Photoshop CS6 simple steps to convert ordinary photos into hand drawn effects

2020-11-17 21:28:15  作者:Photography and post

Today I'd like to share a , Using filter oil painting to transform ordinary photos into hand drawn simple sharing .

Start sharing :

First step : perform :Ctrl+O Open the portrait material , Then perform :Ctrl+J Copy one layer , And then execute : Filter — Stylized — Oil Painting , Set the parameters as follows , Finally, click OK .



Stylization : Used to adjust the stroke style .

Cleanliness : Used to set the softness of the texture .

The zoom : Used to scale the texture .

Bristle brush details : Used to set the richness of brush details , The higher the value , The clearer the brush texture .

Angular direction : Used to set the angle of light .

Twinkle : Can improve the clarity of the texture , Produce sharpening effect .


The second step : perform :Ctrl+J Copy one layer , Then continue to execute the oil painting command twice for the copied layer , Let the oil painting effect of the picture more prominent .


The third step : After three oil paintings , Human eyes are a little distorted , So add a layer mask to the duplicate layer , And then with a black brush, wipe out the human eyes .


Step four : perform :Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E Put a seal on .


Step five : Because there are oil painting strokes on the image face , So execute :Ctrl+J Copy one layer , Then execute the duplicate layer : Filter — Fuzzy — The surface is blurred , Then add a black layer mask to this layer , Finally, choose a white brush to wipe out the skin of the portrait .





Step six : perform :Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E Put a seal on , Then change the layer blending mode to : superposition , The opacity of the layer is changed to :50%.( Increase the sense of three-dimensional )


Step seven : perform : file -- Stored as , Choose where to save the picture , Enter the name of the file in the file name , Choose the format jpeg, Save it .


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