Those fleeting encounters

2020-11-17 23:01:07  作者:Photography

Mobile photography / Small zhu sir

There are many limitations in using mobile phones to shoot rain scenes .

It's mainly because the pictures are not clear .

Of course , Vaguely, it's just fun to have a winter atmosphere .

Next to the big glass window on the second floor , Watching people approach and separate in the rain , I feel very alienated and cold .

Big hidden in the city .

alike , The most lively place hides the deepest loneliness ?

It's raining .

It rained all day .

Xiao Li came back and said : No rain, I don't know , It's not convenient to do anything next rain .

And he said : But it's time to go . It hasn't rained for a long time .

At night , It's raining heavily . The rain is like a net , Net the night firmly .

I don't want to enjoy the rain , I'm a bit sleepy in the rain .

Xiao Li is making pickled peppers , While greeting me :

Don't sleep , To fry peanuts .

I haven't exercised for three days .

In fact, I got used to it all at once . No running , No fitness and no discomfort .

Heart like sea . It's like a needle .

Identify with what , You can accept and adapt to .

I haven't seen my ABS for a year .

I don't practice these three days , The little belly came out .

Actually , No matter how many abdominal muscles you have, it's self-interest . Get along with people , You can't show your abdominal muscles for people to enjoy .

It's better to have a big belly , There's no need to say much about , People can see it at a glance .

Took a book , But only one page .

It's still a picture .

It's van Gogh's 《 Memories of AI Tian garden 》. Not as famous as sunflower .

My thoughts are flying .

Just enjoy the pictures and forget to read . And then jump to the simple book , It started the miscellaneous account narration .

Mainly to send pictures .

Ignore the words and places .