . People praise them all at once , have great experience , Have the courage to 、 Aggressive , I can realize my dream after retirement , Do what you want to do .

Even at this point —— Sir, he has eye problems , My wife doesn't hear well , And both of them walk slowly , But still insist on not relying on their children to go out on their own , Keep looking for the life they want .

Besides admiration and admiration , Mrs. Xiang sincerely wishes them .