Small method of repairing mobile phone drawing

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Before that, I wrote a short article on the revision of drawings , I got some love by accident , I'm still very happy . Today, I will share some more specific methods of repairing mobile phone pictures , If you have any good methods or suggestions, please put them forward in the comments (^_^)~

image VSCO、instagram Wait for special fire's revision app In many places, you can see very complete and excellent dry goods sharing. Let's not talk about it today ~_~ I'm talking about a couple of other great refinements today app The common method of , I hope you will like it ~

These are the three ( This article mainly talks about the word typesetting of butter ,LINEcamera The jigsaw and matting and PicsArt Double exposure )

One 、 Butter camera chapter ( Typesetting )

Edited by butter camera

Butter camera is a set plus frame 、 Filtration 、 Texture and typesetting in a body of the revision of the map app, Great for editing pictures , The style is also fresh , Of course, it also has the texture of retro film, but to be honest, it uses VSCO That's enough , The biggest and most attractive part of this software is font design and typesetting , It's so good to have no friends !!

These are all works of butter typesetting , When you see something that makes you dumbfounded and doesn't feel as smart as others , You will feel that the existence of templates is so understanding !

Look at it !! Method : Click on your favorite picture on the home page , You can choose a collection and edit it. You can use the template of the collection and recreate it at the same time —— Or just click the middle “Ding” Use , Now? Ding You can also modify the template , This is more convenient to operate !

Of course , If you have your own ideas , You can also edit your favorite text layout by yourself , Here's the picture , By clicking on the element, you can write down what you want to express and set up the text , Change the font , Add maps and so on .

The picture is from a short book App

The above is a brief introduction to the butter camera , If you like, you can try it ╮(╯╰)╭

Two 、LINE camera( Jigsaw and matting )

Every revision app There's more than one function , I will mainly talk about its special features , Or why I chose this one in that respect app Not something else , Because of its uniqueness ~

Let's show you line The puzzle of

The picture is from a short book App

I think the good thing about it is that it can keep the original size of the photo by reducing it properly , I tried several app, Some can't , So that part of the picture is lost .

Jigsaw interface

Look at the jigsaw puzzle above , You can zoom in and out after you choose an image , Click on the small icon on the right of the third puzzle box to change the shape and size of the border , Of course, you can scale the whole puzzle on the left , In the bottom row of function keys , Love is for stickers ( You can also make your own stickers , See the matting operation below for details ),T It's writing , When you've finished the drawing, you can edit it further , It's a beautiful picture .

Next let's talk. line Cutout of

The picture is from a short book App

line There are three kinds of matting , Curve points and lines , Generally, point positioning is used , Because the line between the two points can move and bend , This can be more accurate .( notes : The cutout interface is in the ribbon “ love ” Inside , Click in to appear a small scissors icon, and then click in, you can choose to pick the photo , The matting interface appears, click the curve icon on the right , The cutout image is saved directly in “ love —— scissors ” Inside , Can be directly used on other images or used to make wallpaper expression pack , Super easy to use )

Cutout position ( See here ~)

After the deduction of the picture above

3、 ... and 、PicsArt( Double exposure )

The picture is from a short book App

The picture is from a short book App

The above is what I use picsart Two overlapping graphs are made , If you don't look closely, it's really like the same picture , ha-ha , But a close look at the flaw reveals ( Over your face , embarrassed ), Speaking of this, let me tell you an interesting story , Today, my neighbor's five-year-old came to play with me , Look at the two pictures above , He asked curiously “ sister , How come there are two you ???” I teased him and said :“ Because I'll change ”, And leave him with a look of disbelief ^O^, Next is the concrete step diagram .

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