In those days, we were in the picturesque northwest.

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At that moment, the sun was just

7 month , We have a line 7 People set foot on the journey to the northwest , I thought it was the best time to travel , We will see the charming Qinghai Lake in our dreams , Kumbum monastery , Cha Ka Saline Lake , result ......

I'll just go straight to the top .


Landing in Lanzhou in the early morning . All of a sudden, Miss Dong began to hum , So there's the picture above .

Kumbum monastery

Stop for a night in Lanzhou , The next day we took the morning train to Xining , Officially start this unforgettable journey . Yes , Thar monastery is big , It's holy , But it's raining . Maybe our sincerity moved the heaven . therefore , Along the way , We didn't get much sun .

Qinghai Lake

Forgive me for not photographing the beauty of Qinghai Lake . Because we are greedy for small and cheap , Enter Qinghai Lake from the area of Tibetan people's home , You can only see this little corner of it , So I didn't appreciate the magnificence of China's largest inland lake .

Sun and Moon Mountain

The driver stopped deliberately , Let's take a picture of the beauty of Sun Moon Mountain .

Deer tied to the side of the road for people to take pictures of

Goodbye to Qinghai Lake

The mirror of the sky

Chaka Salt Lake is really beautiful , What we see is her posture on cloudy days .

Yes , They show love in the salt lake

Yadan, Qinghai

Ever since I fell in love with tomb robbing notes, ghost blowing lamp , I'm curious about places full of mystery . Now , I can experience the unprecedented visual impact in Yadan landform , It's so exciting , It's a pity that the devil city in Dunhuang can't get in because of road construction , Maybe I'll have a look at it next time .

The picture is from a short book App

unfinished , To be continued .

Come on , Let's continue our journey .

Road photos

It seems to be in the northwest , Take a random shot , The sky is so close to us , As if you can reach out and touch its soft clouds .

I don't know if there was ever a reason why American Westerns watched too much , I always have a kind of road plot , Inexplicably excited by the endless stretch of the highway .

Scrapped bus

Guess where I am ? Yes , The scene is familiar, isn't it ? This is the abandoned bus in the abandoned oil town in the nine story demon tower . It feels great in the movie , But after seeing the scene, I felt that it should have added special effects , So I decided to review the movie again , But it hasn't been confirmed yet .

A corner of oil town

It's really desolate , Is there any ? Any shot will feel like there will be alien creatures .

Mogao Grottoes

Yes , We have arrived at Dunhuang .

Mogao Grottoes , Every art student would like to come to worship the art palace . although , I don't know anything about art , But I was deeply shocked .

Tickets to Mogao Grottoes , We ordered online at least half a month in advance . The plan was 8 People travel , So I ordered 8 Tickets , But in the end, because of work , There's a beautiful woman who can't go together . Because of my mistake , Forgot to refund her ticket online in advance , So if you refund tickets at the window , You have to have the original ID card .

Tip: If a refund is required , Please do it on the website in advance , It's the same as a train ticket refund , The service charge will be deducted according to the time between the refund date and the face date . It's better to know before booking .

Map of Mogao Grottoes

We are free to walk , There is no guide , So when you go into the garden , No one took us , I feel so helpless , Because I didn't do a detailed strategy in advance , We're like headless flies who don't know how to play best . therefore , We decided to follow the crowd , Words , After walking dozens of meters, I found that there was no need to worry about , At the entrance , There are commentators waiting for us .

Mogao Grottoes

In Mogao Grottoes , We stayed close 5 Hours . This palace of art embodies the wisdom and painstaking efforts of ancient people , I'm glad I'm here , I've witnessed this miracle .

Mingsha Mountain

Take a silhouette of the camel team , Handsome not handsome ?!

Come to the desert , How can we not experience following the camel's footsteps through the Silk Road ? Ha ha ha , I think too much . however , Be sure to keep sunscreen , Sun protection ! Dunhuang at 6 p.m , The sun is still as hot as my hometown at two or three o'clock in the afternoon . A longer pause in the sun , I feel like I'm drying out .

Crescent Spring

Excuse me for not showing the aerial pictures , Because I can't find the panorama of Yuxuan in the glider in my mobile phone . If there is enough time , It is suggested to climb high , Take a good look at the shrinking crescent spring .

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