I hear you want to start a SLR? Reading this article will solve all your questions!

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A good workman does his work well , You must sharpen your tools first . At present, although all mobile phones have the function of taking photos , But there is no doubt that the position of SLR in the photography industry can not be replaced . If you want to have a better photographic experience , There is no doubt that SLR is your only choice .

1, About the camera brand

The main SLR brands on the market are canon and Nikon 、 Pentax , Sony, etc . Nikon and Canon are more common , Pentax is smaller than Sony , But its performance and cost performance are very good , Sony is now better in the micro market . The latest Sony micro single A7r2 Picture quality , Functions and so on, even beyond a lot of SLRs . These four brands are all Japanese , So in the photography industry, Japan is still the only one in the world .

And, of course, Armani in the camera world , Hasu , Lycra, etc , Equivalent to a luxury brand . These cameras are very expensive , Of course, you have your reason , As the beauty King Xu Cen said “ Expensive is good ”. Of course, it is basically impossible for new people to start with these two brands . These are basically the pursuits of veteran Photographers .

2, On the classification of SLRs

If you follow the SLR picture ( Sensor size —— We call it COMS) In other words, there is a full picture ( The same size as the original film equally , by 36mm*24mm)、 Half picture ( Canon sensor size 22.3mm*14.9mm. Nikon and Pentax for 23.6mm*15.8mm)..

that , What's the difference between a full picture and a half picture ?

  1. Price , Half has a clear advantage , It's a lot cheaper than a full picture ;
  2. In terms of size and weight , The half is lighter , There are also obvious advantages ;
  3. On the camera group , Both use different lens groups , It's hard to say which is more advantageous , If you have to say advantages , I think it's still a little better than half of it , Because half of the fuselage, half of the lens, all of the lenses , And the whole frame can only use the whole lens ;
  4. In depth of field , The depth of field of a full frame camera is shallower . Because we usually need a large depth of field , Also need shallow depth of field , So at this point , It's hard to say which is better ;
  5. In terms of quality , The whole picture has certain advantages .

Of course , The most important difference is that the full frame is shooting in large size , There are obvious advantages when it comes to wide screen .

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