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Miss popcorn - Explain the shooting method of cinematic pictures

Everyone around us can be the protagonist in the camera of the photographer , This issue invites 3 Photographers , Their task is to take ordinary people into still frame movies , These ordinary people are ordinary faces in the editorial department , The shooting site must also be a common scene in life .

Equipment analysis : Pentax 645Z

Bright spot 1: Carrying 5140 Megapixel high performance CMOS Sensitive elements , Its photosensitive area is about 35mm Full frame sensor 1.7 times .

Bright spot 2: The sensitivity range can reach ISO 100-204800.

Bright spot 3: This time 55mm F2.8+25mm F4+90mm F2.8+80-160mm F4.5 Four shots ,90mm Macro shot portrait brings soft depth of field effect .

Camera Equipment

Infernal Affairs Masculine “ Tit for tat ”

The shooting of this scene can be described as the most “ A tough guy ” The theme of style , In order to show the impact of each other's gas field between men, it needs to be certain in the field scheduling “ A safe distance from ” Of , Let the infernal style be integrated into the whole photographic work .

Midnight tense men's play

Underground car park , There's no air conditioning, just a stuffy, humid feel . It's time to wear formal clothes 、 Leather clothing is a great test for the subject's body . Despite the difficulties , But the parking lot, with its open spaces and cool blue fluorescent lights, is still the best place to finish shooting .

Use the light to find the location

In the actual shooting process , The light source in the underground garage is completely parallel fluorescent tubes . Because of this , When shooting, we need to find the area with the most sufficient light to shoot . In addition, it should be noted that the regularly arranged lights on the top of the head also need to be part of the composition . When shooting a horizontal composition , The light will converge in a straight line towards the distance . Therefore, in the composition, we should show the converging lamps , Don't let the subject block the lamp . This kind of work seems simple , In fact, after the light source is determined , Another prop to be shot —— The car moved repeatedly , Find the right place , Keep the lamp in the picture . It takes several adjustments , Although lighting is a detail element , But it's also the most important part of the work .

Cameraman Cameo

The biggest difference between ordinary people and professional models is their shooting experience , It's easy for ordinary people to take pictures of ordinary people , The film feeling picture is particularly important in the emotional adjustment . First of all, we need the photographer to communicate with the deputy editor the story that this picture needs to show . secondly , When shooting , The photographer is the only one who can see the environment and the performance of the actors , At this time, the photographer will come as a director to adjust the mood and detail attitude of the subject . Make it easier for the associate editor to integrate into the environment , Leaning against the side of the car is a very simple action in general , But once it's on camera , The character's body becomes very stiff . It takes the whole body to relax , Let the waist line and the car line better combine together .

Set white balance in advance

Before shooting, the most important thing is to set the camera's white balance to custom white balance , Set the color temperature to 3500K. Add a little cyan to the color pattern , In this way, even if you don't use post tinting, you can set the movie tone in the early stage .

Real shot effect picture

One reflector is needed

Because the light source of underground garage is single , Therefore, the face of the characters is relatively fixed . Standing with your head down or on your side can cause “ black face ” The state of . Many people will find it very difficult and complicated to fill the light for the characters in such a scene , But in fact, it only needs a reflector to reflect the light from the environment to the face of the character to fill the light .

Adjust the rearview mirror and fill the light for the character

Shooting in the car , You need to adjust the rearview mirror first , The second person in the rearview mirror needs to be seen through the rearview mirror . Realize the simultaneous display of two shooting subjects in a picture . In order to increase the attention of the characters in the car and make it easy to shoot , It is suggested that the characters in the car use lighters to fill their own light .

Don't fully adjust the aperture to maximum , More details need to be kept

Distance makes the air field more impact

In addition to adding car elements to the parking lot , Generally speaking, two men need to keep their own “ Gas field distance ”, Let the shooting meet the needs and keep their own “ Gas field distance ”, Make the work in line with their own personal style .

In the composition of the picture, we should divide the primary and secondary importance

What you need to notice in the viewfinder is the position of two people in the picture , Although it's two people with different focal planes , But don't control the distance too far in the picture . First of all, it can't be completely blocked by foreground characters , Second, don't be too far away . Once the distance is too far away, there is no interesting point in the picture , It's hard for the viewer to focus their vision directly in one place . Through the virtualization of foreground characters , Set off the characters in focus .

Site arrangement

Foreground characters manually change the focus and control the aperture to blur out

Medium shot bisect

Besides close ups , When shooting a medium shot at a normal head up angle , Need to deal with the proportion of the characters in the picture . First of all, the distance between the characters is 3 rice , In this way, you can completely void the characters out of focus , At the same time, it can also make the size of the characters suitable , Divide the picture equally when you take a horizontal composition , And highlight the foreground subject .

In the composition, the characters are evenly distributed in the picture, so that the proportion of the picture is moderate

Pentax 645Z Photographer experience

High pixel, high sense, not afraid of

Because the whole shooting is in the underground garage , Even if there is a top fluorescent tube as the light source , The overall light is also very dim . You need to turn up the sensitivity when you shoot , But in the face of Pentax 645Z High pixel features of , What is its high feeling performance , It's worth noting when shooting . Thanks to image processor and high SNR sensor , Realized ISO 204800 Super high sensitivity . Even at high sensitivity settings , Due to excellent noise reduction and contour rendering , Make high quality images possible . Even under the same shooting conditions , The aperture value and shutter speed settings have a wider degree of freedom , Let you express the emptiness and emotion you want at will .

Continuous shooting makes photography move

In addition to a certain shooting distance to build “ Air field ” outside , What cinematic photography pursues is a kind of nature 、 A real sense of presence . In order to make the work have a sense of scene , Choose the continuous shooting mode to make the characters move .

Lower the plane and let the photographer fly close to the ground

In an environment like a parking lot, if you want to create a dynamic feeling picture of movement , There are only two ways ; First of all , Let the subject run ; second , Walk slowly . Of course, due to the limitations of the environment , Running is not the kind of image we need , therefore , You can only get the subject to move in a context , To capture the most natural state . When shooting, in order to let two people out of the cold temperament at the same time to shoot the whole scene , It is suggested to lower the camera position . The distance between the camera and the ground is lower than usual . The photographer needs the whole person to get down on the ground and take pictures , Low position shooting will make the characters and the environment well combined . It should be noted that there will be problems with the framing , however 645Z You can easily deal with .

In continuous shooting, the characters need to move according to the command

Follow the photographer's instructions

In order to capture the most natural action in the picture , In the process of the character's previous walk , You need to adjust the camera's shooting mode to continuous shooting mode . Of course, continuous shooting can't freely think about the camera moving forward , Still need to follow the photographer's command to move forward . Generally speaking, you need to hear :“ Stand in position .”“ Walk forward ”、“ slow ! Keep your chest up !”“ pause , Hold on to !” According to the photographer's password , Such a password doesn't sound coherent , But after going back and forth a few times , It's easy to capture natural dynamic postures in a continuous shot , Continuous shooting is accidental, but it's easy “ Film production ”.

Hard working photographer

The director States

After these scenes , I think men's play is the best shot of all . because “ Play cool ” The word seems to be a behavior that every man is good at . It's just to be noted that , To be cool you need to be emotional and try not to roll your eyes . The body must be as relaxed as possible , Otherwise, it will become graceful “ Security guard station ” 了 .

be keen on face-saving We are all angels with broken wings

The film has a strong red and green contrast , Make every frame beautiful , What skills will the photographer use to reshape light, shadow and color in this challenge ? Two people chosen in the office “ be keen on face-saving ”, What will happen in front of the camera ?

In the afternoon, we stayed in the couple hotel

The hotel is a place where photographers often go , But this time we're going to shoot cinematic images , Therefore, the couple hotel rooms with strong theme decoration have become the first choice .

Using props to create prospects

Want to shoot a movie like picture , It's not enough to create a shallow depth of field with a large aperture or a telephoto lens , When actors express their emotions in our chosen scene , I'll put some props in front of the camera as a foreground , Through these foreground shots, the main characters in the picture , Give a strong third person perspective , As if we were the audience , Peep into the life of the protagonist through the movie screen . These props should have some light transmission , In this way, we can create a light spot foreground in front of the screen , It won't block too much content in the screen .

Actors should try not to look at the camera when shooting , It's more cinematic

A string of beads turned into a charming spot

When I take pictures , I like to collect some interesting props , This time I used a plastic bead curtain with high light transmittance , Put it in front of the camera , And use a telephoto lens to shoot , Adjust the number and position of beads that you want to enter the lens , And choose a telephoto lens . Because the telephoto lens itself can create a shallow depth of field , And the bead curtain is very close to the camera and far away from the characters , As a result, a light spot will form in the foreground .

LED Light diffuse reflection soft fill light

Shooting cinematic works and shooting commercial portraits are totally different ideas , The flash light in the studio is too strong and hard , It's hard to create a soft light environment with a cinematic feel , So this time I chose to use 3 the LED Shooting with the ever burning lamp . Shooting cinematic images , The first thing to pay attention to is to make the light and shadow in the picture even 、 soft , therefore , All my lighting is done by the diffuse reflection of the roof or the wall , There's no direct light on the actors , This further softens the light . One of the lights adds face light to the character through the refraction of the roof , The other two create light and shadow for the environment through the reflection of the wall . Besides , I also prepared two kinds of cellophane, red and green , Put it in LED In front of the light to change the color of the light , Let the screen naturally show the effect of red and green color contrast in the film . We have to finish this color bump , Save a lot of time for drawing revision .

Use a telephoto lens to compress the distance

Although I wanted to take a close-up of the actors' expressions , But not very close to her , It's using a telephoto lens away from the subject , This will not affect the emotional performance of the actors , It also compresses the perspective , It's easier to get an immersive feeling , Greatly shorten the emotional distance between the audience and the actors . Besides , Compressed perspective can also emphasize the character's lines , Let the subject take on a different posture .

The three lights in the shooting scene are all reflected through the roof or wall for soft fill light

The emotional drama that men and women can't hide

The theme we're challenging today is cinematic imagery , Let me choose the two “ be keen on face-saving ” At the same time, it's not appropriate to be on the stage at the same time , So the deputy director joined the cast .

Play with the montage in the movie

Usually we shoot portraits in one shot , But this time in order to be able to make a more cinematic picture , I designed a scene where the hero and heroine interact with each other through the door . Hope to express after the hero and heroine quarrel , A man in the door , A person is outside the door nervously eavesdropping on each other's reaction , It's hard to get this picture done in one shot , So I asked both of them to lean against the wall and take pictures of themselves , And then through later technology, two people are combined into the same picture , Press the middle wall dark black , It's like the effect of a door . This kind of shooting in different scenes , And then the way to combine the two sets of images together is the montage in the movie . Shoot in this way , Not only will it not be constrained by the site , You can also mobilize the emotions of actors and actresses separately , Greatly improve the efficiency of film production .

Use tripod to ensure image quality

In a hotel room where the ambient light is dim , In addition to increasing the sensitivity to ensure shutter speed , Tripods can also be used to ensure image quality at slower shutter speeds . I set the sensitivity to ISO400, Use F4.5 To control the depth of field of focus , Use shutter speed 1/15 Seconds to shoot , With the help of a tripod , The picture is very clear .

The mirror is a tool of narcissism

In order to reduce the difficulty of the actor's performance , I used mirrors to enhance the storyline of the picture , Even if only one person appears in the picture , You can also play a wonderful match with yourself in the mirror .

Use the mirror to express the character's emotion

The cast of friends of photography is selected by ordinary editors , Although he looks 、 Personality and other aspects and the characters in the film have a certain similarity , But there is no professional training in emotional expression , And this time we're just looking at the movie and shooting a few photos , The story is endless, and it's hard to show . In order to reduce the difficulty of the actor's performance , I used mirrors to enhance the storytelling of the picture .

Space on the left side of the picture , The arm enters the picture suddenly

The composition should keep the balance between the left and right of the picture , It's over the shoulder

The macro lens captures fine images

Good image quality doesn't just depend on the fuselage , It is also very important to choose a lens with strong analytical power , In the four shots of this challenge , I prefer to use it 90mm F2.8 This macro shot , Macro lenses are usually more analytical , You can shoot stronger skin texture .90mm The focal section of the camera is used in the middle frame digital fuselage 35mm The equivalent focal length is 71mm, There are two built-in ED Ultra low dispersion lenses and a glass formed aspheric lens , It can effectively reduce the chromatic aberration of large aperture lens . A lot of people don't like to shoot people with macro lens because they are worried about getting more facial blemishes , But these flaws can be modified later , Once the skin texture is lost, it is very difficult to recover .

The director States

Ordinary people appear in the camera as actors , The biggest difficulty to overcome is the expression of emotions , As the director of this challenge , I was also lucky to be chosen as a model by the photographer . Photography is not exactly the same as making movies , Movie picture is the capture of dynamic process , And photos are still frames of intriguing art . The actors look a little different , The feeling of the whole picture will also change greatly , Really standing in front of the camera , It's not easy to act .

In those years Back to the campus we've been through

A lot of the stories in this movie happen on campus , The location of this shot is also on campus , But the actors chosen by the photographers from the office have been away from campus for many years , What will Xu Yongming do to help them regain the feeling of students ?

In the middle of the day 40℃ It's hot

Midday in midsummer is not a good time to shoot portraits , But the effect of shooting in the shade is more in line with the tone of the film .

Quickly lock the scene in a wide range

There are many scenes in the movies on campus , Classroom, for example. 、 dormitory 、 Canteen or playground , Can become the creation space of daily portrait works , But for a movie like picture , Shooting in these places doesn't just require a wonderful performance by the leading actor and heroine , It also needs a lot of actors and actresses to be real 、 natural . So I decided to give up these common scenes , Start looking for some deserted paths and lawns on campus , Shooting in these places, no one's watching , It's more conducive to the performance of the actors . There are two main points in choosing a road , The road should be narrow , Trees want beauty . A little wider road can't get the ideal perspective , And the roadside trees are disorderly or unevenly distributed, which will not be beautiful . In order to make the two actors appear more natural in the picture , I also introduced bicycles as props , This helps to make eye and body contact between the hero and heroine , Or set aside as a foreground when shooting two people , And there's something special about it .

Choose a shady lawn

The tree I chose had branches that stretched horizontally from the ground only 2 Rice or so , Besides, there are many trees arranged irregularly , The density is moderate , Mottled light and shadow naturally form on the ground

The photographer used the lower branches as the background

Low angle back shot creates a sense of space

Whether in daily portrait photography or cinematography , I like to use low angle up shot or high angle down shot to strengthen the spatial relationship between the characters and the scene . Besides , You can also use a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens to visually reduce or exaggerate the relationship between space . This shooting is to be able to more truly show the state of the characters , I used the 55mm F2.8 This fixed focus lens , Its 35mm The equivalent focal length is 43.5mm, Using this focal segment to shoot can not only highlight the state of the character , It can also give a good account of the character's environment . Besides, when shooting , I also used a relatively low position for back shooting , This can reduce the proportion of the ground in the picture , Let the composition of the whole picture present a stronger sense of film .

Using bicycles as foreground props , Make the picture more layered

The original match of a love play should avoid

I don't know it's because my boyfriend is on the scene , The two actors are always in the state of being out of the stage , I didn't feel any serious problems when I started shooting quiet pictures , Later, the more I photographed two people, the less like a couple , One of them can't be released at all , The other didn't dare to let go . Final , The director and the photographer agreed to change the actors , Kong Yue, the editor in chief who had come to work as a supervisor, and his boyfriend went to the battle in person , The original couple just came on stage , The atmosphere is going to be different soon .

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