Crab pot

2020-11-17 21:28:14  作者:Life on camera

It was the night owl that drove the business of the pot shop ?

All kinds of casseroles

Or all kinds of fresh pot hook night owl's appetite ?

Seafood casserole

It's cold , On the street, the business of Tangzhuang has obviously improved .

This morning , Let me introduce a kind of crab pot in Lanjiang . Frankly speaking , Pure crab pot , The price is very high , It's a bit of a lift . This kind of tomato crab pot , Good color 、 Delicious food , People can't forget .

crab 、 Shrimp and casserole ?

Say again “ Orchid crab ”. Orchid crab , It's called Chinese mitten crab , It belongs to one of the native fish species in Lanjiang , The diet is mainly composed of humus such as aquatic grass , It can purify water quality .

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