The fourth day of Xiapu

2020-11-17 23:00:24  作者:Photography

Seen in countless places , From my camera today , Just a few wisps of sunshine .

I don't know if the cow wandering here was the same one , I don't know when the fluttering geese appeared ?

The actual scene is very lively , Burning fire to fan smoke , People who are scrambling to take pictures , The village girl who dances from time to time , Being chased by a goose with wings shaking , The old peasant men and women walking on the stage …… It's like a big stage where a sitcom is being staged .

I , Try to make the picture as fresh as possible .

Before sunset , We arrived at Chengwu village in Changchun Town , Here's a big fish steak . Chengwu is one of the ideal scenic spots for shooting sunset sea view .

Fish steak here can be understood as a local base for the cultivation of all kinds of seafood , All kinds of box nets and boats , From the air , It produces colorful patterns of various postures .

When we arrived , Dark clouds in the sky , Not at all , In the direction of sunset , There is a flower in the sky , A red flower , We were caught off guard and excited .