[tutorial] how to shoot a night scene blockbuster with a mobile phone?

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When it comes to shooting night scenes with mobile phones , People often have this impression in their minds : Fuzzy , Virtual shadow , There's a lot of noise , The picture is dark , I can't see the details of the photo , I believe many people do , Take a picture , Can only sigh . Shooting a good night scene is not a simple thing in itself , What's more, using a mobile phone , however , If you master these skills of shooting night scenes , I believe that the level of night scene shooting will go up to a higher level , Of course , It's not just taking a step up the night scene , Taking pictures will take you to the next level .

Is it really so powerful ? First of all, I'll show you the photos ( The photos below are all taken by mobile phone )

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 1 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 2 second

ISO100, Shutter 1/8 second

So how to take a good night scene with your mobile phone ?

1. Learn to use the manual mode of the mobile phone

Manual mode interface

Shooting in manual mode , The quality of the picture is excellent , After zooming in , The license plate numbers of cars on the road are clearly visible

Take pictures at night , Because of the dark environment , When taking pictures , In order to get enough exposure , The phone will automatically increase the sensitivity (ISO) To get enough light in , And when the sensitivity is too high , A lot of noise will be produced in the photos taken , Affect the quality and clarity of photos . The purpose of using mobile phone mode is to reduce the noise of photos , Improve the quality of your photos . By adjusting the shutter , Extend the exposure time , You can also take a well exposed photo , It also ensures the quality of the picture .( The photos above are taken in manual mode )

When shooting in manual mode , I usually change the sensitivity first ISO Set to 100, White balance automatic , Auto focus , Then set the shutter to a large value 8 About seconds , Try to take a picture first , If it's overexposed , The shutter time can be reduced appropriately , If it's too dark , Increase the shutter time properly . Until the photos are properly exposed .

aperture F/2 Shutter 1/58

In manual mode, in addition to taking clear pictures , Focus can also be adjusted , Take a beautiful spot .

Last time a friend asked me on wechat , Shutter , aperture , What do you mean by sensitivity ? For better use of manual mode , I want to make a statement here :

shutter speed : The speed of the shutter controls the amount of light entering the camera , A slow shutter speed allows the camera to enter more light , So as to enhance the brightness of night scene shooting . Most mobile phones control the shutter speed automatically , The manual mode can set the duration of the shutter artificially .

aperture : It's used to control the light through the lens , A device that senses the amount of light on the surface of the fuselage , The size of the aperture directly affects the light input and depth of field , aperture F The smaller the value, the larger the aperture . same ISO And shutter conditions , The larger the aperture, the brighter the picture .

Sensitivity (ISO): You can control the sensitivity of the camera sensor , To control the image quality , And the lighting effect of the whole picture . The higher the sensitivity value , The more sensitive to light , There will be more noise .

In order to understand the relationship between the three , We often use the faucet filled with a glass of water :

Water stands for light , The tap valve is like the aperture of a camera , The bigger the valve is unscrewed , The larger the aperture , The bigger the current , The less time it takes to fill a glass of water ;

Shutter speed is the time to turn on the tap , The longer the opening time , The more water comes out ;

And the sensitivity is like a water cup , The smaller the water cup , The higher the sensitivity , The less time it takes to fill a glass of water , And the bigger the water cup , The lower the sensitivity , The longer it takes to fill a glass of water .

2. Shoot on a tripod

Mobile phone tripod 1

Mobile phone tripod 2 This is what I use , Easy to carry , It can also be fixed to the railing

When shooting night scenes , Because the light is weak , The shutter speed of mobile phone is also slow , When you take pictures with your mobile phone , A little jitter will cause blur and shadow , And it makes the picture blur . At this time, if you use the mobile phone tripod to stabilize the mobile phone , The picture quality will be better , If there's no tripod , You can increase stability by leaning against railings, etc , Or place the phone against a stable object , Keep your phone steady , Take pictures with the countdown function .

3. Master the lighting of night scene photography

When shooting night scenes , Don't press the shutter blindly , Before shooting , Pay attention to the ambient light in the scene first , Find out where the brightness is in the middle of the picture , As a focal point , Touch the screen with your finger . It is recommended not to focus on the brightest and darkest places in the picture . Because if you focus on the brightest part of the picture , The picture will be very dark , If the focus is in the darkest place , So the photos taken , The picture will be over exposed .

4. Shooting night scenes 《 Light track 》 Practical steps :

aperture F/2 Shutter :2 second ISO100

  1. First fix the tripod on the railing beside the road
  2. Connect the remote control with Bluetooth , Put the phone on a tripod
  3. Set the photo to manual mode , The sensitivity is set to 100, The shutter is set to 2 second , Aim one side of the mobile camera at the traffic flow on the road .
  4. Wait patiently , When there's a car moving , Press the remote shutter quickly , Waiting for the shooting to end , This is a beautiful track photo , It's done .

notes : Because of the difference of the sensor in different mobile phones , In the process of shooting , If the shutter 2 second , The picture is too dark , You can extend the shutter speed properly , Until you get a normal exposure picture .

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