From the foundation, mobile photography can be so simple!

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What basic skills should mobile phone photography master ? In today's article , Mr. composition will explain the basic skills of mobile photography , Lay a solid foundation for your photography .

1、 Switch cameras —— How to switch the front and rear Cameras ?

After turning on the mobile phone camera , There will be an icon in the upper left corner of the photo screen , There is a small camera and two circular arrows on the icon , Click on this icon and you'll be in front of 、 Free switching between rear Cameras . As shown in the figure below , The icon marked with a red box is the icon for switching Cameras .

2、 The flash —— Although it is not eye-catching , But it's huge !

In low light environment , If the user wants to take a clear picture with his mobile phone , It's better to turn on the flash function . The flash of a mobile phone camera usually has “ Automatically ”、“ open ”、“ Turn off ”3 Patterns , As shown in the figure below .

3、 The resolution of the —— How high is the right adjustment ?

If you want to get HD quality , Of course, the higher the resolution, the better , But the premise is that the phone has enough memory space . As shown in the figure below , List of resolutions for mobile camera , And the size of its memory space .

The higher the resolution is set , The higher the picture pixels you get , The better the visual effect of the photo , What's more, the high-resolution photos have more space for later creation . As shown in the figure below, the effect of high resolution image is compared with that of low resolution image ( front : High resolution image effects ; after : Low resolution image effects ).

4、 Effect adjustment —— Exposure 、 brightness 、 Contrast 、 saturation 、 Sharpness

Users can use the “ Effect adjustment ” Set exposure in the function 、 brightness 、 Contrast 、 saturation 、 Sharpness and other parameters , You can get a good photo effect in the early stage . As shown in the figure below , It's adjustment “ saturation ” The effect of the photo taken after the parameter .

5、ISO、 Shutter and aperture —— Take a clearer picture of the night scene

If you want to photograph from a mobile phone “ rookie ” Promotion to “ beginner ”, Users also have to understand ISO、 Basic photography knowledge such as shutter and aperture .

ISO It can also be called sensitivity , It refers to the sensitivity of the sensor of the mobile phone camera to light . As shown in the figure below , For mobile phone cameras ISO Set up ( front ) And adjustment ISO After the photo effect show ( after ).

The shutter speed is “ time of exposure ”, Refers to the time between the opening and closing of the shutter , The general notation is 1/100s、1/30s etc. . for example , Nubian's camera phone “ Orbit shooting ” The function is slow shutter shooting with ultra long exposure , As shown in the figure below .

The aperture controls the amount of light passing through the lens , use f Value represents size , Such as f/2.0、f/2.4 etc. , The smaller the numerical , The larger the aperture , The faster the shutter speed is . A mobile phone with a large aperture allows more light to enter the camera , To increase exposure , The photo brightens , Can take more clear night pictures . As shown in the figure below , It's a comparison of night scenes taken by different mobile phones ( front : Ordinary cell phones ; after : Big aperture cell phone ).

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