The composition of the seven lights revealed that the original large pieces of light and shadow were shot out of soy sauce purple!

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Two days before , A friend at the back of the book said that he was confused about the light , I don't know how to grasp the light , How to make better pictures with light . Here it is , The composer would like to thank this friend for his trust , Thank you for your support . In this issue , Composition Jun will introduce the light composition to you .

When a photographer takes a picture , The light during shooting is the key factor that determines the tone of the picture . Next , I'd like to share with you 7 The most common composition angle : Smooth composition 、 Composition against light 、 Side light compositionScattered light composition 、 Top light composition 、 Foot light composition .

1、 Smooth composition

Fairing means that the direction of light is the same as that of the camera lens . When shooting with forward light , The subject has no strong shadow , however , Usually it looks delicate and smooth .

The picture below shows a rape flower photographed by using the smooth light . It doesn't deliberately create the atmosphere , It is natural and appropriate to show the details of rape flowers with small raindrops .

2、 Composition against light

Backlight is the light relative to the camera lens , The visual effect of the picture is completely opposite to that of the smooth light , There is also a big contrast between the subject and the background .

When shooting with backlight , Halo is easy to appear . At this time , You can add a hood , Or move the shooting position slightly to convert the forward and backward light to the side backlight , In order to avoid the occurrence of halo phenomenon .

The picture below shows the scenery taken with backlight , The upper left corner and the lower right corner of the picture show a clear contrast between light and shade , Make the picture more stereoscopic .

3、 Side light composition

The side light is the direction of the light and the direction of the camera lens 90° In the light , The light source is on the left or right side of the camera . The photographer is shooting , Most of them use the side light as the main light , Because the side light can emphasize the sense of space , Enrich the expressive force of the picture .

In the following illustration , The light from the left , There is a strong contrast between light and dark on the wall , The carvings on the wall are influenced by the side light , Its texture features are more prominent , It creates an atmosphere of mystery .

4、 Side backlight composition

Side backlight is a kind of light source between backlight , The direction of the side backlight is 45° To beam . Its light effect has the characteristics of both backlight and photometry , With a stronger sense of three-dimensional . When shooting in a side backlight condition , You can also use reflectors to add lighting to the details of the subject , Make the dark part of the tone level and texture get the due performance .

The light in the picture below is coming from the upper right corner , The light through the trees forms a reflection , Make the picture more layered .

5、 Scattered light composition

Scattered light is the softest kind of light , The main body of the scattered light is usually mild . It often occurs on cloudy days , Its characteristics are similar to that of fairing , There is no fixed and obvious light source projection direction , The tone of the picture is dim . When you take these pictures with your mobile phone , Because the light is not strong , It's hard to control .

The picture below is taken under scattered light , The main highlight is the old man's hand , It shows a strong love between mother and son .

6、 Top light composition

The top light is the light that comes down vertically from the top of the subject . In the overhead light , The stereoscopic form of the subject 、 Contour lines and texture performance are not as good as side light or backlight , But there is a strong shadow on the subject's object , Top light is widely used in art photography .

The following is a typical representation of the top light composition , It reflects the texture of water and glass in the cup .

7、 Foot light composition

Foot light refers to the light shining vertically upward from below the subject , It is also known as “ Background light ”. When lighting with foot light , Under the subject light up dark , In the shooting of characters, foot light is rarely used , Because the foot light under the character's face can give a kind of unusual terror feeling . however , When shooting some special scenery, it can produce a peculiar effect .

The picture below shows the scenery in a cave in a tourist scenic spot , It uses foot light to shoot .

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