Pattya, like a beauty eye

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Look forward to

There is always a yearning for island cities , Fishing boat , Speedboat , Coral reef , The waves of the sea , Both leisure and ease , And mysterious and exciting . Whether it's xinyiwu's heartbreaker , Or the Sunrise Hotel in heathrop , The beauty of the story , It is the background that gives the characters a unique regional style , Romantic freedom .

The heavy rain is coming

Golden sunshine on the water , The blue water is sparkling , Flocks of seagulls skimmed the waves . With this kind of imagination , Come to Pattaya , It's just , God is not beautiful , When I came to the seaside, it was already dark clouds . The waves are rolling , Layers of spray , All the fishing boats have come to shore , It's raining, it's raining , It's a pity that , But just listen to the waves , Looking at the distant sea level getting lower and lower , And the sea is still vast , It's full of satisfaction .

The waves are rolling

With friends before the waves come , Leave your footprints on the beach , And try to record this with a camera , But the waves are too fast , We can only watch the sea water dilute the footprints over and over again , But I still enjoy it . It's estimated that the whole beach , We are the only ones who are so excited in raincoats .

Going on it ~

Rows of villas by the sea , Between the green leaves and red tiles , In gloomy weather , More and more it shows a kind of quiet beauty . They stand still , Listen to the wind , Listen to the sea roar , Also listen to the admiration of passers-by .

hi The girl

There's a little bit of salty water in the air , It's like beauty eyes , make no reply , Looking back gently , O, circulation , Let a person get drunk , And at night she was a different scene . The lights are just beginning to shine , The sea breeze is blowing along the street , It's also slightly salty , The street lights on both sides of the road are dotted with , It's like a necklace , Make pattya's night more soft .

Street night

There are motorcycles flying by from time to time , The people in the car are wearing helmets , If you look at it for a long time, he will slow down and whistle at you twice . Yeah , It's a slow-paced city .

The blessing of the street May you be well.

But , She's more than that . The closer we get to midnight , The more prosperous and noisy , Pattaya is a bit more charming and mature woman . The music of the bar is coming , Some are soothing , There's also rock excitement , The more sexy and charming standing girl is waving to you by the side of the road , Yeah , You may also know , Well known as Pattaya , Sex is as famous as the beach .


A little closer ,walking street There are more and more people on , They may come in two cars , Or walk along the beach , It's a man's paradise , That seems to be the case . Sit down at the bar at the intersection with a friend , The singers on the stage are singing Buy me a rose, There is a slight sadness in the gentle female voice , And a warm love .

Pattaya sunrise

I don't know much about wine , I ordered a cup at random Pattaya sunrise, Sitting on the leaky bar , The foreigners around are basically white haired old men , For this reason, I was also selected by my friends as a joke for the elderly Club , But I think these people are cute , They are in the dim light , Wriggle your waist to the music , My eyes are peaceful . My leisure is to take a break from my busy time , It's the atmosphere , Their leisure comes from the indifference of their long life .

The trip was short , I'm leaving the next day . Open the curtain and the sun comes in , It was a surprise . Just pack up , I went to the beach , There is no regret at last .

Blue sky

The paraglider in the distance gradually shrinks into a small dot , The nearby seagulls swoop down on you like a prank . Is it in such a leisurely environment , Even birds become dull , They are used to the sea fish that the boatman throws up , I'm used to the teasing of tourists , They are like Fairies in the sky , While fighting in the sky , While kissing the earth .

The beach Seabirds

On the way out , It's raining again .

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