Hand in hand to teach you how to use mobile phone repair software to make super high photos!

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Hello everyone , I'm xiaowanzi ~

National Day holiday , Many students choose to go out to play , So in this article, I'd like to share some tips on photographing and retouching , So that you can use your mobile phone to repair super high quality photos , Blow up your circle of friends .

Ps: The pictures in this article are all shot by Xiaowan himself , If it helps you , Remember to give me a compliment ! The mobile phone software used in the article is as follows .

First , You're going to take a picture of a mobile phone in your hand ,( You can hold the cell phone first and then pull it out to maintain the hand shape )

Open the picture :

Slide the bottom toolbar to the right , spot “ Add photo ” Open a screenshot of one of your mobile pages , And adjust the transparency to 50 about .

Rotate to adjust the position of the screenshot , Match it to your hand .

And then click below “ blend ”, And then choose “ Multiply the positive ”!

Go on to the top , Click on the first icon “ Eraser ” Smear the corners , Make the picture more realistic , It's like really holding a transparent screenshot in your hand !

complete ! Remember to point to the top right “ Gougou ” preservation ~

First , Drill into the grove downstairs , With a tripod , Take two pictures of standing in different positions in the picture :

Next ,APP Open the two pictures taken in :

In the toolbar “ transparency ” Transfer to 50, See if the two characters are in the right place :

“+” Choose an image as the negative , The transparency of the toolbar is returned to 100, Start rubbing out “ Another self ”

Click the first one on the toolbar “ Eraser ”, Start daubing :

Double finger zoom in for details , If you erase the wrong place, just point “ recovery ” Repair :

After daubing, continue to click the tick in the upper right corner to see if there is anything wrong with it !

Last to go instagram Let's have a filter , suddenly P Beloved of the graph world ~

In the same way , You can also make yourself levitating ! At this point, you just need to add a stool , Then I went to the roof of my house and took two pictures like this :

The same procedure as the twin chart ,( Just like math class , Draw inferences from one instance, you know )

You can get this kind of self :

First , Find an empty background , Take a picture of half body , Take another big head ,

All in all, it's too cold to be .

Because I bring the attribute of funny , Dozens of photos were taken, all of them were in this silly way ...

Next , open Snapseed And open your bust :

Find the category bar below , choice “ Tools ” Inside “ Double exposure ”

Continue with the first icon below , Add another photo :

After that, select the second icon , Choose the pattern effect you want :

spot “ Hook ” preservation , It's that simple !

This is even easier , Open a picture :

See below “ Tools ” Why? , Point to the inside “ Dispersed ”

Apply , That is, paint out the areas you want to disperse

After daubing, click on the top right corner “→” To be sure of :

You can continue to adjust the effect of your dispersion , Then you can click on the upper right corner “ application ” It's been preserved !

Just update it here , Of course , If you also have some interesting tools and tricks to play with , Remember to leave me a message !

Last Don't forget to order me a ️ like , Pay attention to me .

The collection of small meatballs : I'm committed to recommending you interesting things in your life , valuable , Beautiful gadgets , Improve your life happiness , Remember to pay attention to me , Every day brings you valuable content ~

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