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When I was a freshman, the press corps asked me for photography training assistance , Although I was photographed by someone else during the wedding 、 The photographer's name is , But every time I feel guilty , There is still a big gap with those big bulls , We are still producing semi-finished products , It's still hard to move bricks . But I'll take what I saw on the road to photography , Share with you what you feel , I hope it will give you a little inspiration .

Photography is less and less the original “ camera technique ” 了 , Especially nowadays, the popularity of digital products , And it's getting into “ National Photography ” Time . Not to mention the choice of photographic equipment , Let's talk about the basics of photography .

Get a normal exposure picture and look at three : aperture 、 Shutter and ISO( Sensitivity ). Other operations , Like white balance , Exposure compensation and so on are all to get a brilliant piece of work , Another pursuit above exposure .

Let's first look at the imaging principle of the camera

Camera imaging principle

Light goes through the lens , Before the shutter goes up , Refraction through the reflector and pentaprism in the viewfinder position ; The shutter is pressed , Imaging in the sensor CCD or CMOS On . It's similar to the human eye , The light falling on the sensor is converted into an electrical signal by a digital camera , The human eye converts light into biological currents . And then the image processor ( It's equivalent to... In a computer CPU) It works , So we can see what we shot .

A picture to understand the aperture

The law of aperture

aperture F The bigger the value is. , The smaller the aperture of the aperture , The amount of light is reduced accordingly . The pictures we take will darken .


① Large aperture can be used to shoot the effect of background or foreground blur .

Background blur

The future is empty

② Small aperture will appear charming star lamp



Shutter speed refers to the time between the shutter opening and closing . Control the shutter, you can play some tricks , Feel the visual experience of the camera .


① The slow door can snap off the track , Misty water , The trajectory of fireworks :


Misty water

Fireworks trajectory

② A fast shutter can capture objects at high speeds , Stop at that moment . It's suitable for your upcoming sports meeting .

A match that hasn't landed

ISO( Sensitivity )

It is named after the negative of a film camera , The film of a rubber camera has ISO50,ISO100 Points . The greater the numerical , The brighter the exposure , And then there's more noise . In general ISO Not more than 1600, It depends, of course .

There's a lot of noise

To get a normal exposure picture , Just adjust the combination of aperture and shutter , Keep the pointer in the middle of the exposure meter OK La .

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