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Mention the culture of Shanxi Merchants in Ming and Qing Dynasties , It must be Qiao's courtyard in front of you , Pingyao ancient city and so on , But in a village in Taigu County, Shanxi Province , There is a building “ Long life ” The font of the house —— Cao's courtyard , Compared to the Qiao family , It's really a little bit inferior , But it always gives a quiet beauty .

Shanxi merchants were the earliest merchants in China , Its history can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period , The Ming and Qing Dynasties were the most prosperous period of Jin merchants , Make Shanxi merchants become the top ten business groups in China , In China's business world, it has been dominating for a long time 500 years .

Cao's courtyard , It is the residence of the Cao family, a wealthy Jin Merchant in the Ming and Qing Dynasties , It is located in BEIBI village, Taigu County, Shanxi Province , Depend on 108 The national highway , It is one of the main cultural relics tourist attractions in Shanxi Province , One of the top ten famous tourist attractions in Shanxi Province , What's different from the escort agency is , Its owner is mainly engaged in furniture , Therefore, the caojia courtyard is also known as the North China classical furniture museum .

The three main courtyards of Cao's courtyard are : Duoshouyuan 、 Duofu house 、 Many children , So it's also called “ Sandotang ”. The land occupied by sandotang is 10638 Square meters , There are rooms 277 between , Keep Ming 、 clear 、 The architectural complex of three times in the period of the Republic of China , Already existed 400 Years of history , It is a castle like compound that remains intact after modern wars and turmoil .

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Taigu Cao family , With its ancestor Cao Sanxi to start a business , At the height of business , The trade names all over the country have reached 640 A number of , There are nearly 50000 employees . Cao's courtyard , There are three halls side by side , There are three three high-rise buildings on it , Inner sleeve 15 A small courtyard , house 270 Many rooms . There is a courtyard in the whole courtyard , Strewn at random have send , With towering 、 Thick and heavy 、 The characteristics of simplicity . This complete architectural system , It not only integrates the characteristics of the north and the south , It also absorbs the ideas of European architectural culture . In hospital , Brick 、 wood 、 stone “ Three carved ” High skill , The art of painting is exquisite . Among them, Duofu Hospital , The main courtyard , Opposite the main gate , The plane layout is the second entrance hospital , One into the south of the courtyard, the second floor of the inverted building pays attention to the flower door cover, and the president's width ratio is 5:1. There are five rooms in each room , To the north is the hall , Three rooms wide , Deep into the eight beams , There is another passage around the hall , The east wall of the front yard is connected with the east main courtyard by a side door , There are five rooms in each room , On the north is a three bedroom building with a width of five rooms , Built in the Ming Dynasty, it is the most powerful owner of sandotang .

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The sandotang Museum mainly displays the business history of the Cao family 、 Ancient furniture exhibition of Ming and Qing Dynasties 、 China Exhibition 、 Treasure house and other projects . Yes “ Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival ”、 Feather mirror 、 Baishou big screen 、 In Yuan Dynasty, the vase was decorated with enamel and Yingluo patterns 、 Gold locomotive clock 、 There are more than 2000 pieces of furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasties .

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among , There's a pure gold locomotive , Use yellow 、 white 、 Made of three kinds of pure gold , With a clock and a barometer , It's a gift from France to the Qing Dynasty , Exquisite and chic , valuable . It is said that it was because Empress Dowager Cixi borrowed money from Cao's family when she fled West and passed through Taigu , This treasure was left in the Cao family courtyard , So it's left behind “ The golden bell is still smiling , How can you go back to the west without Cao family ” The laughing stock of the century . In fact, with the strength of sandotang at that time , The import and sale of Western clocks and watches is already a business of our own .

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In many rooms of Cao's house , They all hang calligraphy works of different styles . These works are all the original works of Zhao Tieshan, a calligrapher in the late Qing Dynasty , The friends who like calligraphy visit the whole sanduotang , There is a feeling of watching a calligraphy exhibition with a specific theme , These works are placed in Cao's house and complement each other's surroundings , Especially harmonious .

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