Medium sized steamed buns: clothing, food, shelter and transportation in autumn

2020-11-17 21:28:17  作者:Life on camera

There are big steamed buns and small steamed buns in Lanxi , But medium sized steamed buns also exist , The reason is that primary school students eat breakfast . Pupils want to eat steamed stuffed bun , If only big steamed buns are provided , One is not enough , There are more of them , And medium steamed stuffed buns can satisfy this part of students , Two or three will be enough . Let's have a look at the steamed bun shop in front of the experimental primary school .

Medium steamed bun

2—— The production process

For children , No yeast , And fermented with old noodles .

Cover with cloth

The picture is from a short book App

Hand rolling and meat pulp

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