These four kinds of framing, let the photos in friends circle praise to the explosion!

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In the middle of the last issue , Mr. composition introduced 3 From the perspective of composition , Do you remember ? Look down and compose 、 Head up composition 、 Look up at the composition What are the characteristics ? What are the key points for attention ? We must do something about it , Only in this way can we really grasp these points , Feel the beauty of different perspectives .

After introducing the perspective of composition , Next , I want to share with you 4 One of the most common methods of framing : Distant view 、 Medium shot 、 Close shot 、 Close up shot .

1、 Distant view

Long range shooting focuses on showing the full picture of the subject . When the photographer needs to reflect the panorama 、 In a panoramic or majestic picture , It is suggested to choose the technique of remote shooting , It's a long-range view .

The picture below shows a panoramic view of Guilin by means of remote shooting . Close to the real after the virtual picture , Make the picture broader and more layered .

2 Medium shot

Medium view is a kind of shooting method which is closer to the long-range view , Focus on shooting the main picture .

The picture below is a medium shot of a corner of a city park . among , The main body is the lake 、 The corridor and greening part , The accompanying body is the tall building behind .

3 Close shot

Close up , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , It's a close shot , The main body of the picture is to reflect the main object .

Below is a close-up shot of a dog , The main body is the playing dog , Green grass in the background .

4 Close up shot

A close-up is a display of local details of the subject object . Close up shots focus on showing some subtle texture , A clearer image visual effect is presented , Usually close-up objects will occupy the whole picture or most of the picture proportion .

The following is a close-up of a flower at a macro distance , The texture and uneven texture of petals are clearly displayed in the picture , The yellow background sets off the flowers , It also enhances the expressiveness of the picture .

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